I was a late bloomer. I didn't learn what love was until my late 40's and I did so by experiencing extreme examples of what love isn't. Life is never lost or a complete failure if we can learn from what it tries to teach us! We can learn to rise and truly live, but first, we must lick our wounds and blow off a bit of steam! ENJOY!



Trying to be wise and take my time,

thought I found my church-greeter kind.

Felt loved and cared for, only he was a control whore,

was dumb enough to push me, so I had to be me.


Knocked him off his high chair, put him in a deer stare,

stripped of his ego and removed of his macho…

I dismissed him to his daughter to be babysat

because he couldn't be responsible where he was at.


Little hope for his little boy to finish schooling,

everyone talked game, but who were they fooling?!?

Whining, complaining, but without action always remaining!

Not me, though, after all efforts to make change,


It was time to move on because expecting any different became insane!

Submitted: December 24, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Christine Mourfield. All rights reserved.