The Basement

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

What secrets are hiding in the basement?

 Ever since Erion could remember he was always warned stay out of the basement.  The door to the basement had locks on both the inside and the outside.  Which as soon as the door shut the locks were clicked into place.  His father was the only one ever allowed to enter the basement.  Although Erion tried many times to find out what was in the basement.  All he was ever told was it was for his fathers job.

Sometimes on rainy or stormy nights you could here noises coming out of the basement.  The noises were horrifying and would continue until Erion's father entered the basement.  At which time the noises quieted.

His mother avoided the basement.  She even avoided looking at it if at all possible.  Every time the noises began his mother would begin to cry.  Although to Erion she seemed more sad then afraid.  When he was young she would pull him close and hold him tight.  He never could tell if it was to comfort him or comfort herself.

The older he got the more often the noises came from the basement.  The louder and more terrifying the noises became. It almost sounded like an enraged animal. but there was something off about the sound it was no animal he had ever heard.  One day his father returned from the basement with fresh bleeding scratches all over his arms and what appeared to bite marks on his hand.  When he asked his father he told him to mind his own business and reminded him to stay out of the basement.

He was never allowed friends over and if his cousins came to visit they were to stay outside.  no one was ever allowed in the house.  Many times he caught his dad bringing plates of food into the basement.

One night as a teenager he was left home as his parents went out.  Bored he decided to search his dads office to see if he could get a clue as to what exactly was in the basement.  While searching his dads office he found his birth certificate  then he found another.  Wondering why his dad had two copies of his birth certificate he paid closer attention he noticed the second was for Erian not Erion he laughed that someone made a mistake on his birth certificate.  As he read further he realized it wasn't a mistake he was a twin Erian was his twin sister. 

He sank into his father's chair disbelieving.  Why was he never told he had a sister?  Where was she? The basement and what was in it temporarily slide from his mind.  He continued looking through papers trying to see if she died or was adopted, but there was no record of either.  For all he could find she was still alive and still in his parents custody. He returned his focus to the birth certificates for more clues.  as he picked them up again a newspaper clipping slid from between the two.  It must have been stuck to the back.  It was a birth announcement only it only listed him not a sister no hint he was a twin.

Confused Erion just stared at the papers in his hand.  He quickly slid them back in the filing cabinet as he heard a car pull in the drive way.  He went back to his room and pretended to be working on homework when his parents checked on him.  He didn't dare ask about the certificates. He needed to think first. He quickly came up with a plan

He went downstairs and found his mother in the living room.  He explained to her he had a project coming up in biology and would need a copy if his birth certificate.  She hesitated a moment pausing in her needle point.  The emotion flickered across her face so quick he thought he imagined it.  She replied saying she would see if she could find it.  and returned to her needle point ending the conversation.  Erion returned to his room.

A few days later his dad collapsed as he reached the top of the stairs.  His mother rushed him to the hospital.  In the rush the basement was left unlocked.  He knew he shouldn't go into the basement but he had to know.  Taking a deep breath knowing this is probably his only chance he carefully crept down the stairs.  At the bottom he froze the basement was pitch dark but he could hear movement in the far corner.  He fumbled for the light switch flicking it on a dim bulb came on in the middle of the room.

The movement was just outside the light.  He made a few steps forward.  His curiosity and need to know outweighed his terror.  On the walls he could see what appeared to be very small child drawings mainly scribbles. He entered the circle of light and heard growling from the corner.  As he took another step there was a jingle of chain and something jumped at him from the shadows.  He fell back startled in front of him was what appeared to be a severely deformed girl.  He head was sunk in on one side.  Her left hand contained no fingers.  Her hair the same color as his but disheveled.  He sat up to see her better.  Her teeth were pointed and as he focused he saw all the bones littering the floor.  Her head was tilted at an unnatural angle.

  He had subconsciously been moving closer.  All of a sudden she reached out and grabbed his leg. her nails were sharp and pointy she dug them into his leg. Dragging him closer she began to tear the flesh off his leg with her teeth.  He screamed and tried to back away. but her nails held tight.  She was stronger then she looked .  She drug him even closer pulling him into the dark shadowy corner. He began to get woozy as she ate more of his leg. That was the last thing he remember before he passed out and felt nothing more as Erian ate him piece by piece.

Submitted: December 05, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Sabean DeWinter. All rights reserved.

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