Cover art: Priscilla Livesey


Don't read it if it offends you. Simple concept, wouldn't you say?


“I’m going to stay intoxicated just to spite those whom congratulate others for the ostensible merit of “staying sober.””

- a relatively reasonable rascal.




Let’s be honest for a second (do you have that much time to spare?)


It wasn’t really the alcohol, now, was it?


Come now, do compose yourself.


One has one’s own responsibility to mind. Do you mind?


Sorry to say, mate, but all the standing accolades and pats on the back amount to -


precisely nothing.


If anything, allow yourself the opportunity to analyse  your shortcomings.


Dostoyevsky did it. You can to!


Vanity comes to mind, for example. A longing for admiration and validation.


Besides, your peers wouldn’t dare undermine unanimously accepted rhetorical nonsense.


They are sheep.


They have not the insight, and nor do you.


You do have your instinct, however. A gut ripe to trust.


You can trust yourself, you know?


You’re an independent human being; an autonomous individual.


At least that’s what I think.


I’m not sure whether you’ve already surrendered your very humanity to the powers that be.


Nor do I necessarily care.


But, at the very least, surely you owe yourself the truth…


No, it wasn’t the alcohol, nor was it the drugs.


It was you, reframed and reexpressed.

Did I leave you behind? Do you ever so mind?


Something comes to mind. Something I despise.


You could have talked to me.


You could have tried talking some time.


“Oh no, I couldn’t touch the stuff!”


No, you could. You’re hiding something. Something you’d rather not speak of. “20 years sober” -


more like 20 years disempowering yourself and surrendering meekly to the powers that be.


Face it. You’re a fucking coward, afraid to stand up for your own ideas.


I respect my abusive, alcoholic father more than you.


Why? He’s honest. You’re not. Plain and simple.


Now, allow me to prod at your cute little dimples.

Submitted: December 22, 2021

© Copyright 2022 olive tree. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

Excellent poem, O.T.

Sun, December 26th, 2021 11:16pm


Best of thanks, Mike. Sure to offend some - good!

Sun, December 26th, 2021 4:57pm

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