A Love for Centuries to Come

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: The Imaginarium

A beautiful male prostitute from medieval times gets sold to Lucifer Rayne; Satan's illegitimate child. Phineas Ryder is promised a better life if he stays by Lucifer's side looking pretty for the public and spreads his legs on Lucifer's bed for his devilish pleasure.

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, a young man named Phineas Ryder damned himself for eternity…

"Phineas, get up!" I heard the brothel owner yell from the top of the cellar stairs. "Customers don't wait for lazy whores. If you're not up here taking customers in 10 minutes with the rest of whores I'm giving you a lashing." I rolled my eyes at his empty threat and stretched my sore body. Just as I sat at the edge of the luxury bed I heard him mumble while walking away, "Damn brat is lucky he's my best whore, or else I'd sell him off to a slave trader." I shook my head and chuckled quietly, "That's right old man. If you expect big money from selling my asshole to horny old men, then you have to put up with me being a spoiled brat." With a deep sigh, I began to get myself ready for the day.

My name is Phineas Ryder. The old man who owns this brothel is Felix. He found me wandering the streets as a young child. Whether it was destiny or bad luck I couldn't say. The old man took one look at my face and at that moment I knew my life would change. The old man didn't see a plain-looking boy. He saw a beautiful boy with feminine features that would put the most beautiful woman to shame. A boy with a petite slender frame, big doe eyes; like pale pools of blue, long thick eyelashes, long blonde almost white locks, and flawless skin; soft, pale and smooth. What he saw was a gold mine, and sure enough, as soon as he deemed me old enough I was thrown into the life of a prostitute.

Now, don't worry. My life isn't as bad as it sounds. Since I'm like an oddity I get treated quite nicely because I always get the wealthiest customers, though I wish I could say the same for the rest of them. This brothel is predominantly female with me as the exception. I have my own room in the cellar, and the old man makes sure to take good care of my needs as well as my body.

Expensive oils, lotions, and perfumes line the top of my dresser. An elaborate vanity holds a vast collection of makeup. I have a wide variety of professionally-made furnishings and a well-built bath. Last but not least my closet is full of the kingdom's finest silks and gowns. Ah yes, one little detail I forgot to mention; I work here under the guise of being female, though all my regulars know I'm a male and are perfectly ok with it. I mean a hole's a hole I guess. It's also a good thing the old man knows how to sense what the customers want. It's like his special skill.

Anyway, being an 18-year-old boy working in a whorehouse under the disguise of a woman isn't so bad, at least that's what I thought until today…

The day started like any other. I was doing my usual routine of flirting; a little touch of the thigh here, a little shove with a fake flirty laugh there. When suddenly my eyes were drawn to the most handsome man I've ever seen grace this filthy establishment. He was tall, with a toned body and his face looked as if the gods sent him from heaven. Dark green, mysterious eyes that could see the very core of your soul and hair black as midnight. I was mesmerized. I only realized I was staring when our eyes met and he gave me a dangerous smile; it felt like a hunter spotting its prey. The look in his lust-filled eyes made my heart race frantically. His gaze held mine for what seemed like an eternity, his eyes looked at me with a hunger I thought I was used to. I was wrong, I blushed and turned away in fear I would lose my soul in his gaze. I would come to find out that gaining that small amount of attention from this man would be my demise. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the man being led into the old man's office.

"It's a pleasure to receive your patronage, Lord Rayne. It's been a while since you've decided to grace us with your presence," the old man gave his best smile as he took my attention from the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I chuckled to myself as I watched the feminine male turn from my gaze blushing. 'Oh, don't worry sweet morsel, the hunt is just beginning. I've had my eye on you for a long time. I will not let you go, now. Thinking back I see he surpassed my expectations of his beauty, though I'm quite pleased now that I'm here,' I thought to myself as I nonchalantly waved off the old man's compliment. "What is it that I can help you with today, Lord Rayne?" The old man motioned to a chair across from his desk as he took a seat. "I came to peruse your wears, but not for just one night. I wanted to buy one off of you…" The old man's eyes grew wide but before he could speak I interjected, "I, of course, am willing to pay whatever price you name."

He paused for a moment, then spoke, "Well if you are willing to compensate so handsomely, who am I to refuse. I will have my girls gathe…" I interrupted before he could finish "I already have someone in mind…" The old man gave a joyful chuckle, "Well, I'm glad to hear that, Lord Rayne. What was the name of the lucky girl? I'll have her ready in a jiff." I couldn't help but smirk at this man's assumption.

"I do not wish to buy one of those filthy whores. I was referring to the boy you try to parade around as a woman." The old man's face fell flat. "I-I'm sorry I-I don't know…" He started to protest but I quickly put my hand up and he went quiet. I held my hand up again, "Before you try to lie to me I would suggest you shut that hole in your mouth." My tone was dark and my face was blank of any emotion.

"As you know I've been visiting this piss poor excuse of a brothel for quite some time, and I specifically remember that boy when he was just a child. If memory serves, he was some orphan you found wandering the streets." I paused for a moment then continued. "A few years ago when that boy's beautiful face graced my eyes I knew one day I would make him mine. To be honest good sir, that boy has haunted my dreams since that day... and today is the day I make those dreams a reality." The old man stayed silent in shock and confusion. 'I know the boy is beautiful but is it really possible he's bewitched Lord Rayne to such an extent. Maybe I can use this information to my benefit seeing as I'll be losing my highest earning whore.'

The old man laughed to himself, then put on his most charming smile. "Well, Lord Rayne. I do apologize I didn't realize how special the boy was to you. Though him leaving would be quite a problem for my business, not to mention the emotional attachment I have towards him. I would need to make sure my compensation is much greater than just money. Dare I say...hmm status could be included with this deal, then my burden could subside."

After a moment of silent deliberation on my part, I agreed to the old man's terms. 'Though it will do him no good when I have my man take him out once my prize and I leave this shit hole.' But I decided best to leave that little detail unspoken. The old man's expression lit up with glee. In a hurried tone, "Yes well I'm always happy to oblige, I will get the boy ready to depart.." He quickly stood and made his way to the door as I spoke, "Actually if you don't mind I will go tell him the good news, alone." The old man paused with a confused look but quickly smiled and agreed. "Yes, yes. Whatever you wish, Lord Rayne." He bowed deeply as I stood and walked towards the door. I stopped in front of him and spoke without looking at him, "I will send my men to pay you what you are due once I get the boy settled at my estate," then I left to collect my prize.

Hundreds of years have passed since the day that man took me away from the brothel. What no one at that time knew was he was the son of Satan. I know what you must think I've gone bat shit crazy, but it's true. For instance, how am I at this very moment swiping through Facebook on my new iPhone 12 pro while on my way to New York's most famous 5-star restaurant; in one of the most expensive limousines known to man? It has all the newest gadgets and sleekest designs in the 21st century.

Now how would a boy from the Medieval Times be able to say anything about a car let alone know about technology? Impossible right?! Well, it would be if you weren't the son of Satan's LOVER!. I guess nobody could tell who he was even though a clear sign should've been his first name being LUCIFER FOR CHRIST's SAKE… and now here I am centuries later having no choice but to let this horrible and evil (but incredibly SEXY) devil ravage my delicate body at any point in time with his monstrous dick.

I've come to learn that obedience is key since I am doomed to spend the rest of eternity as a sex toy for a depraved psychopath. I mean this man knows no limits of his ever-strong libido constantly ramming his never satisfied; always hard; enormous cock into my ever sensitive asshole. My prostate does not know the meaning of a break, since it's forever being tormented. Though all in all I cannot complain. I am still after all this time being well taken care of and it doesn't hurt that he is the hottest being to walk this earth.

There is nothing this man can't buy or do for my sake. I must admit I am like a spoiled pet. All I have to do is stay by his side looking pretty for the public and spread my legs on his bed for his pleasure. Not a bad deal after all.

My only complaint would be the fact that I am not a human being, but a possession. May the Lord have mercy on whatever poor soul even looks at me wrong because they'll be burning in the lake of fire for just a sweet smile in my direction.

Chapter 2

I couldn't help but let out a deep sigh as the limo slowly pulled up to the front of the restaurant. Paparazzi were already gathered to get a glimpse of the most powerful man in New York and his delicate lover. Thinking back to how my life used to be I would have to say the world has become more accepting of same-sex couples. This would have been frowned upon hundreds of years ago, hence why I was disguised as a woman back then.

Though that part didn't change. Lucifer prefers me dressed in the sluttiest dresses he can find on a hanger, but since they are low cut everyone can see the nonexistent cleavage on my male body. My ensemble today consists of a black form-fitting, backless, spaghetti-strapped, mid-thigh length dress; with black stilettos, and my long hair cascading down my shoulders. I learned that society calls my type a femboy since I still have male parts but I dress as a female.

I've accepted the fact that Lucifer has me dress this way so he can show off his possession. Since he is Satan's illegitimate son he feels the need to take his frustrations out on mortals. He likes to taunt the male population into wanting me. So he has an excuse to let his anger out on someone for desiring his property. He likes to play mind games with people, which I find completely childish but who am I to deny him pleasure. I've accepted my fate to live by his side for eternity.

The chauffeur finally made his way to Lucifer's door and opened it with a bow. Lucifer smiled as he gracefully exited the limo. After a moment his hand reached into the limo to assist me. I gently placed my hand in his and stepped onto the pavement. Lucifer quickly hugged me to his side in what seemed to the onlookers as a lover's embrace, but I knew better.

What went unnoticed was his possessive grip tightening onto my hip as a warning to behave myself. Knowing this grip all too well I plastered the most stunning (fake) smile I could muster, gave a flirtatious giggle, and lightly slapped his broad shoulders, "Oh, Luci stop your embarrassing me." I looked away bashfully and like it was on cue Lucifer chuckled with his deep husky voice and placed a finger under my chin. Then in a swift motion, he lifted it to face him and lovingly smashed our lips together for what everyone thought was a tender kiss.

Though again I knew better. This was his show of marking his territory to the world. Any time spent in public was always the same song and dance. Convincing the public of tender love, but behind closed doors, the real Lucifer was unleashed. In truth what Lucifer felt towards me was love in his own twisted way, but no one would consider it normal. It was possessive, sadistic, and obsessive. Some would even say unhealthy, but again no complaints from my end. At one point in time, Lucifer did give me a choice, though the latter was a less desirable option; so I chose to be at least content with a comfortable life instead of things only nightmares could produce.

After our passionate kiss was over, Lucifer continued to lead us through the crowd and into the restaurant. A short, stubby man with a well-kept mustache looked up from his stand with a professional smile. "Ah, A pleasure as always Mr. Rayne." He turned his smile towards me, "...and you look as lovely as always Mrs. Rayne." I couldn't help but internally curse Lucifer at his comment. I noticed Lucifer smirk out of the corner of my eye at what the host referred to me as. I tried my damnedest to not stick my tongue out at him like a spoiled child.

I know Lucifer could sense my distaste for the reference to me being his wife, but played on the situation, "I'm sorry, but I have not asked my beautiful lover for his hand in marriage just yet…" Then he turned to me and caressed my cheek softly, "Though I have been considering it a lot lately." I stiffened at his words and stared into his eyes with slight confusion. 'He can't be serious, right?' Lucifer noticed my expression change and smiled sweetly and shook his head, "Well, I guess it can't be helped. I had wanted to wait until we were seated to surprise you, but since the cat is out of the bag…" My eyes grew wide at what happened next.

Lucifer slowly got down on one knee and pulled a little black box from his jacket pocket. The whole restaurant went quiet as he began to speak. "Phineas, we have been together for many years and I wanted to wait until I knew for sure I could give you the life you deserve. Now that I am positive I'm able to be a good husband, I ask you to accept this ring and become my stunning bride." My heart thumped in my chest rapidly.

I was shocked at his sudden sign of affection. 'He has to be planning something. There's no way in hell the sadistic bastard would even consider marriage. I mean he already claimed my soul, what could he possibly gain from a marriage in the human world. It's a pointless action. I don't understand…' While I stayed lost in my thoughts Lucifer cleared his throat to bring me back to reality. I eternally cursed myself because I knew he wasn't pleased with my lack of acceptance and hesitation. 'Shit He's going to punish me later for this…' All I could do was nod my head frantically and hold out my now trembling hand. Lucifer smiled and grasped my hand tightly, and placed the expensive-looking ring on the appropriate finger.

Then he stood and kissed me passionately on the lips. As the entire restaurant grew loud in congratulatory applause he whispered darkly in my ear. "Oh, how I'm going to relish in the pleasure of your impending punishment when we get home, my sweet. "I flinched as he pulled away from my ear and kissed my cheek. I made sure to not disappoint him for the rest of the night in public.

Later that night as I watched the limo pull up the long drive to the enormous estate We called home, I felt my heart drop in despair...


Chapter 3


Before I could realize what was happening I was yanked from the limo and felt my hands being tied tightly behind my back and a cloth covering my eyes, turning my world black. Fear began to consume my thoughts, before I could think I jolted off in whatever direction I thought would lead me to freedom. As I ran I could hear Lucifer let out a dark chuckle and spoke confidently, “Silly, thing. I thought you would’ve learned by now you can never escape from me.”

I didn’t waste time caring about his obvious threat. I just ran. Hoping to create as much distance as I could. Unfortunately, due to my inhibited vision, my sense of direction must’ve become nonexistent, because one second I’m escaping to freedom, then the next I have a huge migraine and feel as if my body has been bound and floating in the air.

My failure to escape registered in my mind when I felt cold hands on my now noticeable naked skin. Firm, rough hands lightly trailed across my body. I couldn’t help but let out an obvious shiver. Heated breathe suddenly spoke next to my ear, “Glad to see you’re finally awake, baby. I was getting impatient…” with those words I felt him rub his cock against my ass cheek. I flinched because I could feel how hard he was. 

Lucifer laughed deeply. Then I felt him rip the cloth coving my eyes from my face. I felt tears prickle at the corner of my eyes as I realized where I was; Lucifer’s dungeon. I could see the all too familiar mirror-covered walls, except for a specially designed wall to my left which housed hundreds of sex toys; all shapes and sizes, including dildos, vibrators, whips, chastity devices, gags, anal plugs, harnesses, and much more. There were tables with straps and fucking machines attached at the end, but what made me even more scared was what method he wanted to use today. 

I knew Lucifer must be pissed because he usually only uses this method when I’ve been very disobedient. Its known as Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage. “If you were wondering…” my attention snapped to Lucier who was now by the extensive wall of toys, “On your ill-fated attempt to run, you ran into a tree since you were blindfolded.” His voice had a slight amusement to it, though his eyes said differently. They were dark with lust and desire, and a hint of anger. 

‘Shit, how could I be so stupid. Lucifer is right, there’s no escape. Maybe he will be lenient if I beg for forgiveness.’ I took a deep breath and spoke softly, “I-’m sorry master, p-please forgive m-me.” I couldn’t stop sounding so pathetic, but you would too if you were about to be fucked senseless by the son of Satan. Lucifer paused for a moment before a malicious smirk took over his features. 

“Hmm, I don’t know if I can trust you right now my love. I feel betrayed, that was your fifth escape attempt this month. I’m heartbroken you think so little of my love for you.” I shook my head frantically, “P-please master, I-I’ll do anything. Please j-just spare me.” Lucifer sighed deeply. “I guess…” I smiled with joy, “Oh, t-thank you so much, master. I p-promise to behave.” 

I felt happy as I watched Lucifer move in my direction without grabbing something off the wall. He slowly walked up and placed a soft hand on my cheek. He caressed it softly and I felt obligated to lean into it. It feels nice when he touches my skin gently like this. He slowly moved it to my hair was gently moving his fingers in my long stands. I suddenly cried out when he forcefully gripped my hair in his fist. His grip was so tight I thought he would pull my hair from its roots. 

He brought my ear to his mouth and whispered. “Such a deceitful little minx aren’t you, baby. Do you think I am foolish enough to believe you will behave yourself? You’re such a little slut; it’s imperative that I punish this lewd body of yours or else you would seek comfort from another man, right? I couldn’t help but cry and the pleasure I got from his demeaning words.

Lucifer continued talking in his sultry deep voice and his other hand made his way to my twitching asshole. “Such a slutty little masochist, you are Fin. It makes me want to fuck your slutty little hole until you can’t walk properly.” I let out a loud moan as I felt his finger penetrate me. Lucifer began to move his finger at a painfully slow pace. Adding a new one every so often. My dick became hard as he moved his mouth to my neck and started leaving a trail of bites marks on my pale skin.
He made his way down to my chest and latched on roughly to my nipple. Another moan escaped as the pleasure of having my nipples sucked and asshole fingered sent heat to my cock. “Mmm, Luci, please I wan…” Before I could finish Lucifer engulfed my lips in a passionate kiss. The taste of his tongue in my mouth as he fought for dominance was intoxicating. 

Lucifer pulled back and looked at me with half-lidded eyes. “I’m sorry you were saying…” I gasped as he removed his fingers and quickly replaced them with his thick cock. He began thrusting hard and fast. My breath caught in my throat and I felt like I was gonna die from the sudden pounding to my tight hole. “Ah… uhm…. P…p-please. I want to…” He swiftly started stroking my cock at the same pace he was thrusting into me. “I can’t hear you, baby. What do you want?” His voice was teasing and playful. 
During different circumstances, I would’ve been upset for teasing me, but I couldn’t even think straight. “I… I wanna… cum… please Luci…!” Lucifer and hummed in satisfaction of me begging for release. “Who do you belong to, Fin?” My mind was so gone I could barely comprehend what he asked me, but when I didn’t answer he stopped abruptly. He moved his hand from my and cock and forced my face to look at him with a painful grip. 

“Who do you belong to?!” His voice was cold and menacing, but I answered immediately, “YOU Luci! I belong to my master!” With my desperate answer, Lucifer lost all control and slammed into me harder and rougher than before. I was shocked because that means he was holding back?! He stroked my cock as fast as he could until moments later… my body shook with a loud moan. Lucifer didn’t slow down his thrusts as the cum shot out of me like a rocket. He wanted to make sure he milked my cock to the fullest. 

Just as the last drop fell Lucifer finally released his hot seed inside me. We were both breathing heaving when he leaned against my back and placed gentle kisses on my neck. I felt his hot breath against my ear, “I love you Fin, I will never let you, go. You belong to me, baby. For eternity…” With that, I felt myself fall unconscious.

Submitted: December 06, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Raven Rayne. All rights reserved.

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