A Greek Tale about the famous Gorgon
Written: Oct 9. 2021

There once was a temple

So virtuous and refined

 shrine to the virgin Goddess of war

And within the hall of the Just 

Was a priestess whom men seem to Lust

Never would she stray from virtue


One fateful eve she wondered afar

Far from her marbled home

Marveled by the oceans tide

And through the waves came a monsterous cry

Poseidon came abound,

Longing for her pure beauty.

Temptations too great for the sea God

He took her in the temple of Athena


Out-raged, hurt and broken 

The priestess asked for Athena's forgiveness,

not knowing how the Goddess would react. 


One of two fates happened to her that day

Both ending with the Priestess's monstrous facade. 

Never again to be seen as Athena's Patron

But forever tied as a serpent

A serpent with a gaze made of stone.


And from the lips of men who lusted

Screamed her name in freight 

Before stone they had became

Shouted far within the cold braces of night

….. Medusa

Submitted: December 31, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Trinity C.. All rights reserved.

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