Chapter 98: Strange symbol (Part 2)

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The white-haired woman pleasantly narrowed her red eyes at the bald bearded chin man while patiently waiting for his responds as though she had all the time in the world. The bald bearded chin man took deep breaths to calm his nerves as he saw the illusion as though he was standing before death itself, though, that probably wasn't that far from the truth.

"If you answer me earnestly then, I promise I won't kill you, I'm sure you wouldn't want to experience the pain of being eaten alive, do you?"

She asked, as her mouth turned upwards into a sinister grin. Hearing her words made the face of the bald head man turned as pale as a sheet of paper. He was now starting to regret his choice of not following Haruto and others into the cave when he had the choice.

(I-I have to survive, as long as I live then who gives a sh*t about that village)

He thought to himself. Even now he was receiving death glares from the dog like beast who were waiting for the orders to devour him. He cleared his throat while calming down the beating of his heart.

As though guessing he was ready to talk white-haired woman folded her arms beneath her voluptuous chest and while her mouth was upturned into a smile. The snake wrapped around her body glared at the man while hissing.

".... Those guys says that they were adventurers sent here from the Albanian Kingdom."

"Adventurers, from the kingdom of Albanian, huh? Interesting, now that I thought about it. The Albanian kingdom is the closest kingdom near that old rundown village you all come from, isn't it?"

The woman said nodding her head, she then brought her hand cutely at her pale cheek and asked.

"By the way on what quest are they here for exactly? It's not to destroy my cave, right?"

She asked, even though she was speaking softly, she was actually very furious beneath the kind and gently persona she has been putting on.

(Sigh, I went through the trouble of finding those monsters from various places in order to use 'Modification magic' to change their characteristic a little but, before I could this happened. That Alister is never going to let this one go, will he)

The white-haired woman sighed tiredly. She spent several days taming those monsters which took up a lot of time mana and resources, seeing that her plan of having powerful monsters which has their own specialty was ruined she couldn't help but frown sullenly.

"Hah... well, the goblins inside the cave started attacking our village, they also kidnapped the villagers for reasons unknown to me but, it seems the village head decided to send a formal request to the adventurer guild in Albanian."

He explained in quick succession while beads of sweat slid down his face sensing the change of air around the white-haired woman.

"Oh? I guess that means I can thank your village for ruining my plan, then? Which also means you also interfered with my plans."

She said her lips curved into a devilish grin.

"Huh?! What n-no I had no part in that request! It was all that woman's fault!"

He said while taking light step backwards, eventually his back pressed against the tree trunk there was no longer anywhere for him to backed away anymore.





The beast like dogs all let out hungry roar. With their snouts drooling, seeing this the white-haired woman's eyes shone faintly as she nodded her head as though answering them. She then took a step back and started walking away as though it was no longer her business.

"W-wait! Wh-what about me?!"

The bald bearded chin man yelled at the top of his voice desperately pleading for some kind of salvation but, the woman stopped and looked back before putting on a warm smile that could easily make the hearts of men thump loudly but, when the bearded chin man saw that smile it only made his blood run cold.

"It's true that I did say that I would not kill you if you cooperated with me by answering my question earnestly but, you're the fool for believing the words of a demon in the first place."

She said before shrugging her shoulders.

"You little ones can feast to your hearts content."

She left behind those words before her body vanishes like smoke. That was the signals for the feasting to begin the beast like dogs all leapt at once champing onto the limps of the bald bearded man.



"Argh! Damn dog! let me go!!"


He desperately tried to force the dog away from his body but, no matter how many times he tried to push it away or punch the head of the beast like dog its razer like fangs didn't let go. They continued to munch onto his flesh. Blood slowly slid down staining the ground a darker shade of red.

The leg of the man was easily crushed as the fangs dug deep into his flesh. Two of the beasts like dogs bit his leg while the others bit his upper body. The bald bearded man could only scream while feeling the intense sensation of his flesh being ripped off. It didn't take long before his screams died down as the beast like dogs bit his head, they continued to devour his body until he was nothing more than lumps of flesh.

On top of a tree branch the white-haired woman was observing the bald head man being devoured with a disinterested expression of her face.

(Sigh, how boring... my entire hard work is now ruined, I guess I'll just have to start all over again)

(Now I'm much further away from my desired goal, soon my lord lucifer shall make his arrival into this world once again)

When she thought of that person her tone softens slightly.

(Hehe he... it won't be long now; the seal of those heroes will soon be broken and then that person will...)

She thought quietly while gently petting the head of the snake wrapped around her body. The snake pleasantly closed its red glowing eyes and hisses, soon her gazed turned into the direction where Haruto and the others were currently standing, while she was curious about them, she couldn't allow her presence to be notice, there is no way she was brazen enough to face both a silver fox who were both the masters of ice and lightning element and a high-ranking spirit at the same time, not to mention she was also greatly wary of that human boy whose aura was greatly intimidating.

With all that in mind she decided to simply leave the place without making too much of a fuss. She then lightly jumps down from the tree with a light thud. She then took out a small palm size crystal, before throwing it into the air, the crystal glowing faintly before a vortex appeared, she then looked back glancing at the black-haired young boy one last time before walking into the vortex that rapidly shrunk before disappearing with a small poof.



"Umm, Alya is something wrong?"

I asked curiously as Alya suddenly turned her head into the direction of the forest with a serious face. She tilted her head in confusion for a moment before answering.

"A second there I thought I sense something."

She replied.

"You sensed something, like what?"

I inquired curiously. Nikita also turned her attention to Alya.

"I sensed the distortion of space briefly but, it disappeared as soon as I sensed it."

She explained, while placing her hand against her cheeks in contemplation. I see... but that's strange, isn't space magic supposed to be the most difficult magic to use, I wondered.

"Nikita did you smell any wired or unfamiliar scent coming from the forest?"

"Wired or unfamiliar scent, I didn't detect any wired scent as for unfamiliar that forest is crawling with unfamiliar scent."

Nikita replied sighing exasperatedly. I could only give a slightly strained smile from her response, I guess my way of putting it wasn't the best.

"Well, I guess whoever you sensed a moment ago is probably gone by now so, let's not dwell on it any further."

I said wrapping up the topic, I then turned my attention to Ben and the other villagers before speaking.

"Well now that you guys are free now and the goblins causing her problem shall we head back to the village?"

I asked to confirm their intentions from here.

"Yes, it's been a while since I last saw my wife, Artina."

He said as his tone soften. However, when I heard the name of his wife I widen my eyes slightly, both Alya and Nikita had the same reaction.

(So, this guy is Miss Artina's husband, now I'm really glad I protected him all this time)

I thought sighing to myself.

"Now I'm glad I didn't allow that annoying snake to eat him."

Said Alya while sighing.

"Haha... it's amazing how eventful a small encounter can be."

Nikita who had took out her feather fan from her bosom said as she gently fan herself.

"Hmm? Why are you guys looking at me like that."

Ben said tilting her head in confusion.

"N-No its nothing pleased don't worry about it, shall we go?"

I said while showing a wry smile.


Approximately 30 minutes had passed as we made our way back to the village...

The many kidnapped villagers were finally reunited with their lost loved ones, it was then decided they would have a feast for the returned of their villagers.

"Okay, all done... I have signed the official quest."

Artina said as she handed me the quest paper with her signature as prove that we have completed the official quest.

"Thank you, we'll be leaving now that everyone here has settled down."

I said before getting up from my chair. We were currently inside the house of Ben and Artina.

"Mm? I really wanted to go back to the Albanian kingdom as soon as possible."

"But the sun is already starting to set, don't you think you should at least wait until morning to go? After all, nighttime is when most of the dangerous beast and monsters are most active and besides, were having a feast tonight the villagers want to thank you for all your help."

Artina said while gazing at me earnestly. I wanted to refuse as getting involved with them anymore than this seems troublesome but, the piercing gazes I felt from both Alya and Nikita made me held my tongue. After thinking about it for a while I shook my head before sitting back down.

"I understand, in that case we are most grateful for your consideration."

I said as bowed my head.

"Yes, thank you."

"We'll never forget your kindness."

Both Alya and Nikita also express their thanks by lowering their heads.

"Hahaha... I promise you won't regret this as the food is going to be prepared by Camila."

"Hmm? Umm... who is Camila?"

I inquired curiously.

"Shes is the red-haired girl you saved from the hobgoblin, remember?"

"Oh, that girl."

Hearing about the hobgoblin stirred my memories.

"So, she's a good cook. Huh?"

"Yup, one of the best alongside her mother I promise you'll enjoy it. You might even fall in love with her through her cooking skills."

He said playfully. I could only give a strained laugh when hearing that.


"I see... so that girl was my enemy the entire time."

I thought I heard such muttering from both Nikita and Alya but, I pretended not to hear them.


After discussing about the feast for roughly 20 minutes I decided to use their bathroom to washup, when I looked into the large mirror that showed my upper body, I notice my black hair was messy and out of place from my rigorous movement while being inside the forest. Though, I guess my hair was always messy. I sighed before removing my black jacket. The streaks instantly lost their glow as I removed my coat, I then slowly rolling up my under shirt causing my right arm to be slightly exposed, but my body instantly stiffen when I saw my right arms.

On the side there were many marking there in strange writing unfamiliar to me, from the hand all the way up to my shoulder many different writings written in inky black letters.

I promptly looked to my left arm but, strangely enough there was no markings there.

(This! what is this?!)

I quickly took off my shirt completely and look to see if there were any stranger marking on my body. My eyes widened when I say my entire bare back had a huge symbol in the middle like a tattoo, the symbol it was a familiar one, a triangle with a circle going across the three sides.

"This, this can't be good."

I muttered listlessly.

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