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Wainwright Cooligan was a war hero. He had lost a leg during the shelling of Rampartstein during the big war. He returned home to Middlefork, lauded by his fellow citizens for his sacrifice. He had been a fan of vintage motorcycles,  and before the war, had reassembled a Gnar-Lee 1000, which was painted in olive drab. It sported a sidecar, and his constant companion before, and after the war was his bloodhound Rufus, who rode by his side, wearing goggles and an ascot. He only barked when at the end of a search, had found his quarry.

The cities of Middlefork and Hobbletown shared a border. The sports teams in each had a bitter rivalry. The troubles in each town seemed to erupt from this area, as shouting matches about "Who was the Best", eventually turned into scuffles, beatings, name calling,  and the occasional stabbing. The local constabulary had established their courthouse and gaol there in the early 1800's due to this neverending battle of the bests.

Wainwright or "Coolie" as he was called after being given the key to the city upon his return from the war, quite accidentally befuddled a robbery at the Pinkleburg savings and loan, while shooting at cans on the edge of his families property, he missed one, and the stray bullet shot into the tire of the bandits getaway car, preventing a hasty escape. He was again lauded as a hero, and since the bank was in the jurisdiction of Hobbletown,  received  a key from that city as well.

The Constabularies governing board granted him an honourary inspectorship, and made him Chief Constable after the passing of his predecessor "Bully Coal" a failed miner and even worse policeman, who,unfortunately was the mastermind of the Pinkleburg heist. Bully was unceremoniously hung for his crimes in the gaols courtyard, after it was discovered he'd also pilfered the Boxing Day, widows and orphans fund for years.

Coolie and Rufus were a team, credited with solving many crimes in his tenure, sometimes even being recruited by other Villages, Burgs, and Parsonages in the area, for his brilliant powers of deduction,  and Rufus's unfailing whiffer.

A special tray was made by the owner of the "Plucked Chook" that attached to the handlebars of Coolies bike. He would pull up alongside the Hotel/pub/diner every arvo for tea, and the scrumptious "fried Chook basket feast" because of his status, the owner always gave an extra portion for his sidekick Rufus,  who once chased down a rat pack that was foraging in the flour stores of the establishment. 

He peered across the street to see a haggard long nosed man looking through the bars of the gaols basement.  He could see the chicken smell was entrancing the convict, so he drove over and tossed the old man a crispy thigh. He began chomping loudly obviously grateful for the treat. Coolie knew Augustus, who was twenty years older than him, and whose elderly father had also fought alongside him, commanding the troops during the war. He was disheartened to see him in such a state, bedraggled,  hungry,  and with more bitten fingernails peppering his black coat than had ever been seen before.


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