Boys' Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Boys' Night



I was just fifteen years old

With a steel chain necklace and a ring of cheap gold

Looking to impress the girls with my cool

Smoking cigarettes outside the school



There was Joe and Dave and Glen

Later came Chris and me and then

Joe said let's go to his house for beers

To celebrate the start of the new school year



Dave hid the booze in the microwave

'Cos my mum was strict and I wasn't brave

Glen looked out for her car

and Joe saw her drive away from afar


Boy's night, boys' night, all night long

No parents here, what could go wrong?

Let's drink beers and smoke some hash

We all put together our spare cash



Watched Jean Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee

Die Hard, Bloodsport and Fist of Fury

Ordered five pizzas to the door

And Glen set fire to the floor



Watched England beat Germany 5-1

We all sang out the Three Lions song

I wasn't a religious boy

But I reckon God did that to give us some joy



Walked to town after Dave and Joe wanted more

Tried to sneak through the nightclub door

Glen freaked out and it nearly jinxed

We got some dudes to buy us some drinks



Chris left early and we went to the park

Smoked roll ups and told jokes in the dark

We thought we saw a cop car near

And we ran back to Joe's in fear!



We got back at five to three

There was nothing left on TV

Glen tried to sleep in Joe's bed

Joe woke up and kicked him in the head



That was when Joe fell down the stairs

And Dave burnt out a few of his hairs

I slept on the sofa for an hour

They woke me with a water shower!


Joe kicked us out just past eight

He said sorry lads but this can't weight

My mum is coming home soon

Look what you did to the living room!



I staggered home into my bed

With a chest full of cigarettes and a sore head

No, you can never put out the light

To a good old fashioned drunk boys' night!




Submitted: December 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Richard C. Parr. All rights reserved.

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