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Melody, wake up. We’re at the hospital.” I heard Jasmin say. I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me. I guess my fatigue had overcome my adrenaline rush. I looked outside. No velociraptors. Just people entering and exiting the hospital. The dinos must not have come this far.

“I’ll go in and get assistance, you two, chill,” Jasmin said and jumped out as she opened the door. She slammed it and started running toward the hospital.

Why didn’t you park underground?” I asked.

I didn’t think of that,” Erin replied.

Oh well,” I shrugged.

Would you like me to park underground?” she asked.

No,” I replied.

Kay,” she said.

I looked outside and saw Jasmin leading two doctors to us with a stretcher. Erin, Jasmin, and I followed the doctors into the building. I hoped we made it in time and saved Uncle Matt from getting brain damage. I ran ahead and looked at his peaceful face. Please be okay.

When the doctors took him to the emergency room, Jasmin, Erin, and I sat in the waiting room.

I guess there’s nothing to do now, but wait,” Jasmin said as I snatched a magazine from the basket by my chair.

Yeah,” Erin replied as I opened the magazine to a cute boy modeling Levi jeans.

What if Uncle Matt had brain damage? He could not take care of Jasmin, me or himself, if it is serious. I tried wiping the thought out of my mind by focusing on the magazine, but it didn’t work.

Damn velociraptor,” I murmured under my breath.

What?” Jasmin said next to me.

It’s nothing, just worried and frustrated,” I replied, looking at her.

I know, but relax and try to be brave. He will be fine,” she said, patted my back.

But what if he has brain damage?” I asked.

Then we’ll just have to adjust, c’mon. He will be fine. Chill,” Jasmin said.

I can’t chill. He’s our uncle, and if we lost him, who’d take care of us? He’s been a father to us since Mom and Dad died,” I said and started crying.

Melody, everything will be OK, like he said. He won’t die. He won’t have brain damage; he’ll be fine. I can feel it in my gut. He will be fine,” she replied.

The door from the emergency room opened, and a doctor came in.

Your uncle is awake and functioning well. You can see him now,” he said


Yes, he’s perfectly fine, now. He responded beautifully to our drugs. “He escorted us to his room. Jasmin and I immediately ran to Uncle Matt and hugged him.

My two courageous nieces. Thank you,” Uncle Matt said and kissed us.

We couldn’t do if it wasn’t for Erin beating up velociraptors when we carried you to the car,” I said as Erin stepped into the room.

Thanks, Erin,” Uncle Matt said, and Erin hugged him.

Hey, anything for you,” she replied.

“Valdar’s fightin’ Chriv now. Chriv chased us to our hospital, so we took you to Normon,” I said.

Thank God he didn’t get you all,” he replied.

Yeah. Chriv kept saying stuff that a TV dinosaur would say like, ‘you’d better cook yourself before I eat you. He said he watched TV before he came here to learn about us. I think he watched too much Power Rangers,” I said.

I thought they wouldn’t have TV,” Uncle Matt said.

Yeah, TV doesn’t fit the description of the planet,” I replied.

“I’m so glad you’re ok,” Jasmin said.

Thank you all again. Y’all are the bravest girls I’ve ever seen. Including you, Erin,” he said.

We couldn’t just run off and leave you with the Velociraptors. That would be wrong after everything you’ve done for us,” Jasmin replied.

You three girls are the best,” he said.

Thanks,” we replied.

There was a knock at the door. I turned around and opened it.

Hi,” a doctor said and stepped in.

Hi,” I replied.

Mathew Williams,” she said, and Uncle Matt nodded.

You can go home now, but someone will have to wake you up every two hours when you sleep to prevent you from entering into a coma,” she said.

But Velociraptors are at our house,” he replied.

She looked puzzled, but asked, Oh, well, do you have relatives or friends you can go to?”

No,” he replied.

We don’t know if the raptors left the house,” Erin said.

True,” I replied.

“Let’s go to the house and see for ourselves. We’re safe in the car anyway. If they’re still there, we can drive away,” Uncle Matt said.

Then where would we go?” I asked.

I don’t know,” he replied.

"Perhaps you should all stay here. We would like to ask you questions about these dinosaurs you say you have seen,” the doctor said.

No, y’all need the room, but thanks,” Uncle Matt replied.

I just remembered; the butcher shop,” Erin said.

Huh?” I replied and looked at her.

Remember, there’s one not very far from the house. The raptors might be there right now,” she said.

OK, let’s go,” Uncle Matt replied.

I only hope Valdar’s still keeping Chriv busy or he killed him,” I said.

What happened to the car?” Uncle Matt asked.

Three guesses, first two don’t count,” Erin replied.

A doctor worker assisted Uncle Matt into the car, and we were on our way home.

Submitted: December 31, 2021

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