Midnight Snacks

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The regards of a man being haunted by a gruesome reoccurring nightmare, or perhaps something else…

First things first I apologize for the secrecy I’ve maintained about this, I would rather have people think I was just suffering from insomnia or even being distant rather than crazy. I’ll explain everything in full now so I don’t leave anyone in the dark. Starting about two and a half years ago I have had the same recurring nightmare every single night. I'm laying in my own bed with my arms and legs affixed to my sides like I'm being tied down. After surveying the room two or three times over, there is an all black figure of a man 5’10-5’11.5 in height with amber cat-like eyes and twisted horns. At the start I always begin to panic but I cannot scream so it’s only seen in my breathing and eye movements which he seems to pick up on almost instantly every time. He rubs my head and soothes me until I calm down, then he drives his jagged edged finger into my stomach and begins dragging. While still petting me he carves a perfect circle out from my torso and eats it with the grace of a seasoned wine taster. He smiles at me with crimson stained fangs while slowly disemboweling me. He vivisects my liver before taking small bites out of the shreds. He wrings my kidneys out until they look more like prunes and consumes each in one bite. He wraps my intestines around the serrated blades on his fingers and slurps them down, no matter how many times I had to hear it, the sound of the tissue ripping as it slides off of his fingers and into his unhinged mouth makes me sick to what would be my stomach. When he’s done he just looks at me with this deep stare of satisfaction, then a smile of pure sadistic ecstasy. And that's when I wake up in a whiplash inducing jolt most of the time either soaked in sweat or piss, sometimes both. When they started I thought nothing of it, I have never been the superstitious type so I hardly did research on it or anything. Everyone says I lie still and make no noise while I sleep so I figured I could manage as long as I didn't bother anybody. Eventually I tried exercise, melatonin, and other sleep aids just for peace of mind. A feeling of unease started to cloud my mind after I tried changing diets and he wouldn’t eat with the same look of enjoyment, like always he smiled at the end with the same gnarly face but the process of him eating the same. However it came back when I started eating how I regularly do. After this I started delving deeper into energies and the significance of dreams which started with a few nights without sleep and putting up a dreamcatcher. When I finally ended my streak of staying awake he was there immediately with folded arms tapping his forearm with his free index finger. He was waiting, impatiently. His attention got taken by the dreamcatcher, he gave me a look kind of like the one you give a friend before asking if they are serious, then he scoffed and went right into consuming me. He’s aware of what I do. He’s watching me. He picks me because of what I eat and how I behave. He chose me because anyone else would have done something a long time ago. Since that I’ve been living in terror. I’ve tried eating things not even a demon would enjoy, poisoning my body in hopes that he would find different prey. All to no avail. Since then, I’ve been trying to relax my mind and remind myself that my dreams take experiences from the real world so whatever happens around me would also appear in a vivid dream, but I haven't been able to shake the feeling that a sharp gaze from just outside my range of view is fixed onto me. It has been 3 months of the normal routine since then. He came to me again last night to no surprise. Though the air had been different upon his arrival. He appeared longing, even when tearing through my stomach lining he looked disconnected from his events. His work was sloppier than usual, I grew accustomed to watching him carve everything with enough precision for me to be able to determine the organ before he ate it. But tonight he seemed to be eating everything american steak style, rugged cuts and bites with each cut still soaked in fluids. He was clearly bored but kept eating, at one point making kebabs out of my viscera with his claws as sticks as some sort of experiment. “THIS HAS GROWN RATHER DULL” a grave but smooth voice thunders through the room like someone dropping a bowling ball into a cavern. “I FEEL AS IF WE’VE CULTIVATED ENOUGH INTIMACY TO TAKE THIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL”. He caresses my face tenderly before slicing all the skin off the surface in one seamless motion. He stares at it for a second before smirking and presenting it to me. He puts his fingers on the mouth hole, delicately so they don't cause an accidental puncture, and puppets the lips as he says “SEE YOU IN THE MORNING”. I woke up instantly, but I was petrified with fear. I was scared that if I made a defiant act at that moment I would suffer for it, but I was equally scared that I would run out my time if I didn’t move. After what felt like hours I shakely reached my arm up and touched my face to see if it was still there. I conducted a series of sporadic movements just to see if anything could trigger him to show up. Something like a fight or flight response gave me the strength and composure to write this. I woke up at 2:47am, it is now 4:50am. I don’t know what kind of timeframe he had in mind of what even constitutes morning for him but I can’t find out. I just can't. I'm sorry.

Submitted: December 12, 2021

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