Return to Prehistoric Island

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In 2019, a small band of people went to a mysterious island. Their goal; to rescue Ethan Henshaw. What they discovered there, was nothing short of a miracle. But nothing is as it seems. They escaped, and swore to never tell anyone of what happened, or what they discovered. Now, two years later, when industrial espionage reveals a curious clue, one man pursues it, and in the process, discovers the secret of that lost island. Driven by fortune, and endless resources at his disposal, this man takes another expedition to the island, with the goal of making more money than any of them thought possible. But once again, things are not as they seem.

Table of Contents

Introduction/ Prologue

Introduction “It was marvelous. I had never imagined that such a place could exist. It was a true lost world.” -Dr. Noah Smi... Read Chapter

Cover Up

Part 1: Cover Up “What started as wild goose chase, ended up being the opportunity of a life time. If only he hadn’t been so stub... Read Chapter

Part 2: Return to the Island

“The sense of adventure was palpable. Everyone was so excited, the prospect of discovery crowded out the danger in their minds. But the... Read Chapter

Part 3: Gambler's Ruin

  “Things seemed fine at first. The camp was in order and we had begun our investigation. But after only twenty-four hours of ... Read Chapter