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We had to talk our way through an Army blockade surrounding our neighborhood to get home, but Uncle Matt showed them his ID with his address. When we got home, there were no Velociraptors outside. 

Ill check inside,” I said and jumped out of the car. I rushed into the house. No sign of a live Velociraptor yet, just the dead ones. I checked all the rooms including the kitchen. No live raptors. I zoomed back outside and went to the car.

No raptors,” I announced.

Good,” Uncle Matt replied.

Im gonna help you get out now,” I said and grabbed Uncle Matts arms as he slowly got out of the car.

Thanks,” he said.

No prob,’” I replied and let go.

I heard a roar nearby.

Damn, cmon, lets go in!” I exclaimed and started helping Uncle Matt into the house.

Another roar sounded closer. Erin and Jasmin ran with Uncle Matt and me as I spotted two raptors coming from both sides.

Great, two,” I murmured under my breath. As we headed to the front doorway, the raptors were heading for the garage. The bastards are goin in the house through the garage. Thats just great.”

Damn,” Jasmin exclaimed.

Lets turn back,” Uncle Matt said.

OK,” I replied and spun back around with him.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

Hey, what if we go to the zoo and get elephant guns?” I suggested.

No, an elephant gun might not work on Velociraptors. Dart guns would,” he replied.

OK,” I said and rushed him to the car.

Roars sounded behind.

Jasmin and I helped Uncle Matt in the car and shut his door. Erin and I ran around to the other side and stopped as a raptor blocked the drivers door. Chills trickled down my back as I kept still. Erin kept still, too. The raptor sniffed my face and growled softly. I slowly opened the back door.

Get in the back, slowly, and then you can get in the front seat. I will go after you, OK?” I whispered, and she got in.

When I saw her go to the drivers seat, I started to get in, but the Velociraptor bit my leg.

I yelped and kicked it with my other. It let go, and I scrambled inside. The raptor jumped for me when I slammed the door. Its head hit the window, and it fell to the ground.

Ha! Sucker,” I said and fastened my seatbelt.

Erin drove off, running over something. I looked back and saw the raptor as roadkill. The head was busted open like a watermelon. Brains were spattered on the pavement. Raptors gathered by the corpse and started gobbling the insides. I turned around and looked at Uncle Matt.

Howre you hanging on?” I asked.

Fine,” he replied, smiling.

What if the zoo is closed?” Erin asked.

Lets not worry about it now,” Uncle Matt declared.

OK,” Erin said.

It seems like weve been in the car all day,” Jasmin said.

Yeah,” Erin replied unhappily.

After this dinosaur war is over, well go on a long vacation. Erin and her family can go with,” Uncle Matt said.

We definitely need one,” Erin replied.

Ooh! Can we go to the beach?” Jasmin asked.

Lets survive this dino war, and then well talk, OK?” Uncle Matt replied.

The ground shook.

Damn, what now!” I exclaimed as we entered the business district.

CHRIV!” I heard Valdar shout through the drone of more Army helicopters.

Damn, I think Chriv is nearby,” I said as we went under a bridge.

Shit!” Erin exclaimed.


Thump, thump.

Closer and Closer.

Im hungry; Valdar, Ill kill you after I have a nutritious lunch,” Chriv declared.

Where is he?”

Just as I said that, Chriv busted through the five-story bank. Rubble flew as we screamed. Cars swerved in every direction then crashed into each other.

FUCK!” Erin shrieked as she swerved between them. A purple pickup headed for us. We screamed as my heart leaped in my chest. Then, at the last second, the driver turned and passed us.

Jesus Christ! That was close!” Uncle Matt said.

I see my snack that got away.”

Damn. He saw us,” I said and turned around. Sure enough, the humongous lizard was after us.

Is that fat juicy girl still with you? I hope shes preparing herself for me,” Chriv said.

Ignore him. Valdar will protect us,” Uncle Matt said.

Hes annoying as SpongeBob,” I replied.

I know, but he wont get us,” he said, and I saw Valdar flying past us; his magnificent horns glistened in the sun, followed by two helicopters.

Ill deal with you after I eat more humans,” Chriv said.

No, I wont let any more humans die. I shouldve stayed on Trex and killed you there,” Valdar replied.

Who cares? Humans arent on Trex. Theyre just another inferior life form. Delicious life form through,” he said.

Their voices faded as we drove away.

We arrived at the zoo ten minutes later. The booths were deserted, but the zoo appeared to be opened.

Lets go in,” Uncle Matt said.

Oh my God, I thought, going in the zoo.

Bodies were all over. People and animals.

A monkey had its intestines ripped out. Its arms were mauled. A little girl was lying with her throat ripped wide open, and her right leg hanging by a tendon. I looked at the woman by the little girl. Her stomach was ripped right out with all her intestines.

Fuck you Chriv,” I whispered. Velociraptors were definitely here. Its Chrivs stupid fault these people and animals are dead. The Velociraptors mustve come here and slaughtered them. Damn you Chriv! Valdar didnt want people and animals to die. Its all Chrivs fault!”

Itll be OK. Valdar will kill Chriv and take care of the raptors,” Uncle Matt replied. Lets go get the dart guns now. They should be in the administrative office.”

A half minute later we went to the building. I flicked the lights on and opened the drawers in the desk, finding the key. I grabbed the key, and went to the closet straight ahead. I unlocked and opened the door. I had guessed right. There they were. Hanging on a rack on the far wall, were the dart guns. I grabbed two and went to Uncle Matt. He snatched the guns away from me, and I ran back in the room. I got more, closed and locked the closet, and put the key back in the drawer. I ran back out and closed the office door.

Lets go kill some Velociraptors,” Uncle Matt said, holding a dart gun.

Submitted: December 31, 2021

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