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"Closet Racism"

When my mixed daughter was born, my daddy didn't like it/
Like some thorn in the side, wasting his time trying to fight it
Yet her daddy was some writer, who felt the need to write it/
Knowing when his daddy read it, he probably wouldn't like it
I had to give him a taste, of why he couldn't F with my sh*t/
He despised her for her race, so I lit him up like a Thai Stick
He then cried to the police, who then nicked me for this crime/
Three charges I was given, probably get another for this rhyme
They tried to charge me with slander, yet my art based on facts/
And when threats to kill didn't work, they said I harass with raps
Which then lead to my ban, of which I was banned for five years/
Therefore I could not rhyme his crimes, or cry my daughters tears
Throughout these years they were sneaky & got close to my child/
Thinking they were clever & could defeat me, like they did at my trial
Like do they not realise how easy, I could demolish their smiles/
But hey let's keep their reputation polished, and let's stay in denial.

Copyright 2017 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)

Submitted: January 14, 2022

© Copyright 2022 MrDunnePoetry. All rights reserved.


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