Chapter 96: (Part One) Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times

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NOT Bipolar Disorder:  Laura’s Early Years (part one)

After Laura took her first breath, she cried and cried and cried.  The nurses kept bringing her back to me, believing she was hungry.  Later, she was nicknamed the ‘rocking chair baby.’  A volunteer working in the nursery rocked Laura, for more than an hour every day, trying to get her to take a nap like the rest of the infants.

Five days later, I took Laura home to my parents’ house.  My husband, Ron, was attending Army boot camp for the National Guard.  It was the only way he could receive money for college.  He had plans of graduating in the field of geology.  If I did not have my parents at that time, I do not know what I would have done.  I required personal care for my health (since I had died during child birth; requiring an emergency C-section) and Laura needed constant attention.  She was always crying like she did in the hospital requiring the need to be rocked.

After I gained back most of my strength, I took her to a pediatrician. He informed me that Laura had severe colic, and since he did not believe in medicating an infant, I would have to deal with it.  The only peace Laura received from her colic was being rocked while listening to peaceful music.  Eventually, I had to return to my teaching position, while my mother and father agreed to watch Laura.  I was eternally grateful.

NOT Bipolar Disorder:  Laura’s Early Years (part two)

Mother took Laura for a daily ride in her carriage.  The golden sunshine and fresh air did wonders for both of them.  After Ron returned from boot camp, we managed to obtain a small apartment close to my work place.  I remembered the day Ron returned was the day Laura stopped crying in the evenings.  As Ron held his daughter for the first time, there was an instant connection.  Laura’s big, blue eyes stared up into a pair of green ones.  From that moment on, she would always feel close to him.

While maintaining his commitment to one weekend duty per month, Ron managed to find two part-time jobs as a security guard while enrolled as a half-time student in college.  Since Mother missed Laura, she was able to rent the apartment next door to us.  She stayed in the apartment until the lease expired and then moved back home.  Mother did not want to deal with a toddler and I did not push the matter.  Money became a real issue when we had to pay for childcare.  That’s when we knew what it felt like to live from paycheck to paycheck scratching out a mere existence.


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