Adventure of Alice Maro The Seventh Story : A Spring Tale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It’s January and the season has changed into a new spring season. The villagers of Magic Village are celebrating the change of season. June came to the Village to join the event and as the Village’s skilled warrior. Alice and Martha join the celebration of the spring but Vine seems reluctant in joining the event as he still thought that he is out of place.

“I’m not sure if I can join the festival,” Vine said.

“We’re going to celebrate the change of season. Come on! Besides, we’re only celebrating spring, summer, and autumn,” Alice pulled his hand to join her in the event.

A pair of siblings from a magician family known for their expertise in music used their magic to summon the music tones from their magic. Each music tones generates a pleasant sound of a festival instrument or celebration event.

“Let the celebration of a new season begin!” The boy named Martin shouted.

“Let’s begin the music!” The girl named Belan cheered.

Everyone cheers excitedly in the event. As soon as the sibling start the music, everyone begins to dance along with their rhyme song of their destiny.

“A new...season has change! (Alice)

And here we are, we are dancing! (Martha)

Cele...brating a breeze of spring! (Everyone)

No matter how hard our des...tiny! (June)

We will always do what’s best (Grandma Tata)

No matter the season change (Poema)

Cause we are....the Magicians! (Everyone)

We protect the universe (Vine)

Here we are, we all are (Everyone)

Singing and dancing together! (Alice)

Celebrating the rite of the spring (Vine)

Cause we are...the Magicians! (Everyone)

We celebrate the sea...son! (Everyone)

May the sun shine upon us all (Alice’s blessing)

We are the Magicians!! (Everyone)”

Everyone stops dancing and singing when the music stop. Everyone cheers loudly in excitement. Their celebration caused barrier magic of protection unleashed from every Magicians in the Magi Village.

After the dance, everyone enjoys their hardwork with a cheerful laugh when a snow storm nearly blow everyone away.

“Aghh!!!!” Everyone screamed in shock from the storm.

“This was supposed to be spring. What’s going on?” Martha angered.

“Look!” Vine pointed at something hidden.

Alice sees a shadow passed by.

“There you are! You won’t escape from us!” Alice shouted.

“Wait for us, Alice,” Martha said.

Vine pulls Martha and fly toward Alice.

On the way, they see an elderly figure sitting on a rock while shivering from cold.

“My child, do you have something warm?” The elder figure asked.

“Something warm? We don’t have anything to warm you up, grandpa. Here, I will give you my yellow scarf since I always feel cold in most seasons except summer,” Alice said.

Alice gave the elderly figure her yellow scarf.

“Why thank you, my child,” The elder figure thanked.

When a sound of rustle heard in the air, Vine turns his eyes on the sound and blows a wind with his wings. The wind causes the targeted leaves to ruffle and Alice could see the leaves touching invisible figure.

“I see you! I will get you!” Alice shouted and chase after it.

“She’s gone. We can’t keep chasing that invisible figure like this,” Martha said.

At that moment, the elder figure opens his eyes wide.

“Do not chase after it. I shall handle him soon,” the elder figure said.

Martha and Vine look at the elder figure.

“Really?” Vine said. 

Submitted: December 23, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Amy Symilton. All rights reserved.

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