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Emily Forrester’s life story Emma-Lucy Stories

Contents 1. Fact file 2. Chapter two 3. Chapter three 4. Chapter four 5. Chapter five 6. Chapter six 7. Chapter seven 8. Chapter eight 9. Chapter nine

Chapter one – fact file

Name: Emily Katy Forrester Age: 9 and 19 in the second book D.O.B: 23rd March 2003 Address: lives at elm tree house but then also in America with her brother, sister, and best friend parents: Dad:
Harry Forrester Mum: Isabelle Forrester (Dead) Brothers: Kirynn (17 and 26 in the last book) Sisters: Hannah (16 and 25 in the last book) Best friends: Ellie Martin Social worker: Emma Baker Hannah
Forrester Name: Hannah Marie Forrester Age: 16 and 25 in the last book D.O.B: 7th October 1996 Address: lives in America for 9 years but then she lives with her older brother, little sister, and
her little sister's best friend Parents: Dad: Harry Forrester Mum: Isabelle Forrester (Dead) Brothers: Kirynn (17) Sisters: Emily (9) Best friends: her little sister Kirynn Forrester Name: Kirynn
Alex Forrester Age: 17 and 26 in the last book D.O.B: 25th June 1995 Address: lives in America with his little sisters and her best friend aka his foster daughter Parents: Dad: Harry Forrester Mum:
Isabelle Forrester (Dead) Brothers: none Sisters: Hannah (16) & Emily (9 and 19 in the second book) Best friends: friends at uni Ellie Martin Name: Ellie Harriet Martin Age: 9 and 19 in the last
book D.O.B: 5th February 2003 Address: lived in care all her life but then she moves with her best friend to America after she gets foster by Kirynn Parents: Dad: David Martin Mum: Carly Martin
Brothers: none Sisters: none Best friends: Emily Forrester Emma Baker Name: Emma Jane Baker Age: don't know D.O.B: don't know Address: don't know Job: Emily's social worker Children: a daughter
called Kate and a son called Harry Husband: George Baker Best Friend: don't know either Tracy Beaker Name: Tracy Danielle Beaker Age: in her 20s Address: she lives with her adopt mum D.O.B: 8th
February 1989 Parents: Mum: Carly Beaker Dad: don't know Adopt mum: Cam Lawson Adopt dad: Gary but not around no more Best friends: don't know Boyfriend: Seth Job: care worker

Chapter two

When I got taken into care away from my dad, I was heartbroken but that's only because my mum died in 2005 so when I was really young, and my dad got seriously ill and couldn't look after me & then
he got himself a girlfriend that kept hurting & threatening me so my dad hurter her so then she walked out in 2007 and for a long time I thought we were going to be a family just me and dad but I
was wrong. A few days later my dad phone up the social. "But daddy I thought you love me," I said "I do I do sweetheart this is for the best," said Mr Forrester. I couldn't argue coz I love my dad
too much, so I got in the car and there I was waving to the best dad in the entire world, and I was taken away from him forever.

Chapter three

When I arrived at the care home, I didn't get out of the car straight away "come on Emily" said my social worker, Emma. I didn't speak back and then I sighed and got out of the car. My social
worker took me to meet the other children. I saw a girl that came over to me. "Hi I'm Ellie," she said "Hi I'm Emily," I said shyly. "How old are you?" asked Ellie "9, what about you" I asked "9,
so who are you sharing a room with" said Ellie "I hoping you would share a room with Emily" asked Emma "of course" replied Ellie "thanks, there you are Emily, you're first friend" said Emma "who's
your favourite boy band" said Ellie starting to head towards the stairs "I don't know I think JLS are good" I replied "the wanted all the way" said Ellie opening her bedroom door and landed on her
bed "so why are you in care" she asked politely "um well my mum died and my dad got dunk and then he rang up the social and here I am, what about you" I asked politely "oh my mum kept on leaving me
at home and my next door neighbours phone the social and then here I am" said Ellie "do you have any brothers and sisters" she asked "no, I'm only child, what about you" I said "only child too,
well goodnight Em" said Ellie "I can called you that" she asked "goodnight of course" I said and I switch the main light off, got into bed, put my bed lamp on, got the right page in my diary and
wrote "I love my dad, don't worry daddy I will be with you very soon I promise" and starting to read my favourite book My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson

Chapter four The next morning, I wrote a letter to dad because the care home is far away from home. It said Dear daddy, I miss you so badly, how are you, I hate it here, there's an older boy called
Max and he's kind to me but the kindest person here is Ellie Martin, I am sharing a room with her, I love you and I will be with you soon. Hope to see you soon daddy Love from Em That night Ellie
came in with a letter address to me. I read it. Here what it said: Dearest Emily, I miss you so much, but this is what your mum would want, I know you hate it but at least you got a friend, I don't
want you to come home, this is for the best. I love you lots, and I hope you understand. I am so sorry Love you sweetheart. Love from dad I started at the letter and didn't say a word "what is it"
asked Ellie "oh it's nothing, Eli would you go home if you love your mum loads and you're like me" I asked "well, if I was you I would go home if I was you but I wouldn't go home if I was me which
I am, but I don't want you to go you only just got here" said Ellie "lucky thing I'm not going then" I said "good, goodnight Em" said Ellie "night I said and I switch off the light and dreamt about
my old life with dad. Chapter five That morning I was eating my breakfast when Ellie came running in. "Emily, Emily" she shouted "what is it, Ellie," I said "you have got another letter from your
dad," said Ellie giving the letter to me. I rip it open and read: To my dearest Emily, I am coming to visit you, I have sorted it with your social worker I love you so much, I know it sucks you
being in care, but I feel it is the best for both of us. You and your mum are the best things that ever happened to me. Hope to see you soon sweetheart Love you xx Love from dad "Ellie, he's coming
here," I said looking sad "isn't that good" Ellie said sounding confused "yeah it's great," I said "then what is it," said Ellie "isn't he the person you love and adore so much and you can't shut
up about him," she said "yeah I do, it's just now that I am in care dad thinks it's the best thing for both of us," I said "don't you think it's the best thing for both of you," said Ellie "no I
don't, I am only 9, I think it's the worst thing that ever happened to me expect my mum dying" I slapped "I'm sorry," said Ellie "no I'm sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you," I said hugging Ellie
"that's ok," said Ellie "does it say when my dad is coming," I asked "yeah it does, it's said he is coming on 23rd March your birthday," said Ellie "YEAH! I will be 10" I said. That night I was
reading the letters when I spotted something "Ellie, I find something" I said "what is it" said Ellie coming over "here look" I said giving the letter to Ellie. She read: "I have to tell Emily;
she's got to know she's got an older brother called Kirynn" she stopped and gave back to me. I started at the letter and didn't say a word "I didn't know you have a brother" said Ellie "neither did
I" I said started to read My Sister Jodie "you can ask Tracy tomorrow she might know" said Ellie "ok, will you come with me" I asked "of course I will, well goodnight" said Ellie "night" I said and
switch off the lamp beside my bed and fell fast asleep.

Chapter six The next morning, I and Ellie went to see Tracy. I knock on her office door "come in,” said Tracy. I opened the door and walked over to Tracy "ah, you must be Emily Forrester, nice to
meet you" said Tracy "hi, nice to meet you too" I said and then I looked at Ellie "um, Tracy Emily wants to ask you something" asked Ellie "of course what is it?” asked Tracy "well, I've been
writing to my dad and in one of the letters it says that I have got an older brother called Kirynn but I didn't know about him until yesterday" I said. Before Tracy could reply Mike, the head care
worker came in "Emily, there are two people to see you" he said "really?" I said and went out into the corridor and started "daddy" I said running to him and give him a hug. "Em, I have missed you
so much, um there's someone I would like you to meet," said my dad "who?" I asked, "your older brother," said dad "I already know dad, you lied to me, but I forgive you because I love you too
much," I said "well here he is, Emily, meet your older brother Kirynn," said dad. We all stared at each other and then a long figure step forward "hi Emily" said the long figure "hi" I said shyly
"should I leave you" said Ellie "no Ellie stay" I said "dad, Kirynn this is my friend Ellie" I said "nice to meet you Ellie" said dad and Kirynn together "so why are you here after all these years,
you weren't even there when mum died or when dad got a girlfriend and she hurt me and dad and I didn't even know about you and you just turn up with dad and expect me to forgive you, well you're
got another thing coming, I will never forgive you, goodbye" I said and I stomped upstairs slammed the door shut and started to cry.

Chapter seven Ellie looked at my dad and Kirynn and ran upstairs to her room and opened the door. "Emily, I'm sure Kirynn is pleased to see you," she said "no, thanks to him I didn't even know I
had an older brother," I said "but, aren't you glad you have an older brother," said Ellie "no, I was happy with just me and dad," I said "maybe you should go and say sorry," said Ellie "why should
I say sorry after all those years and then mum dead and he just turns up and expect me to pretend like everything is fine it's not," I said and I started to cry. "Oh Emily, I'm so sorry," said
Ellie giving me a hug. "It's not your fault, it's mine, you're right I should go and say sorry," I said and opened the door and walked downstairs and over to dad and Kirynn. "Dad, Kirynn I'm so
sorry I didn't mean to have a go at you," I said "it's alright Em, I should have told you about Kirynn but when your mum died Kirynn was at university so I couldn't tell you, with you dealing with
your mum and I didn't want to get you more upset, I'm so sorry, I love you and your mum would be so proud of you but I can't look after you no more, it's too much and the social said I'm not
allowed with me drinking and getting drunk, I'm so sorry," said my dad "but I don't understand, so what I am going to stay here," I asked "no, you're going to live with me," said Kirynn. I looked
at my brother and didn't say a word

Chapter eight

I walked upstairs and walked over to my desk and picked up a photo of my mum and started to cry when there was a knock at the door. "Come in," I said wiping my eyes. The door opened and it was the
last person I wanted to see "what do you want?" I asked walking over to my bed and sat down "Emily, I'm sorry you didn't know about me and I am sorry I wasn't there when mum died but I'm here now
aren't I" said Kirynn "that's the point, why turn up now when I am in care" I said "I said I was sorry, I did have a photo of you when I was at university and I got it now, here look" said Kirynn.
Kirynn gave a photo of me to me, I stared at it. "So, you didn't forget about me," I said "no, of course not, how could I? you’re my little sister and I thought about you everyday" said Kirynn "so
why do you want me to live with you?" I asked "to get to know my little sister Emily, I never forgot you or dad but most of important you," said Kirynn "yes!" I said, "yes what? you come and live
with me," said Kirynn "yes!" I said, "oh Emily," said Kirynn hugging me. We both looked at each other and smiled and then handed hands to each other and walked downstairs. "Em, are you ok?" asked
my dad "of course, I am going to live with Kirynn," I said. We all looked at each other and smiled.

Chapter nine

The next morning, I was packing my things when Ellie came in. I looked up and Ellie started to cry. "what's wrong?," I asked coming over "mum you know," Ellie said "oh Ellie, I'm so sorry," I said
"don't worry Em, it's not your fault," said Ellie "it's just I don't want you to go too," she said "oh Ellie, I can stay if you want me to," I said "no, I want you to be happy with your brother,"
said Ellie "are you sure?," I asked "of course," said Ellie "oh Ellie you're the best friend in the entire world," I said and I hugged Ellie and got my things and walked downstairs with Ellie
"ready, Em," said Kirynn "yeah, where exactly do you live?," I asked "in America," said Kirynn "America, so I wouldn't see dad or Ellie again," I said "not dad but Ellie yes, she could come and
live with us," said Kirynn. Ellie and I looked at my brother "so would you foster me Mr Forrester?" asked Ellie "yeah, is that ok with you?" said Kirynn "yeah, it's fantastic,” said Ellie. Kirynn
smiled at me and Ellie "let's get going, I've sorted it with your social worker, so you are now my foster daughter" said Kirynn. I opened the door and got in the car next to Ellie. Kirynn started
the car and we drove and drove until we couldn't see the care home no more

Emily Forrester’s last life story Emma-Lucy Stories

Contents 1. Chapter one 2. Chapter two 3. Chapter three 4. Chapter four 5. Chapter five 6. Chapter six 7. Chapter seven 8. Chapter eight

Chapter one It has been 9 years since I got taken into care and discovered about my brother and sister "So what do you want to do today girls, there's Disneyland, the shopping mall or we could do
something else," said Kirynn "the shopping mall," I and Ellie said together and giggled "ok, let's go," said Kirynn "um, Kirynn, it wouldn't look good if we went shopping with my brother and
Ellie's foster dad," I said looking upset "it's ok Emily," said Kirynn "I will see you later," he said "ok, see you," I said and I kiss him on the check "bye Kirynn," said Ellie and she kissed him
too and we headed for the shopping mall. "Should we go to new-look first?" asked Ellie "yeah, sure let's go?" I spoke. We walked to new look and opened the door, and I went straight to the bags
when I bump into someone "oh sorry" I said "that's ok, sweetheart, who are you" asked the girl "I'm Emily Forrester and this is my best friend Ellie Martin, who are you" I asked "I'm Hannah
Forrester" said Hannah "so, what that means you're my sister" I said "yes, that's right" said Hannah. I stared at my sister and didn't say a word...

Chapter two "You can't be, you're pretty and I'm ugly" I said "don't be silly, you are pretty, do you have a boyfriend" asked Hannah "yes" I said "there you go then, so how are you" said Hannah
"I'm good, 9 years ago I find out about Kirynn and meet Ellie in care and now I live with him" I said "oh yeah, how is Kirynn" said Hannah "he's good, bossy but good so how come you tell me now
I've lived here for 9 years" I said "I don't know sweetheart" said Hannah "don't call me that, you can never replace mum" I said and then I walked off without saying a word and I saw Kirynn waiting
and me and Ellie walked over to him "had fun girls" said Kirynn "suppose" I said looking sad and got in the car and Kirynn drove and we were home and I opened the door and went up to my room and
started to cry when Kirynn came in. "Em, are you ok, you haven't said a word since we got home" said Kirynn "I can't believe you didn't tell me" I said "I don't know what you're talking about" said
Kirynn "I saw our sister Hannah, hang on I didn't know I had a sister or a brother for that matter because my beloved dad didn't tell me" I said landing on my bed "look I'm sorry ok, I just didn't
know how to tell you" said Kirynn sitting next to me "oh that's great, let's all lie to Emily shall we?" I asked and I turned my back to Kirynn and cry myself to sleep. Chapter three

The next morning, I didn't speak to Kirynn at all. I made myself some breakfast when Kirynn came in and I sat down and started eating my cereals. Kirynn sat down and put his hand on my hand "I'm
sorry I don't know how many times I say it" said Kirynn. He was going to ask me what I and Ellie were doing today when there was a knock on the door. Kirynn went to answered it and came back with a
woman following him. "Emily, this is..." said Kirynn "Hannah, I know," I said "Hi Emily, I was hoping we could catch up," said Hannah "you had the chance yesterday and beside me and Ellie are
busy," I said getting up and putting my cereal ball on the counter and walked upstairs. "Sorry," said Kirynn looking furious. I thought to myself he going to say, "could you be any ruder" and then
he came in "could you be any ruder" said Kirynn "just as I thought, what not my fault if I'm busy spending time with my best bud, and I did tell her she had that chance yesterday" I said "yes! But
she just wants to get to know you" said Kirynn looking even more furious than ever "yeah, well she had that chance for 9 years but no you and her go-to America," I said "yeah well I'm sorry and
anyway you have to get along because she is moving in tomorrow so you better get used to the idea," said Kirynn. I didn't say a word. I was shocked about what Kirynn had done

Chapter four

That afternoon Kirynn put Hannah's bed next to mine with a gap in the middle. I didn't say a word to Kirynn that afternoon. I was in my bedroom writing a song when Ellie came in. "I can't wait to
meet Hannah," said Ellie "hmmm," I said "you don't sound too excited I thought you would be," said Ellie "I wish I didn't know I had a brother or a sister, they are still bossy, I wish I lived with
dad, and everything was back to normal but no because..." I said before I could finish Kirynn, and Hannah came in looking sad. "hi Em, we got something to tell you" said Kirynn "what, OH, let me
guess I have another sibling" I said "no, we just find out something" said Hannah "what I'm not related to you after all" I said "stop saying that dad dead" said Kirynn. I was shocked at this.
"but, it's impossible" I said "no it's not, he fell from the top window yesterday, we just find out last night" said Kirynn "when is the funeral" I asked "next week, but you don't have to go I know
how much dad meant to you" said Hannah "no, you don't know anything about me, just, just go away" I said and turned and landed on my back, Ellie reached out but Hannah stopped her "let's leave her
for a bit" she said and they walked downstairs and I was alone. I couldn't believe I already lost my mum but now I lost both my parents. I cry myself to sleep. I was too upset

Chapter five The next morning Kirynn had a talk with me. "Em, I'm sorry," said Kirynn "it's ok, anyway when are I and Ellie going to start college," I asked "maybe it's best if you don't go to
college for a bit," said Kirynn "no it's fine," I said "no really, Hannah heard you crying last night and Ellie heard you talking in your sleep," said Kirynn "oh em, I didn't know," said Kirynn "I
have had nightmares since Monday," I said "oh Emily, you should have said something," said Kirynn "can I go to my bedroom," I asked "yeah, of course, tell me or Hannah everything in future," said
Kirynn "of course I promise," I said and we did our special handshake "good, I love you," said Kirynn "love you too," I said. I walked upstairs and opened my bedroom door when I stopped when I saw
someone on my bed. "Excuse me," I said "oh em, this is our cousin Pearl," said Hannah "hi, nice to meet you," I said "you too," said Pearl "she's going to be staying with us for a bit," said Hannah
"why," I asked "ah, Emily can I speak with you a minute," said Hannah pushing me into a corner "that was really rude of you Emily," said Hannah "so, can't I know about my cousin that I didn't know
about," I said "yh well, I am really sorry it's just when mum got pregnant with you and went off with dad, her brother David Pearl's dad didn't get on with dad and we weren't allowed to see Pearl
for years and when mum died our uncle didn't even go to the funeral, Pearl convinced her dad to visit us, anyway I thought you could help her when you go to college tomorrow," said Hannah "what!" I
said but Hannah didn't replay because she was gone...

Chapter six "Em, come get your things," said Kirynn. I looked down and got my suitcase out of the car and pulled it up to the door and rang the doorbell and waited and we all heard footsteps coming
towards us and the door opened and it was a women "this must be the headteacher" I thought "hello, Mrs Brooks" said Kirynn "hello, you two, well you look very well" said Mrs Brooks "you two, Miss
this is our little sister Emily Forrester, our cousin Pearl and my foster daughter Ellie also Emily's best friend" said Kirynn "nice to meet you Mrs Brooks" I said smiling "you two, dear, you do
look like your sister and a little like your brother but without the hairy nose" said Mrs Brooks "let's take you to your room" she said. We all followed her, and we arrived and Mrs Brooks opened
the door and I looked at the room as I went in and I put my suitcase on the bed nearest me and looked around. "So, what do you think?" asked Kirynn "I love it" I said, and I hug Kirynn "I'm glad
you like it" said Hannah hugged me to. Suddenly we heard the bell ring. "well, that's the bell for lessons, we will see you tomorrow" said Mrs Brooks "yes Mrs Brooks" said Ellie, Pearl, and me
together and smiled.

Chapter seven A mouth pass and I got used to going to college, having Pearl and Hannah in the house. I can't bring my mum and dad back, but I wish I could, but I am quite happy living with my
brother, sister, cousin, and best friend for the moment. This is my last life story. I am glad I found my brother and sister. At first, I wasn't glad, but I am now, and this is what I think I got:
The best family ever!
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