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That night, I woke up screaming from a nightmare. Uncle and Jasmin were sleeping on mattresses from their beds laid on the floor of my room. We had barricaded ourselves into one room just in case of another attack.

Whats wrong?” he asked.

Nightmare. Raptors were chasing us, and Valdar wouldnt come save us. In the end, they got you and Jasmin,” I replied.

He sat down beside me. Melody, thats not going to happen. I wont die, and neither will Jasmin. I made a promise after your parents were murdered to protect you and Jasmin,” he said.

I know; youve done the best job, ever. Its just that anything could happen tomorrow. We could have a flood or a raptor could chase us around the damn neighborhood again. They love that,” I replied.

Yeah, thats true, but I will not let anything happen to you, Jasmin, or me,” he said, and Valdars helping me keep my promise. Hes an angel.”

Chriv should burn in hell for makin him kill,” I replied.

Amen to that. I feel bad for Valdar,” he said.

He did the right thing by refusing Chriv.”

I know he did. He is courageous.”

I just want to kick myself for yellin at him. I was the idiot,” I said with a tear in my eye.

No, you werent, and he knows you were sorry. Sweety, he forgave you. Now forgive yourself,” Uncle Matt said.

But I cant,” I replied.

Yes, you can. Weve been through a lot of turmoil, and you need to get some sleep,” he said.

But Yeah, Valdar forgave you, and he cares about you,” said Jasmin.

OK,” I said, still sniffling.

I love you,” Uncle Matt said, hugging me.

I love you too,” I replied and hugged him back. I yawned.

Youve got the right idea,” Uncle Matt said and yawned too. Lets all get back to sleep.”

Gnight, you two,” Jasmin said and laid back down on her mattress.

No more nightmares,” Uncle Matt said.

OK,” I replied smiling.

He smiled back and left, closing the door.

It wasnt long before I was dreaming again, and it was a good dream this time.

Submitted: December 31, 2021

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