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A tank turned the corner. GET OUT OF THE WAY, EVERYONE!” a voice boomed from a speaker inside the tank. I started to move, but Chriv bent over. I screamed as his mouth closed on me. So this was it, being eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex. I had to do something; I was not going to be eaten. I felt for the end of his tongue, but his teeth began moving. I tried to stay in the middle, but I was pushed toward his razor blade teeth with his tongue, instead. I held my hands out and pushed against a tooth bigger than me. Just then, the teeth rose up, and I fell on a tooth. I scrabbled off it just as it came back down. Suddenly, a force from behind tried to pull me to it.

Help!” I screamed, realizing he was trying to swallow me. An idea came to me. If I could irritate the uvula, he would spit me up. I took my shoe off, aimed it at the uvula, and threw it. It missed and went down his throat.

Damn,” I muttered and took the other shoe off. I threw it but missed. I threw my socks and missed it again. Crud,” I said. What now? I was not going to take any more clothes off. I could make myself vomit on his tongue and hope he will spit me up. It was disgusting, but I would try anything. I stuck my finger down my throat but only gagged. Dang it,” I said and tried it again. Nothing came up. I just gagged.

Cmon,” I said impatiently and did it again. This time I blew chunks on the tongue. It began moving and tossing me around. A force pushed me to the front of the mouth. Oh shit!” I realized I had made a bad decision. If he spat me out, I will go kersplat on the ground. I felt something warm and wet pushing me forward from behind. I turned around and saw puke rushing from his throat right to me.

His mouth opened, and before I could react, I was pushed out by the vomit. I screamed as I was falling fifty feet to the ground.  

Suddenly, Valdar dodged an Army helicopter and flew to me.

Valdar, you annoying criminal, I thought I got rid of you!” Chriv exclaimed as he swatted the helicopter right into the ground. Valdar flew under me catching me on his back.

Valdar!” I exclaimed, sitting up.

Yes, its me Valdar,” he replied, and I hugged him.

I looked back, and a tank was shooting at Chriv.

I appreciate the militarys help, but they really need me. They have lost at least a dozen helicopters,” Valdar said.

Werent you protectin people from the velociraptors?” I asked.


Then chill, theyve got your back using the tanks.”

OK. By the way, wheres your house? Ill take you home.”

OK,” I replied and gave him directions.

Submitted: January 01, 2022

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