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This poem is like a person asking someone a
question and they reply by
letting the person know the
things they can possibly be and
can't be. and the poem inturns
tells the pesters that what they can do rather turns out to be worse and not of any help to humans .The poem tells the truth about the things them they pretend to do to feel among but isn't of any help.the poem ask them some questions and tells them they are not excluded in what everyone faces and tells them that they shouldn't judge anyone instead they should check them self if they worth.



I Might be naughty

but atleast i'm not haughty

i can be hasty

but not nasty

i might be sissy at times

but not messy

i'm stable,

but i'm not label

Not even levelled

Yeah i might be a loner

nah, i'''m not lonely

Yes, i might be a tempered Person,

but i'''m not tempest,

You can relate,

but you can't translate,

you can believe,

but isn''t a relieve,

you can belief,

but not a relief

what are you?

Are you perfect?

You know everyone have burdens?

And you are no exception,

cause you are not an option...

Before you judge me,



Judge your selve first

You good enough!

Submitted: December 07, 2021

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