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For six months Olga toiled in the laundries of Capeheart prison, washing clothing and linens of the inmates. She had made only a few friends during her time of incarceration,  one, her cellmate Lilian Breastwell, was sentenced to six months for lude activities that involved naked dog walking. In her defense, it was the hottest day of the year, and most of the town of Middlefork had already seen her in flagrante delicto, having given up her chosen profession of seamstressing for prostitution, she argued that the work was more enjoyable and ten times more lucrative. 

Bitchy "Butch" Batterson was another, she had been in prison for 14 years, and was also slated for release that month. She had beaten her husband to death, when she found him in the barn defiling a ewe. She was a bruting foul mouthed sort, who could terrorize the guards with a look. She also had converted to the "Church of Lesbianism" where she often kneeled and prayed. (Or at least that's what she called it when engaged with another woman in her cell) 

The three women had planned for the better part of Olga's imprisonment to assasinate the dastardly Ainsley Templeton, who Olga was sure, had caused her daughter Darbies disappearance. Her daughter wrote her letters every week, and had never failed to do so, until she'd met Ainsley.  After three weeks the letters just stopped coming. The last one was quite disturbing, where she described being threatened by Ainsley,  for going down to the cellar to look for some canning jars.

Hanging was too good for him, stabbing, not painful enough, shooting, too quick of a death. They had planned an elborate scheme of electrocution. First Lilian would entice Ainsley into an affair, and once safely ensconced in the Arms, would bring Olga and Butch in to set up the horrifying termination. She would secretly hire Olga to do laundry,  and then have her complain about his washing machine leaking (after being sabotaged by Butch) Ainsley would go to inspect, and while standing in a pool of water, Butch would thrust a live wire into it. The plan seemed foolproof,  and although they were all ex-cons, would still be perceived as an accidental death, oddly enough the same description given to both of Ainsley's parents passings.

Lilian would have also gotten ahold of his keys to the vault, where undoubtedly the vast fortunes of the Templeton estate lay in wait. They would split the booty and go their separate ways, all the richer for their misdeeds.

Olga could also search the grounds,  for clues to her daughters disappearance.

But all these plans had been for naught, because of the unfortunate, uncontrolled rage of a passionate artist, who did the work for them. 

Upon hearing the news the three were disheartened,  and Butch decided to go instead and see her sister in Blacksburg. Lilian would return to her parlor in Middlefork,  and Olga would go to Hobbletown, and try to find out what had happened to her precious and naive Darbie.

Submitted: February 02, 2022

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