Chapter 5: The Hybrid

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Shadowhunters

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The sunlight reflected on the institute windows , and some of it was getting inside the institute lightening it up , Jace and Alec , didn’t sleep much , both of them were in the living room , they looked tired , they barely slept , since the day of the incident none of them took any good rest , they felt guilty for what happened to William , Alec was sitting on the hand of the stuffed chair that was near the window , he was watching the sun , he took a deep breath then said “the sunlight making the towers look like flames'' , Jace didn’t say reply him , he was on the couch crossing his arms over his chest , Alec furrowed his eyebrows then looked back toward Jace then nodded , Jace looked absent-minded , something occupies his mind , Alec sighed then stood up and walked toward Jace and said “Jace , you slept a couple of hours , you need more sleeping” , Jace took a deep breath then looked up at Alec and said with dimly voice “what should i do? Pretending that nothing happened?” , he looked like someone who has no strength anymore not even for fighting , Alec sat on a chair , front of him and placed his elbows on his thighs then said “i meant that what is coming will be worse that before , and you need to take some rest to be able to fight , how we will face her without strength , beside you need to calm down , everyone noticed that you and Clary are not in a good shape” , Jace closed his eyes then sighed and said “she is the one who trying to make problems , and the timing is sucks , she only sees us and our relationship , besides she is the one who broke up not me , she is pretending that she did nothing , first she didn’t trust me , second she didn’t like that i am working much , third what she did nobody else know about it but me” , Alec stood up then patted Jace’s shoulder and said “okay , okay , forget it , let’s check on Lora” , Jace looked at him then smiled “okay”. 


They thought James was still in Lora’s room , but when Alec knocked on the door then opened it , he found Lora sitting down on the bed and bending her legs pulling it toward her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs and her chin were on her knees , Alec furrowed his eyebrows then tilted his head and said “Lora” , she looked toward the door to find Alec standing there and behind him Jace , Alec entered the room , then sat down in front of her and said “how do you feel now?” , Lora didn’t move her head she only looked at Alec by raised her iris at him then said with muffling voice “fine” , Jace leaned his right hand on the door frame then swallowed his saliva and took a deep breath , he was watching her from there , Alec smiled slightly then hold Lora’s left elbow and said “things will be okay , but it will take some time” , Lora shook her head as agreement then Alec continued “if you need break from work it’s okay , work wouldn’t fly , besides we all will be around to help , so you don’t have to worry about it” , Lora swallowed then cleared her throat and said “thank you so much Alec i appreciate it” , Alec smiled slightly then looked behind him toward Jace, who looked very pale and his eyes their colors are dull and there was massive of pain in them , Alec tilted his head and moved his eyeballs toward Lora then raised his eyebrows , Jace raised his eyebrows to Lora then smiled slightly and said “she is strong , and she can do it” , Lora looked at Jace with teary eyes , then smiled dimly , Jace walked toward Lora then sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her , Alec held his breath then closed his eyes , and Lora hide her face into Jace’s left shoulder then they heard her weeping , Jace closed his eyes then placed his right palm on the back of her neck and then kissed the top of her head , Alec sighed then stood up and walked out of the room then closed the door behind him. 


Jace was patting Lora’s back then he said determinately “i promise you that we will revenge , and i wouldn’t let anyone else get hurt , i promise you” , Lora looked up at Jace then said with shaky voice “everyone promised me and all of them gone” , Jace held his breath in , then looked down at her , he hesitated for a moment then he raised his right hand , he was trying to wipe her tears , then he swallowed and said to himself “she look like a little girl with these teary eyes , they are not blue or green like tree leaves , they are just brown , only brown,  like a dark chocolate mixed with some milk” , he shook his head then wiped Lora’s tears with his thumb and said “i wouldn’t break that promise no matter what , William did this to protect you Lora , he asked me to tell you that you need to stay strong , and to not let anything weaken you , and that he believe in you” , Lora closed her eyes tight when she heard William’s name then her tears fell again on her cheeks , Jace took a deep breath then he leaned his palms on her cheeks and kissed her forehead , then looked at her and said “we all have this hard time, when we feel that the world will stop for losing the one we love , but that’s not true , lives goes on and the one we loves want to see us happy , they are watching us and happy for us , if we stayed sad and suffering , they will suffer with us and for us , and for that you need to stay strong and keep going , everyone around you will help you and stand by your side , so stay strong” , Lora took a deep breath , her eyes was on Jace ,then she bitted her lower lip and said “but i have nothing to make me strong” , Jace raised his eyebrows then tilted his head and said “you don’t need anything to be strong , but you can derive your power from him , yes he is not around but you still can your power from him , i promise you that everything will be okay and you can handle it and you can stop Lilith too and that you wouldn’t lose anyone else”, Lora swallowed her saliva then shook her head and said “thank you Jace” , her voice still shaky but she more steady now , Jace smiled then said “no need to thank me , we all have our hard time and sometimes we need someone who support us” , Lora rested her forehead on Jace’s chest then closed her eyes in a relief , Jace held his breath then let it out slowly , and raised his hands to place them on her back ,but he hesitated again , he swallowed his saliva then finally he put his hands on her back , and remembered *when he found her kneeling down in front of her room and she couldn’t breath* Jace took a deep breath then closed his eyes , then said “it will be okay , I promise you”.


It was the time for everyone to go back to their institutes, everyone went downstairs, waiting for the portal to be open, Imogen looked at Lora then said “how are you today my child?”, Lora looked at her with amazement, it’s not something that everyone can see every day, Imogen, not that emotion woman, she was tough and that what she learned from her work as inquisitor, Lora smiled slightly then said “I am much better, and I am so sorry for your loss, I didn’t get the chance to condolences you”, Imogen hugged Lora all of sudden then said “we all lost him my child, and I know how close both of you were”, Lora closed her eyes then said “thank you so much”, Imogen patted Lora’s back then they heard James saying “the portal is opening”, Lora smiled at Imogen who nodded her head at her. “Are you okay?” it was Clary she was talking to Jace who looked grumpy , he nodded then said “Yes , why?” , Clary looked at him then said “you look pale” , Jace sighed then said “yes , i feel stressed , and desperation” , he shook head then closed his eyes , Clary bitted her lower lip “i know but it will be okay soon” , Jace pressed his jaws together then said “it doesn't look like that” , Izzy looked toward them then whispered “are you will fight again guys?” , she smiled mockingly and said “i hope not” , Clary looked at Izzy with rage then said “he doesn’t want to talk to me , he talking with me grimply” , Jace closed his eyes then put his lower lip between his teeth and said “Clary , that’s enough , please” , Emma bitted her upper lip then raised her eyebrows and Julian closed his eyes , and henry looked at Alec , Lora walked toward them then said “calm down both of you , you can discuss it when you at home” , she tried to calm it between them but Clary , looked at Lora with rage in her eyes and said “don’t put yourself between us” , Alec placed his tongue between his own teeth he knew that Jace will not like it , Lora cleared her throat but suddenly Jace snapped out and said grimply “CLARY WATCH YOUR WORDS” , everyone looked toward him , and Clary bitted her lower lip and her eyes was on Jace who looked back at her with red face and angry look , Lora took a deep breath then placed her left hand on Jace’s right shoulder then tightened her grip on it , Jace inhaled then said “let’s go” , and then he walked away , Izzy looked toward Alec who raised his eyebrows and moved his iris up then said “i will not say a word” , Izzy threw her arms in the air then said “seriously Alec” , Alec smiled mockingly then said “yep” , Emma walked toward Lora then said with a smile over her face “they’re in a bad shape from months and nobody know why except for one person” then she tilted her head toward Alec , Lora smiled slightly then said “of course” Emma smiled then tangled her arm around Lora’s arm and said “it’s time to go home”.


When Julian entered the institute , he felt strange , he didn’t expect to feel that empty , he swallowed his saliva then took a deep breath and said “it’s empty” , James looked at him then said “Magnus is inside” he smiled then headed upstairs to his office , Lora looked at Julian then said “i know what you meant” she smiled slightly then patted his forearm , Emma held Julian’s hand and smiled then said “let’s go Jules” , everyone headed to James’s office , Magnus was sitting on the couch that was in front of James’s desk and holding a magazine in his right hand , his clothes like always sparkling and he looked neat , Magnus looked up at them then smiled widely and said “Welcome back” , James smiled then sat behind his desk , Julian sat next to Magnus and Henry on one of the stuffed chair next to James’s desk and on the other side sat Emma and Lora on the chair hand , and when Magnus looked at her he sighed , she looked pale and thin , then he looked toward James and said “is the rumors are true?” ,  james shook head and said “Yes it is true , and it helped her to escape Edom , of course she didn’t escape alone , and that means everyone is in danger and we need to find this new instrument before anyone else have it” , Lora was absent-minded , she looked toward the stuffed chair , and remembered *when she throw a pillow on William and it hit his face and ruined his hair* Lora bitted her lower lip then took a deep breath , “Lora , Lora” , it was Magnus who spoke , she looked toward him then said “yes” ,  Henry exhaled and looked at James who pressed his teeth together , Magnus smiled and said lightly “i was wondering , if you sense anything have high energy ?” , Lora shook her head then said “i don’t think so , but if someone want to hide something all these years , he will hide it so far from people’s hands or put it between junks so no one can suspect it| , Magnus raised his eyebrows with amazement then said “how impressive , i am impressed , she have a good mind” , they all smiled and Lora shook her head and smiled mockingly then said “thanks Magnus'', Julian nodded then said “she is right , and the one who hid it is very very smart and precise , we can’t expect where he hide it , what if these instrument been mentioned in one of the books but as a myth or a legend” , Henry smiled then raised his eyebrows and looked at Julian then said “all legends are true , but finding it will take time” , James looked at them then said “we are not alone , New York institute looking for it as well , their life in danger because of Lilith , they will need all help” , Emma nodded then said “and we will help them , to stop her” ,Magnus raised his eyebrows then said “that’s good to hear , and i will do my best to know who is on her side” , James took a deep breath then said “good , i wish for all of us good luck , and now you can take some rest” , he smiled then Emma , Julian , Henry and Lora , left the office.


“All of them look nervous and under stress” Magnus said , while he watching them leaving the room , James placed his elbows on the desk then put his face on his hands and said “Lora tried to suicide” , Magnus’s eyes opened wide then looked at James and said “WHAT?” , James sighed then said “yes , and Jace stopped her , i don’t know how but he did”  , Magnus furrowed his eyebrows then said with amazement “Jace” , James looked at him then said “yes , he and Alec ,didn’t leave Lora since the incident , maybe they feel guilt or William asked them to stay by her side” , Magnus tilted his head and said “weird , but why would he ask them to do that? He should’ve of asked Julian” , James sighed then wiped his face and said “it’s my own speculation , all of them look pale and exhausted , and stressed , i am so worried , my head will explode , and someone need to keep an eye on Lora” , Magnus smiled slightly then said “don’t worry about that , all of them will , and you need some rest Jem , i will look for Lilith” , James smiled at him but his smile were full of tired and worried ,then he said “Thank you Magnus”. At the same time , Lora was in her room , sitting on her bed remembering William *when he put the pencil in her mouth then while she sleeping then shouted behind her to startle her , Lora screamed then threw the pencil away and hit him with the book , “you always startle me” , he laughed then said “i love doing that”* , Lora closed her eyes then her tears fell on her cheeks and then said “I missed you” , and Julian was in Emma’s room , he was broken and that’s what Emma felt , he always looked strong and nothing can broke him but this time he looked weak and broken , she placed her right hand on his left thigh and said warmly “you need some rest , Jules , you can’t stay like that” , Julian closed his eyes then said “i feel like i am in a nightmare Emma and i don’t know when i will wake up or how” , Emma smiled wistfully then said “We all feel the same way , can’t you see how Lora is?” Julian placed his right palm on his forehead then closed his eyes tightly and said “I should've taken care of her but..” , Emma didn’t let him continue his sentence and said “don’t Julian , don’t blame yourself , you too lost your best friend , your parabatai , don’t carry everything on your shoulders” , Julian exhaled then said “i am glad that you are by my side Emma” she smiled slightly then wrapped her arms around him , and said “i’ll always stay by your side Jules”, then they heard Henry calling outside “everyone Magnus wants you downstairs” , Emma raised her eyebrows then looked at Julian who tilted his head then said “it’s look like there is an emergency , come on”. 


Lora was walking in the corridor then she stopped in front of William’s room , she swallowed her saliva then bitted her lower lip , she took a few steps toward the room and held the door knob , then opened the door , and looked inside the room , she closed her eyes then took a deep breath , the air in the room smelled like dust and William scent , Lora opened her eyes then looked at the room , it was dark because of the curtains , she didn’t see inside the room clearly , but William’s scent was everywhere , her tears fell down but she wiped it fast , Emma opened the door then looked at Julian and said “do you think it’s urgent?” , Julian nodded then said “it seems like this to me” , Emma tilted her head then said “We will see” , then they walked in the corridor until Emma saw William’s room opened , she furrowed her eyebrows then said “Julian” , both of them stopped in front of the room , then Julian went to William’s room to find Lora standing there in the dark , he let out a breath then said with calm voice “Lora..Lora” , Lora jumped from her place then looked behind her and covered her mouth , her eyes were opened wide then she said “you startled me Julian , omg” , she closed her eyes then bend down and took a deep breath , Julian smiled slightly and said “Magnus waiting us” , Lora swallowed then shook her head , Julian held Lora’s left forearm then walked with her out of the room , Emma pressed her lips together then said to herself “it will not be easy on her at all” , Julian closed the door then Emma said with a fake smile “let’s go” , Lora held Emma’s hand then ran downstairs , Julian sighed then shook his head , he was watching them running on the stairs then said “girls”. They headed to James’s office , and they didn’t find only Magnus , they found , Izzy , Clary , Alec and Jace , Emma tilted her head “it is urgent” , Lora looked at them then narrowed her eyes , James took a deep breath then said “there is many attacks that happened in the past few days” , he placed his elbows on the desk then tangled his fingers hands together and continued “they are not only demons or Lilith allies , there is monsters too” , everyone looked bewildered , Julian furrowed his eyebrows then said “monsters? For instance?” Alec sighed then said “like things that shouldn't exist , then all of sudden it appeared in our world” , Lora bitted her lower lip then looked at Alec and said “do you mean myths?” she rested her back on the wall then crossed her arms over her chest , Izzy nodded then raised her eyebrows and said “something like that” , Clary looked at James then said “they look like forsaken but they are not one” , Magnus sighed then said thoughtfully “but how did she do it? , how creatures like them appear if they were just a myth” , Izzy looked from one to another then took a deep breath and said “well i checked one of the bodies and i found demons blood in it , so these creatures were only in children books and suddenly it appeared and with demon blood in their veins” , Emma looked at her with wide open eyes then said “That’s crazy, it never happened before” , Lora sighed then said “she wants war and she wants to get allies as much as she could, so she used magic with demons blood to create these creatures to show the downworlders that she has the power to defeat the nephilim” , they all looked toward Lora who swallowed then cleared her throat and said “it’s just a guess” , she waved her left hand at them then smiled , Jace smiled then said “it’s okay , but what we know that she want to revenge and she doesn’t care about who will get hurts or who will die , innocent or not” , Alec sighed then said “it looks like she is planning to live alone in this world” , Henry looked absent-minded , his eyes were focused on the table then she nodded his head and said “i am wondering how did she make this hybrid? , i didn’t see this before , besides our inventions will need to develop to work on them , otherwise we will be doomed” , everyone looked at him then Magnus said “we need to figure it out , everyone is suspect , none of you trust anybody until we know everything” , Izzy sighed then said “you are right , and we need to stop her before she destroy everything and everyone” , Alec nodded then said “whenever we go to a den we only find some of her demons or a new hybrid we never saw before and no trace of her , we need more help from everywhere , we feel exhausted from going out every day into a battle with these weird creatures , other institute are working on it but it’s not enough” , Clary looked at James then said “We have a locat of new den , we are going to search there” , Julian looked at Clary then said “we will go with you, we need to fight her together to stop her for good” , Lora swallowed her saliva then bitted her lower lip then James said “he is right , we need to do everything we can” , Jace looked toward Lora , for a moment she looked nervous , or mention Lilith make her feel sick , Jace rubbed the back of his neck then heard Henry saying “we need to do it together”.


It was a museum , *Tate Britain*, and it looked closed from so many years , it was so dark from the inside , so they used their witchlight and activated their night vision rune , “it’s really huge place” Alec said then raised his bow and walked carefully , Emma held her cortana then said “it was a museum so anything can be hiding in these statues” , Lora looked around then whispered “do you think that we will find her in a place like that?” , Clary waved with her sword then said “We hope so” , Jace looked at them all then said “let’s split up and if any of us find anything call each other and be careful” , they split up and every one of them went to section , Jace , Alec, Henry and Emma went upstairs , and the rest of them was searching downstairs , Lora raised her chakrams when she heard a sound , then Izzy said “i will go this way” , Clary nodded her head then said “be careful” , and Jace upstairs holding his sword and saying “there is something here” , Alec raised his arrow and said “i can feel it too” , and Henry walked inside a small room it was in the end of the corridor then he shouted “BE CAREFUL , I GUESS I SAW A MOVEMENT” Jace looked at Alec then nodded and walked toward the corridor , Henry in that small room froze from the surprise , suddenly the room changed to a small garden and there was a house in the middle of it , grass everywhere and there was plants and flowers of all colors around that small house , Henry whispered “Idris” , then he remembered his parents , Henry rushed inside the house then called “MOM, DAD” he looked around to find his dad sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace and he was reading a journal , his dad looked at him then smiled and said “son , your mother is preparing the lunch , she knew that you are coming” , Henry rushed toward his dad then hugged him tight then his tears fell over his cheeks and said “i missed you dad” , his father smiled then patted Henry’s back and said “i missed you too my son” , then Henry heard his mother saying “are you will steal my son from me” , Henry’s eyes opened wide then he looked behind him to find his mother smiling at him “mom” Henry smiled widely like a little boy who found his lost family , he rushed toward his mother then hugged her tight and kissed her cheek , then his mother said “don’t waste time boy , lunch is ready” ,she caressed Henry’s left cheek and smiled “i've missed you my son” Henry kissed her palm then hugged her again. 


At the same time, Alec found his father standing in front of him, pointing his index finger toward Alec and saying with a harsh voice “you failed me Alec”, Alec’s tears fell on his face then said with a shaky voice “I am sorry father, it’s my fault, I couldn’t protect you, it’s all my fault”, Alec fell on his knees then let go of his bow and looked down on the floor in shame, and starting to weeping loud. On the other hand, Jace was standing in the corridor and his sword raised in front of him toward Valentine, Jace’s face was red with rage and hatred toward Valentine who took everything away from him, he smiled then said soberly “you can’t kill me Christopher and you know that very well”, Jace growled then said from between his teeth “I am not the same person you’ve known, you can’t play with my thoughts anymore Lilith, i know that is your doing, you can’t use him to fool me, I wouldn’t let you do that”, Jace’s eyes color changed to gold like fire in them, then he raised his sword, his sword changed its color to gold as his eyes, he looked like someone been charged to full energy, Valentine’s face changed to its true form a demon, Jace smirk then tilted his head and said, “controlling others mind is boring, couldn’t you find something more convenient, is that all you has, Lilith?”. 


“The institute , what brought me here?” it was Julian for a moment he looked bewildered , he wasn’t in the institute he was sure from that , but all of suddenly he found himself in it , he walked in the first floor , it looked messy , then he found Emma laying on the floor ,there was blood everywhere , he rushed to her then fell to his knees next to her and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest and said with shaky voice “Emma , Emma please open your eyes i can’t lose you too , please Emma” , his tears fell over his face and he looked apprehension and exhausted , Emma opened her eyes then looked at Julian and said “it’s your fault Julian , everyone is dying , it’s all your fault Julian” , Julian kissed her forehead and closed his eyes but then he heard someone else talking “don’t listen to her , this is just an illusion” , Julian’s opened his eyes widely then looked behind him to find William standing there , Julian felt his heart beating rapidly then he said “William” , William smiled then said calmly “don’t believe anything you see , nothing is real , it’s illusion , she is not real” , Julian looked at Emma again to find her eyes changed and became all black , he gasped for air then stood up quickly and held his crossbow and without hesitating he threw his arrows toward that ugly creature’s forehead , that creature snarled then started to a peel Emma’s shape , he was very huge and his eyes were red and his teeth were very sharp like a shark , and his mouth was opened widely with growling , Julian took a few steps back then said “demon”, at the same time , Emma found herself standing in front of her old institute , she furrowed her eyebrows then said “what i am doing here” , then she looked behind her toward the ocean to find her parents floating on the surface and the water was mixed with their blood , Emma walked carefully toward the shore then said “mom, dad , no please , i can’t see this all over again” she fell on her knees then held their hands and cried “not again , please not again” , then she covered her eyes with her hands and said “i am dreaming , i am sure that i am dreaming , this is can’t be real” but suddenly she felt someone’s hand on her left shoulder , she looked behind her then screamed , she looked very pale in Julian’s eyes , he bend down then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up , Emma hides her face in Julian’s chest , then he heard her bursting in crying hysterically , Julian kissed the top of her head then said calmly “it was an illusion , i am right here , Emma look again” , but Emma tightened her grip on Julian’s gear , Julian whispered “trust me” , Emma slowly looked at the place again to find it just a room in the museum and in front of them there was a demon standing , his red eyes was staring at Emma and Julian and he was lacking his sharky teeth , and his back was jagged , Emma swallowed then said “omg” , Julian tilted his head then said “yes , he is not here alone , it’s look like he have a conference with his family and he is the reason that we are hallucinating , so we need to get rid of him” , Emma furrowed his eyebrows then stared at the monster then said “and i don’t think he is fully demon look at his tail , he is half a monster and don’t ask me how” , Julian smiled then said “well, i didn’t notice that” , Emma looked at him then said “let’s get rid of him” Julian shook his head then winked at her. 


Clary downstairs was seeing her brother, Jonathan, for a moment Clary felt fear, she swallowed her saliva then said with low voice “Jonathan”, he looked like he have been burning, Clary took a step back when he smirked mockingly and said “my dear sister, you betrayed me I thought you will protect me”, Clary felt her tears tickling her eyelids, she always felt guilt toward her brother because she couldn’t help him, Clary cleared her throat then said “I am sorry but Lilith was controlling you and you lost control over yourself, you were going to kill everyone I ever loved, I really tried to help you I am so sorry Jonathan”, Jonathan walked toward her then raised his toward her then planted it into her chest, Clary’s eyes opened widely, then she held the sword’s hilt and fell on her knees then on the floor and lost her conscious. At the same time Izzy saw Max her little brother , he was in a mission , he was holding his sword and fighting one of the demons , then she saw Jonathan , he appeared all of sudden he rushed toward Max , Izzy felt her heart throbbing then she shouted “Max look out” , she took out her sword but before she run toward them she heard Alec “Izzy , stop , it’s hallucination” ,Izzy looked behind her to find Alec standing and raising his bow then he threw his arrow toward the demon , Alec looked to Izzy then said “look at it again” , he tilted his head then Izzy looked again toward Max but she didn’t see him , she saw a demon in agony and the arrow in piercing in his left arm , he looked from Alec to Izzy, and pulled the arrow out of his arm then heard him growling , and said with gurgling voice “is that’s all you can do” , Izzy sighed then ran toward it and whipped at it with her whip then jumped high and waved with her sword in the other hand and cut his head , and said mockingly “You picked the wrong girl” , the monster snarled then disappeared , Alec tilted his head then said “he is not here alone , we need to help the others” , he ran and Izzy after him, they was heading upstairs when Izzy saw Clary unconscious , “CLARY” , Alec stopped on the stairs and Izzy ran toward Clary , she kneeled down next to Clary then put her index and middle fingers on Clary’s neck , Alec walked to them then said “is she alive?” , Izzy exhaled then said “Yes , she is unconscious” , Izzy took out her stele then held Clary’s arm and activate the conscious rune , after a minute or two Clary opened her eyes and sat down quickly and inhaled , she looked in terror , she placed her left hand on her chest then looked at it “OMG , i thought him killed me” , Izzy put her right hand over Clary’s shoulder then said “are you okay?” , Clary shook her head then looked from Izzy to Alec and said “i saw Jonathan he stabbed me” , Alec raised his hand then said “calm down , it’s illusion nothing is real , it is a demon causing hallucinations” , Clary exhaled in a relief then closed her eyes and said “really , oh , i thought myself dead” , Alec nodded his head then said “well , Jace saved me, it looks like everyone has these hallucinations , it’s a whole family of them here , we need to move now , the others will need us”.


Henry went to the garden to bring some vegetables for salad , but all of sudden , his house burst into fire , Henry screamed “DAD .. MOM .. omg” he rushed toward the house , but whenever he try to go inside , the fire be more than before , Henry felt that someone pulling him back , he screamed “LET ME GO, MY PARENTS INSIDE, LET ME GO” , Julian tightened his arms around Henry from behind then shouted “HENRY STOP , STOP IT , IT’S ILLUSION STOP IT , NOBODY IS THERE , STOP IT NOW , IT’S A DEMON WORK HENRY BACK TO YOUR SENSE” , Henry was gasping for air from struggling into Julian’s grip and he looked pale and scared , he looked behind him to find Emma and Julian then again toward the fire , but he saw nothing , Julian let him go , then Henry sat down on his knees and covered his face with his hands and closed his eyes then said “omg , that was horrible , it felt real” , Emma put her right hand on Henry’s back then said calmly “Lilith did this , she send a demon that cause hallucinations” , Julian looked around then said “we need to find Lora , come one” , Emma helped Henry to stand up then they ran upstairs. Lora at the same time , was seeing fog around her , it was everywhere , she couldn’t see anything , she was holding a chakram in a hand and a sword in the other hand , and suddenly she saw William holding a sword , he was battling with a demon , at the first Lora couldn’t see the demon well , but then the fog started to go down , “do you think that , i will not kill everyone around you , i will kill them all , even that little girl , what was her name Lauren , what a lovely name” , Lora lowered her sword then whispered “with Lilith, no no” , Lora’a heart trembled , then she felt her hands shaking, then she heard William saying “and who will let you do that?” , Lilith snarled then said with gurgling “me” then she raised her talons and planted it into William’s heart , “don’t worry they will follow you , one by one” , Lora’s eyes were wide open and her tears was falling from her eyes like rain , she gasped loud then held her breath inside her lungs , and her weapons fell on the ground , “she is not weak , she can take you down” William’s voice was barely heard , there was blood coming out of his mouth , Lora fell down on her knees then screamed painfully “NO , WILLIAM NO” , she closed her eyes and whined all over again , it was liked as if she lost him again and again , then she heard “did you see that? , he was alone when he died , you weren’t with him , you weren’t there , you are the reason that he is dead” , Lora opened her eyes to find William standing in front of her , his clothes were smudged with blood and his eyes were black all of it black , Lora bursted into crying then she closed her eyes and said “please stop, it’s hurts William stop it” , William smirked mockingly and there was a sword in his right hand , he tilted his head then said “he tried everything to protect you , that’s why he died , to protect you he sacrificed himself , and he was alone” , Lora was whining like a little girl she looked up at him then said “i am sorry , i am really sorry” , William sighed then said “you apology is useless and unacceptable Lauren , you deserve to die and nobody will stop me , nobody is here to protect you from me” , Lora closed her eyes then said with disparately “then do it , if that’s what you want” , William raised the sword then moved it toward Lora , but answer sword stopped it , Lora heard clanking as two swords collided one above the other , then heard someone saying with hoarse voice “you are not William, and you are nothing like him” , Lora opened her eyes to find Jace standing between her and William and his sword preventing William’s sword from doing down at Lora , then Jace took out his seraph and planted it into William’s neck , Jace winked at the demon who back to his true shape then became a dust and gone , Jace took a deep breath then looked behind him at Lora who was staring at him with wide eyes , and tears on her face , Jace kneeled down in front of Lora then place his right hand on Lora’s left forearm and said kindly “Lora, it was hallucinations , it was a demon that cause it” , Lora looked at Jace then said with shaky voice “i was the reason that William got killed” she looked bewildered and somehow not focus , Jace shook his head then said determinately “that’s not true , that demon told you this to manipulate you , don’t listen to him” , the tears were falling on Lora’s cheeks , she shook her head then said “no Jace , that is the truth , it was because of me” , Jace placed his other hand on Lora’s right forearm then said “no , no it is not , don’t let Lilith manipulate you , that’s what she want to stop you from crossing her way” , he smiled slightly then stood up and pulled Lora up with him , Lora wiped her tears and Jace sighed , then they heard the others rushing toward them , Jace cleared his throat then said “is everyone okay?” Henry nodded, then said “yes, but I've been through the worst experiment ever”, Emma looked at Jace then said, “how did she do that?” Jace placed his hands over his sides then said “I think she was nearby”, Julina looked toward Lora then narrowed his eyes and said, “are you okay ?” Lora smiled slightly then said “yes, I am fine”, Julian furrowed his eyebrows then Jace looked at him and tilted his head, Julian felt bewildered then shook his head as “okay”, then Jace said “let’s go”, Henry looked at them then said “before we go, I need to show you something, we will need guards around here”, Julian raised his eyebrows then said, “what did you see?” Henry smiled cunningly then said, “follow me”.


They followed Henry who looked excited , the place was under the museum , it was a vault , Alec tilted his head then raised his eyebrows and said “i didn’t expect to see a vault under the museum , Henry sighed then said “that’s not the important thing , the important is this” , he gesture with his hand toward a mirror , Izzy furrowed her eyebrows then said “what about it?” , Henry nodded then said “it’s not a normal mirror” Emma walked toward the mirror then stared at it , and at it’s frame , Emma tilted her head then said “there is patterns on the frame , it looks like magic or a spell” Henry raised his eyebrows then said “it’s black magic , the mirror is a portal , and i think that’s how the demons and monsters appear and disappear whenever they want , and nobody find them , if there is many mirrors like this one in the countries , it will not be easy for us to find where their dens” , Alec took a deep breath then said “i’ll send guards here , and we will need Magnus to put a spell on it to stop demons from come in or out” , Jace looked at him then said “it is a good idea , come on , we need to go back to the institute”. 


Submitted: January 14, 2022

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