Trinity's New Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Trinity, a troubled young adult, finds herself face to face with unknown alien life in park. Her and the rest of the other bystanders try to fight off the being and discover the true intentions of the extraterrestrial race.

(In the not too distant future, in a world we know all too well, the human race is in danger. The people of earth are not aware of their circumstances at the moment, but soon, the final chapter of a long-lasting civilization is about to begin. The Extraterrestrials are not far off. Will humans find the strength to defeat their foreign enemies or will they be too late to realize their secret weapon…)


Trinity was just enjoying her favorite hobby: drop-kicking little children on the playground. Ever since Granny died, this has helped her relieve her tension and anger. It was a normal Saturday, as far as Trinity was concerned.

Except for one thing.

Normally, other parents would try to stop Trinity and end up calling the police long before she was finished. But, Trinity had already punted seven of the tiny crap-factories to kingdom come and nobody jumped in to try to help. Trinity, growing increasingly aware of this fact, looked around at the benches. The parents were all looking up into the sky with jaws-dropped and eyes filled with utter terror.

What could possibly be so important that parents would ignore a complete stranger using their children as soccer balls?  She turned around and she saw it. A huge storm was approaching.

But this wasn’t just any storm. After years of living in Southern Nebraska, Trinity had witnessed her fair share of devastating tornadoes. But, Trinity was drawn to the fact that this storm was not slinging rain and lightning, but instead tiny blue gels.


Trinity looks down to see one of the slimy indigo-colored blobs. She freezes. Her eyes go wide. Suddenly, as an impulse, she reaches down to touch this object, when suddenly, it starts violently seizing. It does that for a moment until it starts growing. It grows about six feet over the course of just a few seconds. After its full size has been reached, the blob starts to morph into a structure. The silhouette seems human-like, but as the creature moves forward, the crowd can see the hideous one-eyed beast moving toward them.

The children, being all the way across the park, have time to get away.

There are currently seven adults face-to-face with the beast.

Two of the grown men run into hiding, diving under bushes trying to find cover. The beast points at the bushes and with some sort of supernatural ability, the bushes and the people behind them become instantly vaporized.

Now there are five.

One woman tries to use another as a shield. They both stand there fighting trying to get behind the other. The creature appears to roll its eye and blast both of them.

Now there are three.

Trinity, who was previously standing in the back, tries to lunge at the alien. It turns and blasts her instantly. However, she is not vaporized like the others, but appears to be merely stunned.

There is a man and a woman still standing in front of the creature.

The man comes up with a plan to save all three of them. The woman, not willing to compromise, comes up with a different plan. They both start to yell over each other trying to convince the other that their own plan is better. The alien effortlessly vaporizes both of them.

Now the alien walks up to Trinity, who is on the ground. The alien gives Trinity a nasty look. Trinity winces, waiting for her end to come. Her eyes are closed for several seconds.

Nothing happens.

She reopens her eyes. The alien is gone.

She makes a puzzled expression. She scratches her head as a reflex and is so distraught, she does not even realize she is now able to move.

Suddenly an old man appears over her and extends a hand to her.

She grabs his hand and stands up, feeling lightheaded.

The man looks at her and says, “Welcome to Project M236.”

Confused, she asks what is happening.

The man smiles and says, “Project M236 is the codename for an attempt at a moral society. Do you know why all of your friends died here today?”

She shakes her head.

“Because they all had one thing in common,” the man continues. “They were presented with a situation and chose the path that only benefitted themselves. Because of their selfish wills, they will never have a chance to experience the New World.”

This puzzles her even more. “I do not deserve this. Just minutes ago I was destroying children on a public playground. Why am I now a part of the ‘moral society’?”

The man laughs gently. “Everybody goes through tough times. Everybody makes mistakes. What matters is not choices you make through emotion, but the choices you make in the face of threat toward your people. There are bad things coming to this world. The visitors have come here to help defend the human race. But, they need help. They need people, like you, who are courageous in the face of danger and, more importantly, attempt to defend others without first considering negative consequences to themselves.”

He reaches out with a gun in his hand.

“Would you like to join the resistance?”

She considers all that has happened in the last few years. Her granny’s passing. Her alcoholism. All of her failed relationships with other people. Her shift toward torment and rage. She looks at the gun. She looks up at the man. She looks at her own two hands.

“Where do I sign?”


Submitted: January 07, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Cliff Hanger. All rights reserved.

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