Painted Red

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Will religion stand in the way of true love?

Painted Red

God… I was looking at a god. So heavenly, so fragile yet so powerful, so calm yet just as tumultuous as the ocean. I kept looking at him while he observed the sky. He was my sky. Those hollow cheeks, that jawline male models would kill for, those inviting green eyes, standing tall in his long black coat and he was all mine. The wind blew in his hair on that cold evening and he looked even more like a God. At this point I was sure he was not a mere mortal and the thing that bewildered me was ‘How is he mine?’

So, I asked him

‘Why do you like me Bill?’

‘I don’t like you; I love you.’

He said as he held my hand and kissed my forehead.

It was getting colder so we went inside. We closed the window and I sat down. Bill went outside to get milk. It was a small house. A one bedroom but it was home, it was my home, Bill was my home. I turned on the TV and resumed the show. The Ripper, a murder documentary. I started watching it but then Bill came back. He placed the bags on the kitchen counter and came to me, sat beside me and we started watching it together.

Halfway through the episode, I felt a slight pressure on the inside of my thigh. It was his hand making his way up to my crotch. I looked up and he leaned in to kiss me and I started to rub his crotch too. His hand was now inside my pants while I had one hand inside his pants and the other under his shirt touching his back. He took his hands out put them around my face and started to kiss me again. He was gifted for sure but this was his greatest gift, the gift of seduction. One look from him was enough for me, one naughty look and my soldier would be up at attention. At this point I was so hard and throbbing inside my pants, so I put my hand inside when he grabbed my hand and said

‘It’s mine. Don’t you dare touch what’s mine.’

I was even harder now. He went down, took my pants off and started to tease me. He circled his tongue around it and gave it a kiss, then he licked the shaft all the way down to my balls. Then he started to suck it. As soon as my dick went inside his warm and wet mouth I was in heaven. His tongue rubbing against my dick as he sucked it with tortuous finesse. He stopped, got up and started to kiss me. I could taste my skin in his mouth. I pushed him back on the couch and took his pants completely off as he lied down. I started to suck his beautiful, uncut cock. I sucked the foreskin, gently nibbled it before I slid my tongue under the foreskin. I looked at him, his head back and eyes partially closed as he moaned. Finally, I put his legs up and ate him. I rimmed him like a starved caveman finding food after days. I got up kissed him some more, rubbed lube on my dick and his hole and fucked him. In and out, in and out. We were in missionary and I could see his beautiful face squirm and moan. He turned around and got on his stomach and I penetrated him from behind. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I turned him around and moaned as I came. He wasn’t finished yet so my job wasn’t done. I started sucking his dick and his moans got louder and louder and louder and finally he came in my mouth. I kissed him after it and he sucked out his cum from my mouth. He is such a nasty slut and I love him because he is my slut.

I took my pants and cleaned him. We took a hot shower and went to bed. I wrapped my arms around him and kept kissing his head and stroked his back till he slept in my arms, head on my chest. I wanted the world and its time to just stop, I wanted us to remain that way forever.

We got up the next morning. He woke up earlier than I did and kept looking at me. When I woke up, he kissed me. I wanted to pretend that everything was fine, that it was just another ordinary morning but it wasn’t. Far from ordinary. The day I was dreading was here. He saw my distressed face and said

‘It will be OK. Relax. Everything will be fine. We haven’t even gone there yet and you already look pale’

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t so I just caressed his handsome face. It was the day we had to go to my home. My childhood home. Stephan, my older brother was getting married to his high school sweet heart. I always loved him and he was always there for me. The only one who stood by me and protected me.

‘Normalcy is boring. It is for the ordinary, the mundane and you my ugly brother are everything but ordinary. It isn’t for you. It isn’t for anyone to decide what is normal and what isn’t. Now get out of my room you stupid fucker.’ He would often say to me. He always loved me, in his own way

We packed and left. It was a 6-hour drive. When we arrived, I parked the car and got out. I looked at the house, that’s what it was, a house, it was never a home, certainly not mine. It had everything from floor to ceiling windows to infinity pools and numerous bedrooms, luxurious. The kind of luxurious that would make people want to kill just to get a look inside. But it always lacked something, a heart, that’s what it lacked or perhaps the people lacked one and not the place. We went inside and my mother greeted us. She hugged Bill too and was happy to see him.

‘Maybe they have changed.’ I thought.

We went to my bedroom, unpacked and rested for a while before heading for the dinner.

Everyone was at the dinner table. My father, mother, my brother and his bride to be. For some reason Stephan felt weird. He would always rush to see me but he didn’t this time and he just kept looking at me and whenever I would look at him, he would look away.

‘Why is he acting like this? Has this place changed him?’ I kept thinking.

After dinner everyone went to their rooms. Stephan was sitting outside by the pool. I went to him.

‘You don’t like your stupid brother now you stupid fuck. You didn’t even come to see me when I got here’ I said to him as I laughed, hoping to clear the air.

‘You shouldn’t have come here. You always hated this place so I thought you wouldn’t come this time too. Why did you come here? Why?’ He replied, got up and went inside.

That whole night I couldn’t sleep. My parents despising me was fine but Stephan, not him. ‘What did I do? Did I hurt him? Should I have not called him a stupid fuck?’ I kept thinking. I went downstairs to get a glass of milk. On my way back I heard my parents arguing about something.

‘How are we going to handle this? This has gone too far. He really loves him. It has got out of hand. We can’t do anything now. Let him go. It will be for the best.’ My mother said.

Father replied ‘We can’t let him go. Are you out of your mind? If we let him go, he would ruin his life with that poor creature, a man, a man for fuck’s sake. All the Elders besides Elder I would banish him and he won’t ascend. Ascension is his birthright. He is the promised king. We have to do what we agreed upon and we will do it two nights from now. No stopping now.’

I rushed back to my room and got under the sheets like I used to when I was a child. I would call out for Stephan but now I couldn’t. I was scared. Something was wrong. Everything felt sinister now, almost insidious. It felt as if I was in a car about to crash and I couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

The next morning Bill went away with my brother and my parents were out doing some last-minute shopping for the wedding. I took advantage of the opportunity and went to the beach. I drew in the sand and cut my palm. As the blood touched the sand, I called upon the Elder I to help me. I kept calling out for him but there was no response. Even more scared now I went back inside. There was no light.  I flipped the light switch on and off and nothing happened. Then I saw a figure sitting on the floor. It was Elder I.

I asked him ‘Something is going to happen. I can feel it and I know you know about it. They are going to harm Bill. You have to help me. How do I save him?’

‘The answer lies within yourself. Only in you, only in you. You know others don’t hate you, they fear you. The fear the power you hold within yourself’ Elder I said.

It didn’t make sense to me and I was so focused on Bill that I asked him ‘How does it end? Am I able to save him?

‘Oh yes you do my child. You do. Not only him but yourself too. You free yourself and your love. You do it with divinity. Painted red, your freedom has been painted red.’ He said this and vanished.

Ok so I save him.’ I kept reiterating. The rest of the day went normally. I pretended that everything was fine but nothing was fine. The winds were shifting and the skies were getting darker and I could feel the darkness eat up my insides. With every gentle stroke of wind, I felt as if my flesh was tearing up.

The night before the wedding everyone arrived at our house. I was glanced at them from the balcony. I looked down and I saw that the Queen was there too. The current person on the throne. I don’t know why everyone respected her. I had never seen her do anything or even this proclaimed throne.

Bill came to me and we talked for a bit. When we turned around, I was left horrified.

To my shock and horror everyone was standing around us. They all were looking at us.

My father said ‘Son you have sinned and you have sinned greatly. Today we would remove it from you. Cleanse your sin and purify you.’

My heart started racing, my throat dried up and I started trembling. I held on tightly to Bill’s hand, I held on to it so tightly. Two men came and grabbed us. They pulled us away. I screamed and shouted and Bill tried his best to free himself but he couldn’t.

‘Leave him the fuck alone. Let him go. Let him go. Let him go you fuckers.’ I shouted over and over again. Tears dripped down my face and I could taste the salt in my mouth.

‘Do what you want to me but don’t hurt him please. He is your son, your blood, don’t hurt him.’ Bill said

‘We won’t hurt him. We will clean him through you. The Queen said. We will cut you in small pieces and we will each swallow a piece. You are His greatest sin; we will cut you and the sin would decline. We would swallow your unholy flesh and our faith would cleanse him from you.’

‘Stephan, Stephan, where are you? Help me.’ I shouted but I could not see Stephan anywhere.

My father came forward and with a knife in his hand slit Bill’s throat. I stopped shouting for a moment. Inside my head I started praying

‘Please God let him live. I know you can make it happen, let him live.’

At this point I freed myself and went to Bill. I cried and cried and screamed and cried and he put his bloody hand around my face one last time before he died, right there in my arms. I held his lifeless, flaccid body in my arms as I sobbed.

They all started to come near us and I shouted ‘No, No……….No’. With that something happened. I felt this heat inside of me, burning up my chest, looking for an escape. I could feel my heartbeat getting stronger. I felt my blood rushing through my veins and my head about to explode. All of a sudden, I screamed and my chest ripped open and a light came out of me. A light so strong it destroyed everyone in its path. It turned them to dust, fine powder. I fell to the ground and held Bill’s hand while my eyes closed.

‘Are you ok? Are you fine?’ Bill asked me as he shook me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hugged him so tight.

‘I thought I lost you. I thought I would never see you again.’ I said.

‘We’ll always be together silly. Always.’ Bill said.

I held his hand and we started walking. I looked down and saw Stephan crying over my dead body. I was there lying with Bill. Covered in his blood and painted red. Painted red it was. My freedom was always red.

Submitted: December 05, 2021

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Uhhhhhh wow! Just wow! I never knew where this was going. Very unique and original!

Thu, May 19th, 2022 6:24pm

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