a split second decision

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she has a spit second decision

As I walked into the room before the aisle I was nervous. I felt my makeup running
because of my sweat. I had a feeling my hair was flat because of the sweat. As my dad grabbed
me by my arm he smiled and whispered something I just nodded but could not understand him.
The two people opened the doors, as all the eyes on me they smiled, took photos and whispered
to me. I look straight and see him smiling and he mouthed that I look beautiful as I was looking
straight a few thoughts went into my mind do I want this, am I ready for this do I want the rest of
my like like this when the music played it broke my trance I said to myself, yes it was destiny it
was fate and i know that all of my family from above agree with my decision as looked at my
lobster i wanted to tell him there will be three of us little shrimp and even though i don't know
what type of shrimp, that it will be a very special one with all of its flaws music stops and my
dad hugs me and kisses me on the cheek and goes to his spot where it says reserved for the dad
of the bride I wanted him to say he’s not good for you even though I know my dad would never
say that. I stepped in front of him and I can tell he was tearing up. The priest was saying some
religious things but I wasn't paying attention I was looking at every feature on his face the lines
around his mouth when he smiled the fact that his nose was peeling from our vacation, his blue
eyes have hints of green, his curly dirty blonde hair looks messy and i know that he didn't get his
hair done because he knows that I love his hair curly and messy, effortlessly without him trying,
he looks amazing. It was my time to say my vows he looked at me in my eyes, my soul. “I really
can’t explain it in words but what i can say is my father really did believe that no one is good for
me that every guy that i would date would be a disapproval” I looked at my dad and he was
chuckling to himself “when I met you i felt bad kind of butterflies in my stomach iv’e never felt

that feeling before and when that happened i knew that wherever i go i would be taking you as
we started to know each other i thought about was at last my love has come along and it's only
the beginning i wanted to be more than friends and on our one anniversary and you told me that i
just wanted to call you to say i love you my heart melted i couldn't stop bleeding of love and
when you would hug me i wanted you to make me feel a thousand hands” He said his vows and
he was struggling to speak he was gonna cry. The priest said Mia do you take Mack to be your
lawfully wedded husband “I do” and Mack do you take Mia to be your lawfully wedded wife “i
do” and then we kissed because we were married i looked at him and whispered were expecting
a new person in our life he smiled and told me that the new person will be beautiful just like its
mom i smiled and said and like its father.

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