Vargo Nova: Short Stories

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The crew of S.S Blaze must survive and stay out of trouble long enough to steal a ship from the Ladearians shipyard. The only problem these misfits have is they can't seem to stay out of trouble or try to get themselves killed.

Janet storms into Col. Scott L. Tiff's office with fire in her eyes, pissed off about the recon mission that she and her crew just came back from. "Why the HELL!!!, Did you send my team and me on a suicide recon mission to the Io region knowing dam well that region of space is a red box for hostile activity?" Said Janet in a heavy voice.

Col Scott L. Tiff looks up at Janet with a smirk look on his face. " Well, hello to you to Capt. Janet Prescott. I believe that your crew, AKA Space Dogs as your team is called, Is known for doing suicide missions and was picked for this mission. Before you decide to go off into a raging rant, Intel needed more information about the Io region, and the only way to get it was to send your team on a recon mission. Sorry that the conditions were not to your and your team's liking. Now I have other things to do, so please get the fuck out of my office." Said Col. Scott L. Tiff.

Janet storms out of Col. Tiff's office, being pissed off about the mission. "What did he say?" Asked Jack. "It's the same bullshit as always." Said Janet. "Gotta love how our unit is always picked for these types of missions." Said Jack. "That's because we are the only crazy ones to do it. Oh! If you're going back to the racks, tell Jazzi to get the Blaze ready to depart the docks and have the crew on board before I get back." Said Janet. "I will tell her." Said Jack.

Jack left the Officer's Den to deliver the message to Jazzi, and Janet was on her way out when she got stopped by Maj. Ami Baker. "Capt. Janet Hatch, if that's what you are being called these days. I have a mission for you and your crew." Said Maj. Ami Baker. "Great, another mission, and it's just Janet, Major." Said Janet. Maj. Ami Baker looks at Capt. Janet Hatch with a sneering look on her face. "Well, hello to you too. I need you to listen to me, don't respond, and afterward, I'm walking away. There is a rumor that the Ladearians have built a powerful ship. I need you and your crew to go to Farpoint shipyard in the Io Region and see if the rumors are true. If so, take the ship and bring it back." Said Maj. Ami Baker.

After listening to what Maj Ami Baker said, Janet went back to the racks, pissed off about another suicide mission. "Jazzi is the ship ready to go so we can get the fuck out of this station?" Janet asked strongly. "Yes, and whom the hell pissed you off?" Asked Jazzi. "Listen up, everyone. We have another mission, to go back to the Io Region, to check out a rumor, that intel heard about a ship that the Ladearians are have built." Said Janet. "The only shipyard in the Io Region is Farpoint and is heavily guarded by the Ladearians."

Said Alex. "Right! Maj. Ami Baker wants us to go, check it out; if the rumors are true, then take the ship, and bring it back." Said Janet. "There is no way the Ladearians are going to let us get that close to the shipyard and let alone let us fly out of there with that ship if it is there." Said Jack. "Well, I am not in no hurry to start that mission. Fuck that shit, and we are not about to get killed over a fucking rumor. Let's go Nile Space Lab to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into." Said Janet. "All right, everyone, you heard her; let's board the ship and get out of here. We can make a plan for the mission on the way." Said Tanni.

Everyone boarded Blaze space cruiser and left Colony One Space Station for Nile Space Lab. "Jazzi set a course for Nile Space Lab at maximum speed." Said Janet. "Can't wait to get to the Nile; I have a couple of deals that need to be, let's just say kept under the radar." Said Jazzi. "We all have some kind of deals that need to be kept under the radar." Said Wolf. "Okay, everyone, before we get to Nile Space Lab, take a sidearm and any other weapon with you because we know some shit is going to go down." Said Jack. "That is what I love about that place; you can always expect a fight to break out at some point." Said Red.

Twenty minutes later, the crew of the Blaze arrived at Nile Space Lab ready to make deals and look for trouble or start it themselves.

Submitted: January 09, 2022

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