Lost Hope

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kyra Carter, Ambassorder of Lyerian returns to her duties after the tragic death of her mother. But things have changed and so has the king. The young witch and her friends are thrown into the middle of war as Kyra reveals secrets of her past that her mother has kept from her since her birth.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter One The soft gush of wind blew through Kyra’s dark brown hair as her horse rode into the city walls. She rode past white ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two “Halt witch, what is your business here?” A stern guard said. He sat in front of the gates to the castle, his ident... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three Kyra slowly opened her eyes. She pulled herself out of the thick grass. A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at Soli... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The was room was small and plain, unlike Claire’s at Lyerians. There was a small medical bed to the right of the door, next to it was... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Kyra woke. She looked around her surroundings, still dazed from the night’s rest. She finally remembered why she w... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

The sun hovered brightly in the sky, its warm rays fading away into the crisp blue atmosphere. Not a cloud hung over the world that day... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven “Thank you for the feast” Kyra said standing by the entry way with Solis standing by her feet. King Kane nodded i... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight Kyra slept all the next day. And Solis let her, till today. He lept on her chest and she let out a groan. She pus... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine Damon strode down the long hallway. Red hues and golden portraits of the old kings past him. The prince paused at a da... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Kyra rode on Iris. Hills and rivers passed under her in a flash of greens and greys. Her hair whipped and tangled itself in the harsh w... Read Chapter

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