The Heart Made of Gold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jessica Brooks was born with Cerebral Palsy. Lisa’s mother gave her up for adoption, but she was put in a foster home. Jessica of having a family and grows up to be a smart and strong woman. Jessica meets Kevin Connor and she falls in love with him.
Kevin Connor is a strong and handsome man. Kevin comes from a wealthy family and has a kind heart.
Jessica is shy, and she cannot talk to people. Jessica really likes Kevin so she starts secretly giving him gifts for his birthday and Christmas.
Kevin wants to know who is sending him the gifts and he made it his mission to find out.

Table of Contents


Jessica's parents abandon her.
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A New Home

Kenny and Nancy Sullivan became Jessica's foster parents.
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The Spoiled Prince

Jessica made friends with Princess Elizabeth
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The Painful Truth

Jessica got a boy named Kevin a gift.
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The Adoption

Nancy and Kenny adopted Jessica
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A New Friend

Prince Edward made friends with Jessica.
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King Henry is rude to Paul
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The Scandal

King Henry learned that Jackie has a daughter
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Summer Plans

Elizabeth agrees to see her dad.
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Summer Break

King Henry is forcing Elizabeth to marry Prince Nicholas
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Surprise News

Anne is angry with King Henry
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The Surprise Engagement

Prince Edward ask Jessica to marry him
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The Plan

Princess Mary wanted to get rid of Princess Elizabeth
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Murder Plot

Princess Mary had Princess Elizabeth kill
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The Sad News

A girl was found badly hurt. If anyone has any ideas for the sequel please let me know
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