Chapter 3: Rain and a Lady

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3

Finding that robed bastard meant everything right now. Sleep, rest, and life—the culmination of so many things hinged on him finding the entity and getting it to restore him back to his world. This one seemed to hold only darkness.

Distant chirps haunted the background as he drew in breaths to calm himself, and his hair had fallen over his brow in his angst. He brushed it back into place with his hands, breathed some more, and fell into a calm state—the first he’d had since this adventure began. It felt good to be focused again.

Words of a time before flowed into his mind. Use your eyes, Private. “Easier said than done, sir,” John replied aloud, noting the dark made finding any shred of presence much harder. He laughed, remembering his CO as he bent down to examine the space around him. The action brought back the imagery of a snarky, gruff-looking man that had been a foot shorter than him. See the bent-over grass and disturbed gravel. If you look—the words trailed off in John’s head as he poked through the foliage before him.

“Bingo.” He’d found what he was looking for that glittering sand. It was a bit scattered but trailed away from him in the wind. The particles appeared rainbow-colored up close, and they seemed to glow in proximity to each other. He wondered if he could materialize something else in this world. Instantly, a specimen container the size of a compass formed in his hand. The bottom had a black lining, letting the particles of sand he picked up glimmer and shine easily through the glass top.

“Hell, yeah,” John exclaimed as he rose, sweeping his container side to side. The glow of the sand dimmed and bloomed as he waved it across any traces of sand that still existed on the ground. “Tracking mechanism confirmed.” Three trees stood to his right. His aura had just illuminated them as he moved forward a few steps. And an eerie haze seemed to float above the ground outside the reach of the swirling wind. He stayed inside for its cooling effect. Then, the light came.

Shimmering along the far edges of the dark, it grew like a sun rising over the horizon, yet its glow wasn’t orange and warm but blue and crisp. It flared, blinding him with its brilliance. He shielded his eyes as best he could with one hand while stuffing the container in his pocket with the other. By the time he had both hands available, the light had stabilized and shifted into a clear blue sky, complete with wispy clouds floating along.

He blinked for several seconds, trying to adjust his vision. His eyes finally focused after a moment, and all he could see was an endless expanse. Trees grew in groups of three and seven amongst the low hills of emerald green. The grass bent and swayed with a gentle breeze that lofted along the ground.  Each tree seemed young, barely twenty feet high, and had almost perfectly manicured tops. Flowers grew bunched in assorted colors—purple, blue, yellow, and red. And one dusty trail led toward some open ruins ahead.

“Heh, reminds me of Oz,” he retorted, “only more blissful.” And couldn’t help but look all around him. The scenery seemed like a dream right out of a game creator’s mind—serene and purposeful, almost like an MMO role-playing game’s loading area. He expected any minute as he walked to the ruins to be inundated with some overworld music introducing him to the world and game menu.

Four monolithic-type pillars gleamed white against the blue sky, spread apart at their bases by a stone platform in the middle. Signs of wear on each pillar appeared as he approached closer. Cracks ran down their limestone-like surfaces, breaking and fracturing into segments. And small chunks were missing showing the darker material underneath. He wondered if it would even last another half-century based on the decay he was seeing.

The monument in the middle of the platform seemed like a giant coffin. The top resembled the lids of those he’d seen back on Earth, and it showed signs of wear as well. Bits of the corners had fallen off and laid crumbled next to the base. He walked closer to the monument. Runes, bathed in a fading power, shimmered upon its surface. Many he didn't understand, and only a few seemed familiar. He touched their iridescent lines and things went black.



Her breathing felt erratic as she rose from the mattress. With shaky hands and a shivering body, Sonja wrapped her arms around herself, pulling the fur blanket back up to her neck. The eyes had seen her. She knew they did—glowing, ebbing, pulsating eyes of orange-red. That demonic image had torn her from her sleep again. She knew one day it would end, but when she couldn't tell.

The stove heater in the corner had burned low already. Its embers cast their glimmer against the grill as they slowly cooled toward black again. Her hair cascaded across her vision. Three more shimmering strands illuminated as they fell and rested aside her other strands of similar hue. They were all silver now as if the night terrors frightened the color from them. She hated that change. Ever since the stones—the glowing, ebbing stones. Dark magic, it was demonic magic. It haunted Eis and its inhabitants

"One day, he'll suffer," she muttered, shivering as she said it. “Nachtmahr will most certainly pay.”




The pounding in his skull kept him down as he awoke. It felt like the echoes of a drum. Hard and resounding, clashing against his mind but not disturbing the tissue just vibrating it. The light beyond his eyelids seemed dimmer than it once was. John tried opening his eyes but the light found them just as he blinked and he shut them again.

“Damn, I might recover sometime today,” he retorted. A flash in his memory jogged his thought. A symbol, a glyph—?. “Omega?” John questioned, recalling its meaning on Earth. No. Not omega something different. The image had a serpent’s head on the right footing. What does it mean? He thought as he rose from the ground, leaning against the dark stone of the monument.  

His head still pounded a little but it was subsiding. He felt his scalp. No blood. Thank God. But it still feels like someone stabbed me in between the eyes. A whisper fluttered over his ears. Ragnarok.  

“What? Who said that?” John turned to face whatever had mentioned that word. It hadn’t sounded like the entity he encountered earlier. The word entered his head again. Ragnarok. No one was there. A small tinge of pain pushed through his temple.

“Stop it!” he said aloud, collapsing into a bend. Ragnarok. It sounded in his skull once more. John’s right hand went to his head, and he fell back to one knee. Holding his head, he went to both knees, letting the pain wash over his mind and away. The voice faded. It had been soft and gentle like a woman’s, but the mental attack it seemed to inflict felt horrible. After a moment, John eased back up. He rested himself against the base of the dark stone. The sky dimmed, shading him and the area. His pain had gone but the brief torture had drained him, and he sat as the clouds released their tears.

Pelting strands of cool dripping aqua soothed him as he sat there. The moisture felt like the first spring rain, drizzling along the rivers back home. Steady and rhythmic, lulling him into calmness and peace. Feels nice, he thought, and a little bit of life returned to his eyes. The rain stayed for a while. Soon he was soaked through. His clothes and shoes felt thoroughly drenched, and an ever-seeping sliver of water slipped into the crevices between his buttocks and platform, culminating in a small pool around his behind. John barely moved except to rub the water out of his face every now and then. It felt good to him. It washed away the discomfort from before and released it all down into the cracks of the platform to flow away from him forever.

His strength seemed to return as the water flowed over him, he noticed. Maybe this was some recompense for the onslaught to his senses, he wondered. John let his head tilt down to allow the water to flow off the top of his head for a bit rather than off the tip of his nose and face. The tickle on his nose had grown a little annoying.

Ragnarok. The word held meaning, he thought. Back on Earth, it had a mythological context. Norse, he recalled. The Twilight of the Gods. What meaning could it hold here? Several moments passed before the rain let up. John had nearly dozed off with the coolness of his body in the constant drizzle. His head hung forward, drips of water slid off his nose, and his eyes were closed at this point.

Slowly, the waterworks subsided, and the clouds parted, allowing the beaming light to begin baking the platform anew. John remained seated in the shade of the dark stone. Small breaths of cool vapor escaped his nostrils as he took in air and released it out. His right hand swiped his face, pulling the water off his skin one last time. He felt better. A lot better. The rest and the rain had made him feel like a new being. Something he hadn’t felt in a while. It was like he had slept for a day again. He didn’t understand it. Insomnia had been a disturbance for him since just before his 25th birthday, and now he’d felt he'd gotten more rest in two days than he’d had in a month. At least, he thought it had been two days. He couldn’t tell for certain. The watch upon his wrist indicated 7 A.M. Wait, when did my watch appear on my arm? It didn’t have the date, though. Strange. He stood up.

Knocking the excess moisture from his hair, he then pushed it back, allowing only a few strands to rest along his brow as if they had always belonged there. A rivulet of water slipped down his neck and back. It tickled but it didn’t bother him like it used to. Besides, his back was soaked anyway from the rain. Heck, he was so wet he wondered how he had felt the sensation as is. It wouldn't be good to stay this way long, though, he surmised. Best if I try to dry off.

Not hesitating in the least, John started stripping the shirt off his body. The material it was made of seemed to want to cling and pull rather than come off. It wrapped about his head and shoulders, holding almost like a Chinese finger cuff. Finally, after some tugging, it popped over his head and he smiled. Damn, those polyester weaves, he thought, they seem to love my body. Folding it in half, he wrung it several times to remove the excess water, then used it to pull more from his chest, arms, and back, and wrung it out some more. He placed it on the crumbled rock area near the end to dry out as he pulled his shoes and socks off.

Wringing his shoes would be nearly impossible, but he did remove the soles and squeezed them until they released no more water. His socks were drier in minutes after he squeezed them several times in his fists, twisted them once each, and slung them back and forth several times to expedite an air dry. His boots he let drain upside-down over one of the small rocks upon the platform near him as he removed the rest of his clothes. He was in the process of wringing his undergarments when a cool, soft hand touched his buttocks.

“Very nice,” a very subtly British feminine voice sounded behind him. John jumped. He hadn’t expected anyone to be here, let alone reach out and touch him while he was nude, and he spun to meet the onlooker.

“Ooo, even better,” She responded as he turned. And he caught her eyes gazing downward at the package between his legs. She started to reach out when John slapped her hand with his damp boxers.

“Ouch, well that wasn’t very nice,’ she responded, rubbing her fingers and pouting a little.

“My apologies, miss, but it isn’t yours to touch,” John responded, adding a layer of charm to his tone. “Besides, where did you come from? I heard no footsteps despite the sandals you seem to be wearing,” he said, noticing her leathers wrapped from her feet to her calf. He tried not to focus on her body but instead kept his eyes focused on her face.  

‘Oh, my dear fellow, I didn’t walk here,” she replied, then smiled. “I teleported.” A small giggle left her lips as she eyed him up and down. The biting of her bottom lip let him know she was rather aroused by the situation. John only hoped his body wasn’t responding in kind as her attractiveness was highly apparent.

He twisted his boxers once more super tight. The muscles in his arms flexed and held the material taut for a good ten seconds, squeezing out the last bit of moisture he could. The young and very beautiful woman leaned in toward him.

“You know, your member is growing, right?" She said slyly as she tried to slip into his personal space while his focus was diverted. John stepped back.

“Do you want to get popped again, my dear?" He sounded a touch panicked as he didn’t want to hurt her, but she was making the scene more gregarious by the minute. “One more step toward me and you’ll feel an even worse sting.” She halted. Her frown came back but it quickly faded, and she stepped back not wanting to get popped by his underwear again. John hurriedly pulled his boxers on. They were cold but maybe it would curb any possible arousal of his own. The young lady eyed him continuously as he redressed, only pausing to pull her hair away from her eyes a couple of times as she fidgeted. Her gaze grew into disappointment as John neared getting fully clothed, yet she did not back away and instead moved a step forward.

“Better now?” She asked in that minor British tone as he pulled on his shoes. John glanced up. Her face was close enough for him to see her sparkling blue eyes twinkle twice. And she smiled ever so slightly. 

“Yes, thank you,” he replied as he finished fastening the strings a little tighter and rose. “So, my dear.” John held out his hand. “My name is John, and you?”











Submitted: June 08, 2022

© Copyright 2022 A.K.Taylor. All rights reserved.


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So I'm caught up to date, so I can really see his character and plot development now. So I felt like you gave John a bit more of his character, with his inner dialogue especially, and some of his actions as he was cautios. He said he loved hunting, I almost wonder if he was in the service, some of his actions like the tracking part. Just the way he thinks calmly and skillfully reminds me of a soldier and a watchful hunter. It seems not everything is at it seems. When he mentioned Ragnork, also putting in the gods, is there some mytholgy or heavy religion playing here? It's more like surroundings of his body is coming to play. It seems after the rainfall, he has more of a sense of time and gazing at what's on his body. Sometimes sleep walking, I personally have slept walk, only a few times. We are not coherent of our bodies, also something happens around our enviroment, we tend to be more aware of the real world if I'm getting technical here. Btw, sleep walking ain't fun. Scary experince wouldn't reccomend. Then I like the new character addition here. I'm curious about this woman, she almost reminded me of a nymph. The way he was so calm while she basically touched him. I laughed a bit, cause I did find it a bit humerous. She acted like a sly woman, but the way she tried to touch him reminded me of a curious child who had a new plaything. Anyway, I'm curious to this new development with these two. She said she teleported and there seems to be an entity that is something bad. So many questions, with so much suspense, I like it. The only thing, with dialogue I noticed you forget sometimes to put "" and also when you finish a sentence some here with period. I know how booksie format can be annoying so just check those out. Overall, you have a good sense here with dark imagery, also imagionation can run wild here, there's many ideas where you can go with these premise. His character is just so calm, but is there reason behind it with his backround? Again I'm thinking some kind of solider. KEep working on this, I tend to forget, but if you add a chapter let me know:} Like from me

Wed, July 27th, 2022 2:44am


Plain and simple, John is ex-military with a skilled background in hunting and tracking.

Norse/Celtic mythology is going to be at play in this story, yes. You'll see hints within names and scenes that will show elements of this scattered throughout the narrative if I do it right.

In connection with his rainfall portion, John's sensory inputs are beginning to heighten the longer he stays in this realm. This is the 2nd hint at something down the road for him, but it's also a level of descriptive storytelling that enhances the feel of the scene.

The new character isn't exactly a nymph, but you're not far off in that direction of thought. She's a higher being. I won't say what type because that will reveal something I have planned for later. If you paid attention, she is the fourth character mentioned so far. I've already introduced 3 characters besides John, but only 2 have had introductory scenes already.

As for the quotation mark mishap that might've been just a posting error, but I do on occasion forget to hit the button for it. Commas don't always follow the dialogue, especially when action follows the spoken part. Look it up. There are 14 rules for commas and they are tough to keep track in your head. Thanks for the like and the review.

Sat, July 30th, 2022 7:26pm

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