A poem about snow I made in creative writing class.

Moon Snow


July 14 2017 


Bright light shines at night

Crystals descend upon a sleeping city

Something rare and unseen

They dare to sleep and that is a pity


I will walk silently in the street

Though it is cold I do not mind

It doesn’t bother me that the hour is late

I have come to love what most do not appreciate


Sparkling diamonds of twilight

Drizzle gently from the orb of night

They envelop the city in their dazzling glow

And coat the world with beautiful snow


Too cold to shiver

Too pure to touch

Too soft to melt

Too real to be a dream


 So tranquil it cools the blood

Threads of moonlight fall like ribbons

Wrapping the city in a soft blanket

Snuggling dreams in its silken folds


Slumber on foolish city

Dawn shall shine with the sun’s warm light

The crystals will fade and the full moon will dim

In golden rays the ribbons will melt

It is a pity you missed such a beautiful sight

The delightful Moon Snow lasts only for one night

Submitted: December 02, 2021

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dewey green

Beautifully described!

Fri, December 3rd, 2021 7:35am

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