The Crazy Old Inventor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young boy teams up with a crazy old man to create wacky inventions and save their town from trouble.

Tom Hill is an eleven-year-old boy stuck in a boring routine of school, homework and studying, with an embarrassing job to top it all off. He loves inventions, but he has no time to play. One day, he meets a mad, wacky old professor called Wernie Walker. The professor recognises Tom's talent for design, offering him an escape from his mundane life. As the tension and relationship between these two unlikely friends grows, Tom discovers a sinister plan by an evil hidden group to take over his town and close his school forever. Tom and the professor must race against time to make new, crazy machines and inventions, avoid the police, and expose the corruption and evil that is about to consume the town, before it's too late.

A fun, joyous adventure of friendship, trust and creativity!

A non-stop ride of thrills and spills between two people who are forced together to thwart evil!

Table of Contents

A Polar Bear On A Bicycle

An introduction to Tom and his world.
Read Chapter

The Accident

2 The Accident   It happened on a Saturday morning. While almost every other kid in the country was happily asleep or wa... Read Chapter

Smasher and Jittery

Anticipating Mr. Trenchbog’s anger and frustration at my lateness, I called him to try and explain what had happened. “This numbe... Read Chapter

The Old Mill

4 The Old Mill   The next Saturday morning, I shot out of my garage, down the driveway and on to the main road, narrowly... Read Chapter

Unhappy Landings

5 Unhappy Landings   I saw this little old lady wearing an apron and carrying a tray of teacups and cakes. She saw me sh... Read Chapter

Professor Wernie Walker

6 Professor Wernie Walker   “Don’t you dare touch that, boy!”  I turned to see Wernie Walker standing rig... Read Chapter

The Test

7 The Test   “Tom, that looks really impressive,” said Miss Blarney. She was a short, chubby blonde haired woman of ... Read Chapter

Sprinkledust, the Indestructo and the Tramp-oline

8 Sprinkledust, the Indestructo and the Tramp-oline   As the first rays of dawn broke on the horizon, and the sky turned... Read Chapter

Perma-Therma Pants, Ever-Food and Treasure Dogs

9 Perma-Therma Pants, Ever-Food and Treasure Dogs   “You’ve been up unusually early for the past week,” said my mu... Read Chapter

The Disappearance

10 The Disappearance   That night, I sneaked back into my bedroom by climbing up the drainpipe and crawling through the ... Read Chapter

The School Competition

11 The School Competition   It took me three hours to finish my homework, and the trip to the petting farm left me no ti... Read Chapter

In Trouble

12 In Trouble   Being grounded ‘until further notice’ was humiliating enough, but when I found out that Samuel Sheeh... Read Chapter

A Horrible Secret

13 A Horrible Secret   “Do you promise to come home?” said my dad, bleary eyed as he tried to find the coffee pot at... Read Chapter

Learning To Fly

14 Learning To Fly   The following Monday was Freedom Day. My parents lifted the ‘being grounded’ restrictions, so I... Read Chapter

The Excuse

15 The Excuse   There was an old, disused barn about two miles from my house, located in a muddy field that hadn’t gro... Read Chapter

The Town Hall Meeting

16 The Town Hall Meeting   “If anything happens to my son, then it’s your fault!” shouted my dad, pointing a firm ... Read Chapter

In Trouble Again

17 In Trouble Again   The professor ran like a racehorse through his home, searching upstairs and downstairs, knocking o... Read Chapter

A Big Surprise

18 A Big Surprise   In a matter of minutes, my hopes and dreams of creating an incredible invention, winning the convent... Read Chapter

The Invention Convention

19 The Invention Convention   When we arrived at Professor Winkle’s house, the police cars had gone. The professor par... Read Chapter

Catching Real Criminals

20 Catching Real Criminals   We stumbled on to the bank, drenched and devoid of energy. With Smasher and Jittery hurtlin... Read Chapter

A Postcard From Paradise

21 A Postcard From Paradise   Mayor Belch cancelled the park event and rescheduled the Invention Convention for the foll... Read Chapter

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