Constitutional of the Heart XIX.

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Short description how her attention renews joy and recolours life in less than a couple of hundred words.

It was good to hear your rosy voice, full of bubbly joy. Those two hours passed quickly, and of course it wasn’t enough. You also said things I didn’t like so much. Yet I would have listened to you all night like a gently purling spring. And like the sweet, clear water of a spring, your voice filled me with happiness and contentment.

Then this morning I gave in to the joy of muscle-powered speeding again. The cold weather was biting, but my body heat was like armour protecting me from it. Even the sweat dripping from my brow was hot.

I also encountered a pocket-lion on my way, but he hardly paid any attention to me. He found something else much more interesting. And I just kept on speeding.

Hours later, the weather was splendid. The caressing, summer-scented afternoon was as pleasant as your company. I was comforting a mutual friend of ours because in his soul, in his life a hurricane was raging…

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