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2 young rappers want to turn their raps into reality until things take a turn for the worst.

Yung Trench and Yung foul were working hard to heat up a buzz musically as the new rap duo of their region. They were known in the streets whether those who listened to them believed that they were actually in them or not. Of course they themselves didn’t have to question anything about what they rapped. They were both only 17 years old. Some yung niggaz who were still living in the hood and.. quite frankly didn’t really care about getting out of it. They had a desire to be the new sponsors of their hood and their city and weren’t worried about the steps they would have to take in order to achieve the recognition they trapped so hard to stamp..even if the steps they took were backwards.
They had recently uploaded their new music video to all their personal outlets and social platforms. And the number of views and likes increased with each drop. 
“We gotta find a a new beat plug. These humble budget joints only makin humble noise but if we in the same city niggaz hittin the same producer we gon fuck around end up sounding the same.” Said yung foul 
“Man we’uh never sound like these niggaz and them niggaz could never ride our wave. Beat or no beat we either gon have this music shit on lock or the mfn streets” yung trench said as he rolled a sheet of weed and tobacco with a big gun in palms reach. 
“ Stamp. But still doe’ We need to try strike a quick lick. This gas ain’t gettin off quick enuff and I’m tryn re-up on these beats slim sampled us the uva day” Yung foul said scrolling his tablet as he hit his blunt. 
“Fuk it we can slide tonight” yung Trench said as he picked up his gun from aside him and cocked it. 
“ My muva whoeva we catch tonight I’m putting the stick to they nuts” yung trench said as he playfully aimed his weapon amused by the thrill of his own fantasy. 
“ Man that last nigga we jammed was scary as shit. I (real live) thought i was gon have to shoot his dumbass.”
So the duo allowed some time to pass before they tucked their masks and got ready to step for the occasion.
“ I’m about to take a piss rq then we can slide” yung Trench said.
While YT was in the bathroom Yung foul took a quick look at his notifications. He had a few new messages one of which he wasn’t familiar with. 
“Who this?” Yung foul asked to himself as he opened the message. It was a video message.
When he pressed play on the video it was a fan video of a yung woman dancing with who appeared to be her baby daughter. They did a fan video to one of the tracks on they new mixtape.”
“Damn hahaha! That’s love right there..and baby muva ji smackin too, thick as shit. I might have to see bout shawdy.”
He liked the message and sent a sentiment that expressed appreciation.
“Lemme know when your BD lackin so I can pick up the slack “ he typed quickly shooting his shot.
Her response was almost immediately. 
“OMG u responded to me. and boy I am to old for u! Besides I love my BD. We both like your music tho. Y’all keep grindin and stay positive out here.” She replied.
“No question, we out here.”
Partly disappointed in her response he sucked his teeth closed the screen and threw the tablet on the bed. 
A few seconds later The toilet flushed and the door swang. 
“Aite I’m ready let’s go” yung trench said as he led yung foul out the house and into the car as they began to lurk for a quick Vic.
The night grew older and darker as they cruised through a collection of different trenches preying on anybody who looked sweet for it. As they scanned the edges of the city they spotted a car parked at a gas station that had dope money written all over it.
“Baller alert.” Yung trench said playfully as he “spun the bin” and clocked the vehicle and waited for someone to get in or get out of it.
“Slim definitely gotta be crankin’ out here to be whippin sum like dat. Ain’t nobody professional drivin no car like that. Dassa street nigga emblem” yung foul said peering into the gas station to see who it could be. 
“I bet chu it’s that nigga with the shiny ass bubble coat” yt said.
As the man who yt spotted and speculated drove the car he walked right to the matching vehicle and started the car.
“Bet. Let that nigga lead the way . Stalk that nigga let’s see where he go” yf said as he focused in on the hit.
They trailed the lick long enough for the intermission of “jack boy trap” music to further set the mood for their intentions.
A few minutes and red lights later they pulled into a neighborhood and slowed.
“Ay slim hurry up drive past him, cruise off slow ima look back and if he park ima get out and rush his ass” yung foul said as he put on his mask and ducked as he looked through the tinted back window.
“Brace that nigga before he get out the car! ima leave it in Drive and follow up behind u “ Yung trench said as he slowed the car down just enough for yung foul to get out and run up.
Yung Foul didn’t even dip or try to be stealthy. He sprinted to the car and ran to drivers side as the man swung the car door open. 
“Stay still nigga” yung foul said as he lifted his pistol.
The man had to bags one in each hand as he lifted his hands in shock.
“Man are U serious “ the man said as he dropped his bags to the ground.
“That’s right now that your hands free hurry up and run them pockets” yung foul said as Big trench aggressively approached the scene with his gun aimed directly at the mans head. 
“Come on slim I’m bout to walk thru the door for my family y’all niggaz ain’t gotta do me like this mane” the man reasoned with rising anxiety.
“Man niggaz ain’t playin. Kick that shit or get left.” Big trench said.
The man Sucked his teeth as he began to slide his hands in his pockets.
“Niggaz catch bitch attitudes when they get caught slippin ” yung foul said with a slight laugh as big trench
“Shit I be mad too homez, and right in front of the crib too haha” Big trench said as he watched the dollars pull out of their victim’s pocket.
“Oh I see a couple hun duns right there keep that shit comin hurry up” yung foul said as he heard somebody yell from behind them.
“Y’all niggaz get tf away from my nigga” a woman’s voice screamed as the house door opened. 
“Go back in the house bae I’m good!” The man screamed as a shot rang off from the porch.
“Oh shit !” Big trench yelled as he felt the piercing wind of a bullet flying past his face. He let off multiple shots towards the door causing the women to fall backward into the house. Not knowing whether his woman was hit or not the man tried to rush yung foul out of anger.
“Back your bitch ass up “ yung foul said as he flicked his wrist and let off his first shot. 
“Aaahhhhh!” The man screamed in pain as he grabbed his stomach and fell to the ground.
Big trench picked up the merch off the ground as quick as he could as yung foul hurried to run the rest of his pockets. Grabbing the loose money as well as the mans wallet. Feeling rowdy Trench let a few more shots off into the house as him and Big trench sprinted to the car and fled into the backstreets and creases. They made it home with a bag of about 1000 dollars...
Yung Foul and Big trench were in the trap when the news flash came on about two wanted men for a robbery turned violent as a man was murdered in front of his own house.
“Get tf outta here..slim died?!” Big trench said with a smoke cloud escaping his mouth along with his words.
“ Damn that gut shot bled him out, he shouldn’t have rushed me” yung foul said shrugging his shoulders.
“Man his ass was following orders before shawty ratchet ass opened the door and got to clickin at us” said Big trench.
“She must’ve heard him when he pulled up or peeked out the blinds or sum” yung foul said as he looked at the TV with further interest.
As reporters gave their information on the case the screen switched to interview of the mans wife who was a witness to her husbands murder.
“Aww shit there go shawty right there.” Big trench said as the camera focused on her clearly emotional face.
“I just can’t believe he’s gone. He took care of
Us..me and our daughter “ she said as she held back tearz.
“ idk why someone would do that to him. I really just can’t understand why people are out here preying on people cuz he got
Something U ain’t got...misery really does like company.” The lady said as she was cut off by the final remarks from reporters on the scene.
“That’s crazy that bitch up there acting all innocent slim knowing damn well she the reason her man got slumped. Shit he told her ass stay in the house but her hot ass wan shoot a gun. Shit crazy” big trench said as he lit a blunt.
Yung foul just sat there in quiet disbelief. He picked up his tablet and scrolled his messages. When he reached the one he was looking for he stopped and opened it up. 
The video of the woman and her daughter dancing to his music played. 
Yung foul looked at the video concentrating on the woman’s face. 
“It was her “ yung foul said wit certainty.
“It was who?” Big trench asked. 
Yung foul got up and passed the tablet to him as he walked out the room.
“Wuzup bruh? “ Big trench asked as he watched yung foul walk out the room.
Big trench looked at the tablet and replayed the video that was on the screen.
“Damn..we killed our support” Big trench said as he shook his head in genuine sorrow and took the deepest hit of a blunt he had ever taken in his 17 years of living. But because the devil was close enough to whisper his instigations in the first place, for their actions they’d be cursed to look over the same shoulders upon which he perched and fearfully wonder to themselves how much living the both of them had left.......

Submitted: November 30, 2021

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