Just once more, I think, as I retrace the familiar stones cutting through the grass


One more day of warmth, of rays to soothe these tired bones


Though the sun climbs high and bedazzles, I still feel the chill moisture splashing at my ankles


And I pause at the flower beds, which not long before, did blaze with colour and shape, where boisterous fruits leaned temptingly to me


Yet now those nettles crowd around, and couts grasses overwhelm


The tired shed looks lonely, smothered in shimmering web and climbing weed


The sullen green carpet of lawn, is now recessed while sun dances cautiously on it's blades


This is where little dog ran, zealously chasing swirling dandelion seeds afloat, and shadows of painted ladies on the grass


I see, at the end of the lonely path, the little round bench


It stands like a monolith, with the encroaching grass biting at it's feet


And there, on it's weather-worn top, sits a solitary, wilted candle


It's spent wax frozen in a memory


A glimpse of starry nights and pixie lights


Of laughter, and the smoke of fires kindled


Of merry wine and gasping beer, and song, so much song


And I turn away and seek the horizon, for some signal of warmth, some echo of summer


Yet, even the rich conifers stoop in mock sadness, bowing before me with mourning at summer's passing


Now, in the gleaming sky, I catch the the flailing white geese in their determined flight


Like arrows piercing the sky, they pursue the sun in a larger place


They know the seasons, they know their time


Gone are the darting House Martins and the doves who drove us mad with call


Lost to me is the little shy Wren who dared to peep in my window


And where is my devoted friend, the Robin, who braved my toil, to hop for grubs in my freshly tilled soil?


He stared at me, with curious eyes, his head cocked to one side.


I miss my summer friends


Yet, although, as sunshine recedes, giving way to glory and colour on horizon


I know that sleep will come, for land and creature


That all will nestle in winter's stark embrace


Till cold gives way, to a brand new day


When joy once again will abound in this garden


And the sun will smile, and stay a while, for many good days

Submitted: December 12, 2021

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