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Chill,” Uncle Matt snapped.

No, shes right; its my fault,” Valdar replied, and I saw a tear fall to the ground.

I didnt mean that,” I said. Its Chrivs fault.”

No!” Valdar exclaimed.

Look, I wasnt thinking straight. I really care about you,” I replied. Chriv is the one who sent the bastards here. Its not your fault at all.”

Yeah, shes right,” Uncle Matt said.

Quit thinking youre to blame,” Jasmin contributed.

See? We all feel that way; youre not to blame,” I said.

You are all right, thank you,” Valdar replied.

Do the velociraptors and other creatures go for the other people or just us?” Erin asked.

Yes. They chase other people. In fact, I dont know why Chriv sent velociraptors here. They seem to let me be and hunt instead,” he replied.

Sounds like their instinct to survive,” Uncle Matt said.

Yes, and the other animals are like the velociraptors. Chriv is getting asinine in his old age.”

Yeah, well, wed better get home. Im famished,” Uncle Matt said.

OK, Ill see you later then,” Valdar replied.

Come to me,” I said, and Valdar flew down. I felt his scaly foot. Ive always wanted to get close to a triceratops and touch it,” I said.

Well, Im glad your wish came true,” he replied, and I stopped.

You have a good soul,” I said and grabbed the stubbed horns around his ruff. Chriv is an asshole. How could anybody order a caring beast like Valdar to kill?

I stroked his nasal horn. So rough. Bumpy as well.

Awesome,” I whispered.

Youre a kind young lady,” Valdar said.

Thank you,” I replied.

Youre welcome. Im hungry, too. Im going to have myself some delightful leaves,” Valdar said and flew away.

Submitted: December 31, 2021

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