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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Choose-Your-Path: You have four options, and two main routes. Do you want to play the field, or commit to one person? Who - or what - will you choose?


Table of Contents

Preface - Introduction

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am well aware of how bad this initial copy is. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo 2021 and so I didn't have every character well-developed (since I write what I feel like writing and I don't
ever have a plot in mind, at least the first go-around), and some characters may leave a figurative bad taste in people's mouths. THIS WILL BE CHANGED IN LATER REVISIONS!

Also, if you happen to notice that some things are a little TOO similar to existing intellectual properties, just know that I'm going to be fixing those, too. THIS STORY HAS NOT BEEN FINALIZED YET!

Story Theme: 7 Deadly Sins
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A Good Old Time

While the amusement park was family-friendly, the saloon not far from the rest of the park was an adults-only space. Inside the restauran... Read Chapter

Stay With Juan

You pointed to Juan, and the others understood. Susan smiled and said, “Good choice! You two behave yourselves, though.” Susan instru... Read Chapter

Flirt With Juan

Come to think of it… maybe he was serious earlier. Maybe he wanted to settle down with you. There was only one way to find out… You q... Read Chapter

Go With The Others

You pointed to the others, and Susan seemed distraught. “In your condition? You’ll only get sicker!” She seemed both distressed and... Read Chapter

Pass Time With Juan

You weren’t doing anything else anyway, so you asked Juan, “Is it really necessary to watch water boil?” Perhaps a bit blunt, but i... Read Chapter

Kiara's Crib

After work, your brain was practically mush at that point. You were just out of your element, and you had just finished up your nightly r... Read Chapter

You're Interested in Kiara's Offer

Kiara’s face lit up when you stated your interest. She then said, a cocky grin on her face, “Groovy! You won’t regret it! Just lay ... Read Chapter

You're Not Interested in Kiara's Offer

Her smile faded as you gave your answer, and she started to pout as she moved off you and sat on the edge of her bed, arms crossed. “Hm... Read Chapter

Dinner For Two

You arrived to Susan’s camper early, as her cooking was just that good. In fact, you were there long before Susan finally arrived. She ... Read Chapter

"Maybe Someday."

Susan seemed to perk up at your answer and she said, “Me too. I just need to find someone who’ll treat me right.” You happened to g... Read Chapter

No Kids in YOUR Future!

Susan seemed disappointed in your answer, and she looked away as if hurt. “Oh…” She stared outside at the cobalt sky, having gone a... Read Chapter


Infuriated with his stunt, you get him off of you and you make a break for the door. You get out and run right to Susan’s camper, breat... Read Chapter

Go For It!

Well, this was certainly a surprise, but you said anyway, “You know, if you wanted to get laid you could’ve just asked.” However, y... Read Chapter

Lee's Strategy of Entrapment

Lee had already set the traps up, and now you were stuck with the guy. Currently, you had both set up a fishing net that hung above a por... Read Chapter

Go After Brian

You tell Lee, “Sorry, but Brian needs me more right now.” You don’t give him a chance to respond and you go after Brian. You follow... Read Chapter

Go Someplace With Lee

You told Lee, “Of course I’m coming with you.” Brian would be just fine on his own. You and Lee headed for the parking lot, and Lee... Read Chapter

Volun-told Work

Dinner was at Susan’s place that night, and everyone got some peameal bacon and a slice of homemade peach pie on the side. Of course, a... Read Chapter

Soup Kitchen

Susan seemed thrilled that you made that choice. “Perfect! Spokane is kind of scary for me to drive through, you know. You can help me ... Read Chapter


Lee grunted, but he said, “At least having you along will make this more bearable.” You thought you caught the hint of a smile on his... Read Chapter

Animal Shelter

Kiara and Juan seemed equally elated that you decided to join them Sunday. Kiara said, “I wouldn’t expect anything less!” Juan ... Read Chapter

Other Plans

You told everyone, “Sorry, I’ve got other plans.” You saw the collective disappointment on everyone’s faces, but Kiara said, ... Read Chapter

Look For Susan

Susan loved to eat, so naturally she went to the barbecue buffet place. You arrived to find her with a single plate stacked high with foo... Read Chapter

Look For Lee

Lee usually kept people guessing, but today you had a good feeling about the Mexican food place in the park. You found the man seated far... Read Chapter

Look For Kiara

Kiara was a hamburgers and hot dogs kind of gal, so it was no surprise that you found her at a grill. The woman had seated herself among ... Read Chapter

Look for Juan

Juan liked mushrooms on his pizza, so naturally you went to the pizzeria out of hopes that you could find him. What you weren’t expecti... Read Chapter

Another Night of Trouble

At some point, and you didn’t know when, the others got their hands on a mannequin, and had gathered around it. It was likely whomever ... Read Chapter

Expose The Others!

You told him, “They’re playing mind games with you. That mannequin isn’t a threat.” Brian smiled, happy you told him the trut... Read Chapter

You Love No One From The Band

Brian’s face lit up when you said that, and he said, “Then that means I have a chance, right?” You smirked in an alluring way, ... Read Chapter

You Need To Pack

Alarm spread on Kiara’s face. “For real? You’re putting yourself at risk here.” “(He/she/they) (has/have) made (his/her/the... Read Chapter

You Don't Need to Pack

Kiara’s face lit up and she said, “Perfect! Just stay here in the meantime then. We’ll leave as soon as I get my stuff together.”... Read Chapter

You Love Someone From The Band

Brian’s face fell when you said that, but he said, “Oh, well, can’t say I’m surprised.” He looked at the cameras again and aske... Read Chapter

You Love Juan

Juan celebrated when you made your decision, “Yes!” The amount of genuine joy and relief you heard in his voice was a nice sound. He ... Read Chapter

You Fancy Someone Else

A flicker of pain was behind Juan’s eyes, but he concealed his rejection with a laugh and he said, his mood still jovial, “Oh well, i... Read Chapter

You Love Susan

Susan paused for a moment to burying her face in her hands and she sniffled. You stopped walking after realizing what was going on. You a... Read Chapter

You Don't Love Susan

She broke down into tears at your rejection, and she just ran away in tears. Seeing no other reason to keep walking around the park, you ... Read Chapter

Keep Your Mouth Shut

“I’m not a snitch.” You told Brian, who looked at you then rolled his eyes. “Alright, fine then.” Brian returned to his sea... Read Chapter

You're Willing to Move

You told Juan, “I need more time to figure out which city is best for my needs, but I’m interested in moving.” Juan said, “I ... Read Chapter

You Want to Stay

Juan said, “That might not be such a good idea, but I’ll respect that. I’ll stay too, but don’t be surprised if Susan and Lee sta... Read Chapter

Accompany Susan

You two left immediately, and you did most of the driving. Of course, Susan was willing to swap with you if you got too tired or too unne... Read Chapter

Focus On Work

You told Susan, “Sorry Susie, but I need to be at work tonight. Good luck down in Pocatello.” Susan seemed to be a mixture of ang... Read Chapter

Choose Kiara

Kiara seemed to have been expecting that answer, as she grinned and said, “Of course you’d choose me! I’m just that awesome!” She... Read Chapter

Choose Lee

Kiara was surprised at your answer. “Lee? You realize he’s not the greatest person to be around, right?” “That’s why I like... Read Chapter

The Fanny Pack

Susan’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “I knew you’d love it! By the way (your name), mind coming over for a moment?” You had som... Read Chapter

Be Lovers With Susan

All the other band members had cut you out of their lives, but that was fine; they were dead to you anyway. You instead busied yourself i... Read Chapter

Reject Susan

So basically she threw all your stuff out of your camper. However, Kiara and Juan helped you get away from that and you moved to Missoula... Read Chapter

The Flannel

Lee smirked in contentment when you said that. “I knew you’d love it. Why don’t you drop by my place later?” After he left you we... Read Chapter

You Love Lee

Whether you and Lee eventually headed down to New Orleans or not was something only you knew. But a time did come when everyone left. Jua... Read Chapter

Reject Lee

It was a wonder that you had escaped with your life. You abandoned all of your stuff and stole a company vehicle and drove as far as you ... Read Chapter

CD Player and CDs

right! Hey, could you please come over later?” You had stuff to do beforehand, but you soon arrived. and after your shift, you headed f... Read Chapter

Choose Juan

Time passed and some of you moved to Missoula. Kiara and Juan were still in the band, with Kiara on trumpet and Juan on piano like before... Read Chapter

Reject Juan

Well, that put him into a depression, but he accepted it and everything seemed fine. Then he got to where he wouldn’t come out of the c... Read Chapter


Kiara hollered in glee when you made your choice, and she said, “I knew you’d love those! Hey, (your name), why don’t you drop by l... Read Chapter

Reject Kiara

She was cool with it, and things went as normal up until she got the notion to move back home to New Orleans. Susan stepped in as the new... Read Chapter

You Love Kiara

Things went great between you two, but soon Kiara got the notion to move back home to New Orleans. Whether you went with Kiara or not to ... Read Chapter

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