A Girl's Guide to High School

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I hope you like this! It's my first story!!

August 27, 2021


Dear Diary, 

My name is Alessia Walkers. I finally had the stomach to write to you today. You were given to me eight months ago on December twenty-second, the day before my parents died in a car crash. 

It was two days before Christmas and my mom and I were in the kitchen baking sugar cookies in my favorite shapes. I still remember the warm smell of the baking cookies, the warmth of the oven preheating on my skin, the grin that sat on my face. I felt safe and at home. Peaceful even like all young children do when Christmas is nearing. My mom and I finished mixing the cookie dough and I put the first batch in the oven, the heat stinging my eyes. 

When I turned away my mom said, “One second Alessia! I have an early Christmas present for you!” She smiled at me and walked down the hall to my parents room, where my dad was wrapping presents. I stayed where I was and waited patiently, I am a very patient person.

My mom walked down the hallway with my dad following her. She brought with her a small rectangular present wrapped with blue Christmas paper with snowflakes dancing across its surface. My smile widened, ‘That is my favorite wrapping paper.’ I had thought to myself. She handed me the package and I opened it and she said,” I thought you would like to write in your own diary and put all of the adventures that we take you on.” I remember the excitement that buzzed through my whole body.  I hugged my parents and said,” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 

We had stayed up late that night drinking hot cocoa and telling make believe Christmas stories. I sat criss-cross applesauce on the couch. Laughing, drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, and smiling. I knew that I would never forget that perfect night. 

I just didn’t know why. 


Alessia Walkers 


I set my pencil down, close the cover of the notebook, and place it in my lap. My eyes burn, they itch to shed tears but I won’t let them fall. When I feel ready I wheel my wheelchair out from under my desk.  When my parents were in the crash there was nothing I would rather do than forget that it had happened. But it’s hard when I have paralyzed legs and a wheelchair to remind me of this day and their terrified shouts for me to go find help. 

My eyes burn again. I blink hard to stop myself from letting my tears fall. I roll my wheelchair to a stop in front of the mirror that hangs on my old wooden door. My curly red hair is pulled back into its usual low ponytail. I have an old white t-shirt and I have an old pair of jeans on. I sigh as my aunt calls,” Alessia, breakfast! You’re NOT going to be late for the first day of school.”

I sigh again as I open the door. I roll my wheelchair out to the kitchen. My aunt and Uncle’s house has no stairs, it’s bright and open, and always smells like something is cooking. 

My aunt is the most amazing cook EVER. She’s almost always cooking something. She is humming along to a song on the radio as she finishes cooking breakfast. Without looking at me she says,” Goodmorning, sweetheart!” 

“Goodmorning!” I responded. My nose is filled with the wonderful aroma of chocolate chip pancakes as I push myself into my spot at the table. My stomach growls hungrily and I regret my earlier dawdling.

My aunt walks over to the table and slides my plate in front of me,” Enjoy!”  she says as she walks into the kitchen to clean up. 

I devour my pancake in four big bites. I take a drink from my water bottle that I had filled up last night, my face contorts in disgust. I rolled over to the fridge to put fresh water in it. “Almost ready?” She questioned setting my plate in the sink.

“Yep!” I put the lid on my water bottle and roll my wheelchair to the front door grabbing my backpack off the hook, and my aunt grabs her car keys and helps push me out the front door and down the ramp that they had installed when I had come to live with them.  She helps me into the front seat, and folds my wheelchair up and puts it in the back of her minivan. 

She starts sitting in the driver’s seat and looks at me before putting the key in,” Are you ready?”

“Yes.” I say but I’m thinking, ‘Absolutely not in any way.’ 


I lean my head back against the seat and the cool AC dances across my face as my aunt pulls out of the driveway. I place my fidgeting hands in my lap. I press them against my jeans trying to suppress a sigh. I failed. 

My aunt looks at me and says anxiously,” Are you okay with going to a new school? You don’t have to go… I can turn around. I can-” 

I glance over at her, interrupting her mid-sentence,” Aunt Zia I’m going to be fine, I promise, I want to go!”


Her eyes were fixed on the road when she replied,” You’re positive?”


“Yes!” I said with more force than needed. 

We sat in an awkward silence all the way to my new school. Nerves twisted and tightened in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up. Luckily she had her brown eyes staring intently at the road like it held all the secrets of the universe. Her long black hair hung around her face making me wonder how she could even see with her hair in her eyes. 

I lay my head against the window peering out at the bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds spreading like frosting over a blue vanilla cake, like my aunt made for my last birthday. 

 I feel the car slow to a stop and I look out the windshield and see my new school. My aunt pulls up to the drop-off spot and unlocks the doors. I hear her open and close the door. She opens my door and helps me out. I grab her hand, my backpack in the other. She helps get me into my wheelchair and then she squats down and looks me in the eyes,” You can do this, you’re a smart and sweet girl. You’ll make friends and figure this school thing out.” All I can manage is a nod and I give her a hug. 

I pull away and say,” Goodbye, have a good day.” 


“Have a good day, Alessia.” She gives me a weak smile before I push my wheelchair up to the front door. 

The AC breezes past me in cool waves. After the warm air on the outside world, the cool air makes me shiver. I pull my schedule out, but before I could even try to figure out where my classes are, a peppy voice interrupts my thoughts,” Hi! You must be new! My name is Winnie Brown! I will help you get to your classes! Who do you have for your homeroom?!” 


“Um... I’m Alessia I have…” I check my schedule,” Ms.Smith?” I question holding out my paper. 

“I have her too!” She says excitedly. She looks over the rest of my paper and sighs,” We don’t any more classes together until eighth period.” She pouts and reviews the rest of my schedule. “ Then we have our ninth period and study hall together!” She says happily. 

“Your locker is number 247.” She says handing me the paper back. 

“I’ll give you a real tour during study hall today, and I’ll help you get to all of your classes today.”

She gestures for me to follow her as she turns and starts for an unfamiliar hallway. I start to wheel my wheelchair after her. She slows down letting me catch up to her. She looks around the lockers trying to find where mine is. She turns right, and I follow her. She stops and I look at the locker she stopped in front of it read 247. My locker. 

I open my locker. I'd have to see to getting a lock later. I unzip my backpack and put the mandatory supplies into my locker. 

After I finish I look over at Winnie and say,” What will I need for my homeroom and second period?” 

“Well for Homeroom you don’t really need anything most of the time Ms. Smith will tell us if we need anything and what do you have second period again,” She says fidgeting with the straps of her backpack. 

I glance at my schedule again,” Mr. Johnson for Precalculus ?” I say. 

She giggles,” No wonder we don’t have second period together! You’re in advanced math! I have no idea what you’ll need… maybe bring most of your stuff?” 

I groan and stuff some of the stuff I had just put in my locker back into my backpack,” Okay I’m ready.” I say zipping my backpack up and swinging it onto the handles on my wheelchair.”Lead the way!” 

She stops at a locker a few lockers away from mine, it read 222. “Our lockers are arranged in my homeroom and then by our last names.” She explains as she puts some of her school supplies into her locker. Once she closes her locker and locks her locker she turns to me as we start walking again and says,” I’ve heard Mr. Johnson is super nice! I’m totally jealous! I’ve heard my math teacher is nice but I’ve heard Mr. johnson’s class gets cookies on some Fridays! I love cookies!” She states, grinning at me. 

I smile back and say,” If he really does give out cookies I’ll save you half of mine.” 

“Really?!” She says her grin growing. 

I nod. 

She points at a door at the end of the hallway,” That’s Ms.Smith’s classroom.” 

She picks up her pace and she rushes towards the open door. I speed up, trying to catch up to her. Her backpack is sitting beside the desk second from the door and she’s moving a desk chair to the right of it. 

She sits in her spot grinning at me and whispers,” I won.”

I glare at her, which wasn’t very threatening because I was totally grinning and I whisper back,” You didn’t tell me we were racing because I totally would’ve beat you.” 

“I guess we’ll never know.” She says a fake sad smile dancing across her face.


“Oh no! I call a rematch tomorrow.” I whisper, crossing my arms. 


“Hmmm, we’ll have to see.” 

Before I could reply the bell rang and Ms. Smith, who had been watching the class converse with their friends, started talking,” Hello students! Welcome to high school!” She smiles at all of us with false excitement and happiness. I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to be here and all she wanted to do was have summer again. 

She has green eyes and greying red hair. She had her curly hair tied into a low messy bun. She was talking about the rules she had and all the rules other teachers had put in place. I blocked her out.

I imagined that I was in my mom and dad’s car driving somewhere, anywhere, the windows rolled down and the cool air blows across my face, and the sun’s warm rays spread across me like icing. The blue sky dotted with- 

I was drawn out of my day dream by Ms.Smith saying as the bell rang,” I’m sorry I forgot to do attendance, I’ll do it as you walk out.” 

I rolled out of my seat and waited for Winnie to put the seat back and we walked or in my case rolled to the door. 

Ms.Smith looks at us and says,” You must be Winnie.” She smiles kindly at Winnie and then writes her name down on her note book.”And would you happen to be Alessia?” She questions without her smile faltering. 

I nod.

“Well! Welcome! I hope you have a wonderful first day in our district! And I hope the two of you have a wonderful first day as sophomores!” I see why people like her. 


“Thank you.” I mumble quietly as Winnie says,” Have a good rest of your day!” 


I roll out of the classroom with Winnie right behind me. 


“She’s so awesome isn’t she?” Winnie says, moving to walk beside me.


I nod and say,” Okay where’s Mr.Johnson's class?” 


She grins and walks in front of me then turns around,” Follow me!” 

She walks to a hallway that I hadn’t even noticed when we were walking to homeroom and she turns left walking down it. I sigh and follow after her. She slows down once we’ve walked past two classrooms and starts to peer into the classes. Once we’ve walked past three more classrooms she stops in front of one on the right side of the hallway. 


She smiles as she turns to me and says,” This should be it.” 


“Thank you!” I say before she turns and scurries down the hallway in hopes she wouldn’t be late for her next class. 

I roll into class and find the desk closets to the door and pull the chair over to the wall, which is much harder than you might assume. I roll into place and pull my heavy backpack off of my lap and put it on my desk. 




I sit at the end of the lunch table eating my packed lunch. I sit by myself for five minutes silently eating my lunch, Winnie plops down on the bench to the left of me with her tray. 

“Oh my gosh! Mr. Miller gave us homework on the first day of school! That’s outrageous!” She groans. “It’s easy but why?! On the first day of school?! It’s not fair!” She opens the ice cream cup on her plate and takes a bit of the vanilla ice cream. 


“Hello to you too,” I say smiling at her. 


“Did you get homework today?!” 


I shrug,” I mean kind of… it’s just a page out of the textbook that we’re supposed to read, take notes on, and answer the questions. That is if you’re talking about math-” 


“Oh thank gosh! I thought my math class was the only class that had homework!” She says perking up a bit. 


I go back to my sandwich and after a moment Winnie says,” Do you like it here?” 


I nod,” I actually like it better than my old school, but it’ll definitely take some getting used to.” 


She smiles," That's good! Does Mr.Johnson really give out cookies on Friday?"


I shrug, "It wouldn't surprise me." 


"Well, hopefully, he gives them out this Friday I'm looking forward to that half a cookie!" She grins at me and then stands up to dump her tray. 


Huh? Maybe I really was making a friend. 




I rolled to my next class with Winnie right beside me pointing out classrooms, but I wasn't really listening. The first half of the day had been great, but now kids were starting to realize that the new kid was in a wheelchair. 

I pretended like I didn't see people stare at me, or whisper to their friends. I was, of course, used to that kind of stuff, but I'd hoped to avoid it at school. 


"Hey, are you okay?" Winnie asks drawing me out of my thoughts. 


" Yeah, it's just…" I pause maybe she doesn't care maybe she's just being nice. 


"It's just what?" She asked cautiously.


"Well do you feel like kids are umm… staring at us? Or well me?" I ask quietly so only she can hear. 


She glances around and shrugs," I mean yeah but I don't mind. But if you do I can talk to them for you!" She says in the same tone I did. 


"You don't have to I don't mind either," I respond smiling reassuringly whether for her or for me I didn't know. 


She stops at a classroom and says," Mrs.Jones is an awesome English teacher I had her earlier!" She smiles.  "Have fun!" Then she dashes down the hall to get to her class. 




I'm finishing up my math homework at the end of study hall. Winnie had kept her promise and took me on a tour of the school and now I think I could to all my classes. Winnie sits across from me pretending to be reading her math textbook. 

She looks up at me and smirks. I shake my head at her and go back to doing my homework silently. 

The bell rings and I pack up my stuff. I had a few problems left, but I'd do them when I get home. 

I head to my locker alone, and put my books and things away and head out the front door to wait for my aunt to pick me up. 

I sit next to the bench. The warm sun dances across my face and I pull out my notebook and smile. 


August 27, 2021

Dear Diary,


I  actually survived School today. And I made a new friend! I was very surprised when Winnie Brown spoke to me when I walked into the door. Who would want to be friends or even help the new kid in a wheelchair? She helped me to all of my classes and she gave me a tour! She sat by me at lunch, even at my old school I never really had many friends I've always been kind of an outcast. My mom and dad would be proud I made a friend at school today. I do know that much. Oh my gosh, Mr. Johnson is literally the best teacher ever!!! And the homework he gave us was so interesting!! I'm so excited for his class this year!! I still have some homework to do when I get home, but I just can't wait for tomorrow. Dang it! My aunt is here! I'll talk to you tomorrow morning! 





P.S. I made a friend!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!! 










I hope you like it!!

Submitted: January 05, 2022

© Copyright 2022 EchoTheAuthorKinda. All rights reserved.

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