Fire And Sweetness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A battle-weary knight in early 1300's Scotland arranges for a secret night rendezvous with the Lady Rose, amidst the war raging all around them.


Part One


At some secret, simple abode, in the middle of a spring or summer night, a knight in full chain armor, weary from fighting in the war raging through the outlying lands of Scotland for the past year, trotted his horse slowly into the yard. A woman with beautiful long red hair ran out to meet him.

She helped him slide slowly off his mount to the ground. She held his arm as they moved together into the hut.

Leading him over to a long, simple cot, and stepping back to watch him, he slowly removed his coif and hauberk until they lay dusty but proud in a corner of the small dwelling.

*A knight without his armor is no longer protected from his enemies…or love!*

He now lay back on the cot, underneath a window of the hut with a billion candlelit stars outside shining in vast array in the night sky.

She removed the rest of his dust and dirt and sweaty, blood-stained gambeson from his body, that had been used to protect his skin from the chain metal armor.

Two days ago the Lady Rose had gotten word that he was coming to her, to this place of safety and sanctuary, for a while, that seemed to be the exact center of a whole world of turmoil and strife clashing around it. King Edward I of England now fully intended to quell any Scottish resistance and idea of freedom that it should ever be its own country.

She had taken out from its deep hiding place in the hut, an old cloth that her grandmother had given her years ago. It had her grandfather's family crest sewn into one corner of it. It had a single use. She hoped with all her heart she could use it tonight.

Yesterday she had washed it lovingly with soap and water, then let it dry outside; she stood and watched it dancing back and forth in the warm wind and open sun, with the deepest blue sky and whitest soft clouds above.

In a dream she had seen a child produced from her loins who grew to great stature in Scotland, who was able to finally assuage the bitter reasons for the wars that had ravaged over this land for so many years---like the spreading of oil over a raging sea, changing it from chaos to calm.

Thus was this purpose born in her now, a purpose to bring this dream about, to make it live, to merge these two family lines together, that of her father's line and her knight's, and help it come to pass. And now was the time.

The knight was breathing heavily with eyes closed on the cot.

She walked back over to him with her grandmother's cloth in her hand, then hearing the silent words of her grandmother, she started the ritual---she kissed a single tender, loving kiss into the very center of the cloth, and laid it over the middle of his naked body, barely covering his knightly strong-love.

Taking a small vial containing exotic oils, perfumed with the crushed petals of a flower that had sensed the life-giving earth, the wetness of the soft rain, and the source of heat from the sun, she slowly dripped the oil over his body. An indescribably intoxicating perfume filled her nostrils. The essence of night! And the essence of this moment.

Speaking with soft timbre of voice she spoke her native French language to him--- he did not understand what she was saying, but he felt deep into his core what she was saying.

Now she started spreading the oil with her fingers onto his shoulders, replacing the dust on his skin with the oil, smoothing it onto his arms, his chest, his muscular stomach, with her fingers always insisting…insisting…(she made sure there was no doubt!), then moved down the tops of his thighs, down his legs to his feet.

Now she draped and swept her long red hair, as if it burned like fire, ever so lightly over his body.

The knight was breathing easier now, he opened his eyes slowly, to look at his woman with the soft, long red hair.

He spoke. “Rose is so red, so delicious” taking her hand in his. “Her shade and hue so damask.”

He kissed her hand. “Just to hold in my hands the tender burning spark of your wings, Rose …just to hold on my lips the tender burning brand of your soul, would seem to be all I need this night”.

 “Scotland!” Lady Rose whispered fiercely to him in return.

The knight nodded “Aye, so many a year has passed us by, but words of a promise never die”.

“Look at the heather out on the lea…look at the horizon far away…and we still remember dinna we, my lovely Rose!”

 “May Scotland be as free as a windy field on a summer day soon my love!” she exclaimed.

Now she took up his large hand to her lips and gently kissed each one of his fingers.

Holding his hand strongly she said more… “We are not saints, nay. But some day we shall ride our horses together into the dawn! Scotland shall know where her love comes from! The pages shalle be opened! The whispers spoken! The story told! The truth revealed! The night shalle be unveiled!”

She continued, moving closer to him.

“And when we love my darling, do we not see and feel how the earth and the sky laugh, cry, then nods and sleeps in our arms?”

She asked him boldly now "Sir, have you ever tasted fire and sweetness together?"

And with that she had his attention and sweet fullness of mind and body now. All was for her.


She began the second part of the old ritual.


Bending down over her knight and looking deep into his blue eyes, she slowly whispered the words "Fire and Sweetness!" three times.


Now Lady Rose stood back and ever so slowly pulled her grandmother's cloth off the middle of his body, revealing his strong-love.

She looked in wonder at the sight of his beauteous strong-love-the-stag laying there acrost his thigh.


As if it had found a familiar resting place amongst a jungle of blond curly foliage, his strong-love-the-stag lay quietly, soft and long, on the round man-bed beneath it.


Taking the small vial of exotic oil again, she dripped the perfumage onto the whole length of the stag, the curls of foliage and man-bag with gentle hands.  The knight moaned with great pleasure.


And soon it was an amazing transformation took place...the stag grew wondrously ever larger then sprang up fully and alertly as undergoing a change...into a majestic, full-sized lion with golden mane and muscular chest, thighs, and hind.  How very proud is a knight's strong-love-the-lion!  His powerful lion was now full-swelled hard as iron, and greatly erecte, which did pulse and jump strongly with each knightly heartbeat.

The lion was ready and had but one desire now---to run eagerly with leaps and bounds wherever the red hair bid it. 


Part Two


He groaned in a low voice "Without my armor you can overtake me red hair, you can overwhelm all of me with your fire, with your sweetness. I am muscle and sinew and steel, but without my armor you can conquer me now".

She came close to his face and they kissed long and deeply. A man's forceful lips and a woman's tender lips. They kissed a kiss to the deep core of both of them. It was time.

She let fall her light body-garment onto the floor, saying his name. He turned to look at her.

She began speaking the final words of her grandmother’s old ritual:

You are fire, I am sweetness

You are sweetness, I am fire

You seek without, I welcome within

You plant, I grow

You grow, I harvest

You are milk, I am honey

You are honey, I am milk

You are an endless fountain, I am an endless thirst

You are the mountain, I am the sea

You are the whole sky and lightning, making the rain

I am the whole earth, making the ground wet

You are the storm! I am the storm!

Now let us join together in what is a mystery!

And share together the calm after the storm.


The knight closed his eyes in pleasure.

He visioned every road he had ever travelled on, yet now travelled further…every river he had ever plunged his mount into, yet now plunged further…every storm he had ever braved, yet now braved more storm! thunder! lightning! drenching rain!…all the while riding, riding, riding a wild mount with a long red mane… He was waiting for the sun now---where was it? Wasn't it almost sunrise? He saw the horizon, there it was. But where was the sun?

Then he realized it was so close! So close! Closer! Closer!….

Then suddenly the sun burst forth with tremendous, powerful light and heat and he felt a pure, unimpeded, bursting, flowing river coming out of the sun… completely engulfing him and full-filling his woman.

Amidst a raging war all around them, in the middle of a spring or summer night, in one safe place, in this small abode where the gentle night wind was completely unfettered and free to dance and lightly swish a little curtain on a hut window, making the sweetest sound…hope for Scotland was soon to be borne.




Submitted: November 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Kenneth Lapointe. All rights reserved.

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OMG, this was wonderful. I always love me a good medieval setting with a thrown of forbidden romance. You did really well to capture the dialogue, I felt like I was back in the 1300s which was wonderfully done. I like the subtle imagery you put, as you slowly explain the characterization, and didn't overhwhelm us with exposition of their love for each other. Like you added a bit mystery to explain their secret romance and showed with your imagery. I needed to get me an imagery fan as I read the sex scene. I like how it wasn't too graphic, but it showed the love between them and the dialogue really showed them being back in the 1300s. I was ah a lady and her lovely knight. I liked how you ended the scene and how poetic it was. I only added a bit for grammar fixes, but other than that marvelous job!

Fri, January 14th, 2022 3:11pm


Wow, thank you so much! Now I understand what the purpose of Review Chain is...much better than two or three word comments lol. I'll find something of yours to review now. As a man it's hard not to keep writing from the male perspective only, and it is sinking in that women really aren't turned on by too much graphic detail, but the atmosphere, surroundings, feelings, senses. Which is actually kind of neat isn't it.

Fri, January 14th, 2022 7:24am


Your start was one of my favourites. Your descriptions and imagery were so good but what I loved most about it was that it was so fitting for the period you've set this in. It's really hard to take on a style of writing that fits a time hundred of years ago but you captured that so well. On that I loved all the metaphors that you used to say what you wanted to say without explicitly saying it. It was really enjoyable to read.

Tue, February 22nd, 2022 9:22am

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