The Aftermath of The Murder of Nathan Anderson

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The Aftermath of The Murder of Nathan Anderson:


It had been around seven months after design technology teacher and former deputy headteacher of Oaklands high school Gethin McGunell had been arrested for murdering his superior Nathan Anderson. He now had to face trial for the crime he’d committed.

“ I would like to call Mr Gethin McGunell to the stand” said the barrister.

Gethin made his way to the stand.

“ Mr McGunell how long did you know Mr Nathan Anderson?” she asked.

“About five years”Gethin replied.

“I see!” said the barrister.

“Could you tell the court what happened that afternoon?” she questioned.

Gethin nodded.

“ I took a hammer from my toolbox which was in my office and followed Nathan to the stairs and hit him around the head just before he went down the final set of stairs” Gethin explained.

“ Thank you Mr McGunell” said the barrister as Gethin was escorted back to the defence box accompanied by a prison officer.

After the defence and prosecution barristers had given their closing statements. The jury went and deliberated their verdict.
The next day dawned
“Could the defendant please stand” said the usher.

Gethin stood up.

“Could the foreman of the jury stand” the usher asked.
The foreman of the jury stood up.
“Have you all reached a verdict that you all agree?” the usher questioned.
“Yes!” said the foreman of the jury. 
“Do you find the defendant Mr Gethin Henry McGunell guilty or not guilty for the murder of Mr Nathan Dean Anderson ?” the usher queried.

“Guilty!” the foreman of the jury responded.

“ Mr Gethin McGunell you’ve been found guilty of the murder of Mr Nathan Anderson. I sentence you to life in prison for thirty years. Take him down! ” the judge ordered.

Gethin  had shown no remorse for the crime he’d committed. As he boarded the prison van  to begin his prison sentence he knew in his mind, heart, and soul that he did the right thing. In his mind Gethin believed that he should of become headteacher after Mrs Beatrix Haven instead of Nathan Anderson.

Submitted: December 08, 2021

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