Chapter 35: Help Where you Need It - Chapter 35

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As per usual I went to the English building to find Faye. It was much later in the day since the meeting, which turned into an interview, took longer than I thought. That was only because it turned out this wasn’t just an entry level job but much better. He wanted to make sure I'd be a great fit and I also wanted to know the same too. It was dark out now and I was afraid she'd left to go home already but I’m glad I came just now.


Her light was still on and I could see her silhouette from the door before I peered in. She only just stood by her desk with a box in front of her and she looked adorable. Her focus was on her watch with her glasses tilted so far off her nose that they looked like they'd fall any minute. I decided to make myself known and she jumped at the sound of my voice, “Hey”

“Hi…,” Faye stood crossed legged with a wide smile that adjourned her face after knowing it was me, “Did you want to come home?”

“Yes please and thank you. Were you by chance waiting for someone else?”

“Nope only for you. Though I thought you were going to stay on campus today so I wasn't sure about waiting. I’m glad you came.”

“I am too. And I figured you’d stop wearing your skirts with this weather. Besides that I needed a neutral place for tonight. I feel safer in your bed and in your embrace. By the way, what's with the box?”


“Some old papers that were taking up space. I’d hate to just throw them out so I'm adding it to my little file room whenever I get a chance to stop by my apartment.”


I stepped into the office coming up close to kiss her cheek briefly, “You look ravishing this fine evening Faye.”

She clicked her tongue looking more than delighted with my compliment, “Your such a flirt. I’d call you a romantic but I think those are just your intrusive thoughts,” She looked away to lean over her desk for her purse and I was not subtle about checking out her backside. And with the knowing smile on her face she did not mind whatsoever.


She was about to pick the box up but I stepped in and took it off the desk, “I’ll carry that for you madam.”

“Thank you kind woman,” She hummed and didn’t even bother looking around to kiss me. And it was the type of kiss that we’d only do in private which just sent butterflies through my stomach.


“Aren’t you worried about people seeing?”

“I was until Shanon called me.”

“...Did you know?”

“That your graduating early? Not until like an hour or so ago when Shannon called me. Though I did know Shanon was trying to get you that job under Marshall. He’s a great mentor and would be a great connection if you didn’t want to work at the university.”


My headache from earlier faintly started to come back and the only reasonable explanation as to why it stopped was just standing in front of me, “Kiss me again”

“Think your problems will go away if I do?”

“Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? If not, the many movies I've watched have lied right to my face,” She obliged and kept her hand on my back as we walked out the building.


“Have you eaten? I know a sushi place that might still be open. We can get take out and then plan for what’s next for you.”

“Ah that sounds scary,” After she opened the trunk I placed the box in and went to her side to open the door.

“Thank you love and It will be,” A breeze kicked up, moving her hair in every direction. I laughed a bit seeing her angry, “Ok let's not do this in the cold get your cute butt inside.”


I quickly did know any advice she’s given will help me, “This is just something short and I don’t mean to sound harsh but this is when all the big decisions you will need to make are happening. And if you want me, I will be here to help you.”


“I wouldn’t want you to go anywhere anyway. Oh right, did you bring in your plants because of the freeze warning last night?”

“Yes and it was too tideos of a job. I love that you remember things. And You’d also think with the winter plant label they’d survive it though.”


Out of nowhere she starts speeding up and I could only hold onto my seatbelt unsure of why she’s speeding, “Not that I can judge but i dont think your supposed to be going 80 in a 40. How has no one pulled you over yet?”


“Sorry, I thought someone was tailing me. Dad taught me- well it wasn’t that hard but the tips he gave were useful to get away from cops at night. I used to get a lot of speeding tickets back then.”


I learn something new everyday. I look in her side's rear view window then mine, not seeing anyone, “I don’t think they’re behind us anymore after that.”

“Me neither. How about we stay at my apartment tonight and just order something there.”


“Sounds good to me.”


-They in fact were still being followed unbeknown to the two. And the unknown presence had sinister plans.-


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