Lily the breed of angel and demon, and Jason the mind reader, get sent to Denver because of a distress call from the bureau branch in that city. Lily suffers from mental trauma from her father and Jason tries to comfort her with her problems. People are found dead and Lily meets more demons from hell as she tries to figure out who has been committing homicide. Are demons really as bad as people make them out to be? What is a werewolf? Will Lily and Jason get closer together or farther apart? What is an angel and are they as good as people make them out to be?
Find out in the fun read "The Tragic Ones" by Arianna Courson.
(This is currently book two of "The Gifted Ones" series.)

Cover art by Unsplash

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Lily watched one by one as the trees passed by, counting every single one until she got to a thousand, then she started over. The trees... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

When Lily woke, golden rays of sunlight shone through the windows. She felt perfectly rested, her body wasn't tense like it usually was, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

"Welcome to Moonbucks. How may I take your order?" The lady groaned. She had brown skin, and black hair pulled into a ponytail. Although ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

As they walked back to the fireplace, Lily looked at Jason as he held her hand. He really wanted to help her. Why? She glanced down at th... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Lily and Jason went to a restaurant in Denver that sold the best ramen. It was costly. One bowl was seventeen dollars. Lily stared up at ... Read Chapter


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