Servene the Wanderer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Servene the Wanderer is the ancient origin story of the Galactic Republic of Sacovia, an intergalactic super power based in the Beta 9 Galaxy Cluster.

The Galactic Republic of Sacovia is a diplomatic and peace keeping force within the Beta 9 intergalactic map grid. Led by a democratically elected Premier Minister, most of the republic’s laws and customs are based off of a set of moral rules called the Principle Register. Sacovia is an economic, militaristic and political force on the intergalactic stage.


The Mokry people of the Mokry River Valley on the desert planet of Sacovia were a vibrant, flourishing ancient civilization. What started as a small village on the banks of the Mokry River turned into a cultural hub of art, agriculture and trade for multiple millennia before the Galactic Republic of Sacovia arose. The harsh desert planet was an unforgiving environment, even for the reptilian humanoid inhabitants, but alas the river brought life. Melting and flowing down from the icelands in the north, the Mokry brought drinking water, plankton and river worms for food, and also irrigation for crops. Agriculture was a vital component to the Mokry people’s survival. They grew thriving, plush crops of shallots, tubers, vine vegetables and many more all along the banks of the river. Due to the brutal heat of the planet’s two suns and the loose sandy makeup of the entire planet, however, nothing but a few species of cacti would grow outside of the river bank.

So the Mokry people inhabited and sprawled their civilization out along the river and flourished for centuries. Until one day when the river levels began to slowly fall, causing only minor concern. However, the levels continued to fall until the once mighty Mokry River was a mere trickle. Crops began to turn brown and there was less and less river life to feed off. People started to hoard stores of water and look at their neighbors as enemies. As thirst and starvation began to spread throughout the valley, so did paranoia among its people. Eventually leading to an uprising where the Mokry people overthrew and killed their chief. Now void of leadership, the people turned on and began to murder one another until there was essentially no one in the entire valley left.

A young Mokry named Servene lived with his sister and elderly mother and had taken it upon himself to protect them. Always good with his long spear, he fended off three separate attacks on his family’s hut, killing a total of nine men by himself. With the river showing no sign of revival, Servene agonized over his predicament and what was to be done about it. The outcome looking more and more bleak, the solutions being discussed began to take a mythical route.

Elder generations used to talk of another river valley past the wastelands to the west. However, no known Mokry had ever laid eyes on it. All that attempted to explore the wastelands or leave the river valley for any reason, either never returned or returned within days battered and near dead from the treachery of the wastelands. Elders said the Mokry people were descendants of ‘dragons from the sky’ who had seeded the many river valleys of the planet at the beginning of time. This mythical river valley to the west and its inhabitants were supposed proof of this legend.

Servene’s mother suggested he cross the wastelands, find the valley and bring back help. The mere suggestion was pure insanity. Cross the wastelands, which had never been done before. Find a mythical place, that probably doesn’t even exist. Then re-cross the wastelands with a rescue team. It was an assured failure and suicide mission Servene thought. Then the realization that sitting here and simply hoping the river will rise again was an assured suicide mission as well occurred to him. So, the following day before the rising of the suns he sharpened the wooden point on his long spear, filled his dune ox bladder canteen with water, packed up a few chute roots to eat and headed west.

The first day of Servene’s journey was long, hot and monotonous. Spear in hand, red tunic blaring in the suns, he put one foot in front of the other leaving his long three toed foot prints in the sand dunes of the wastelands behind him. He sipped sparingly at his water, knowing he would need it to last as long as he could. During the day the heat was almost unbearable as it beat down on his scaly green skin. Then at night it quickly turned bitterly cold. So cold that he needed to bury himself up to his neck in the desert sand to keep him warm so he could sleep.

The morning of the second day Servene could feel the effects of the first day’s travel. When the suns came up and the temperature rose he felt sluggish from fatigue. Still, he pushed on. By mid-afternoon he decided to stop and eat some of the chute roots he brought. He continued to walk while he nourished himself, when he felt a small breeze. He closed his eyes and raised his head as he enjoyed the minor relief from the heat. The breeze picked up a little more and when he opened his eyes a brown haze had shaded the horizon just a bit. Servene strained his eyes to see, when suddenly the wind violently shifted and sand began to pelt him in the face. As instantly as the wind had picked up, the sky turned black as the distant brown haze now surrounded him. Servene realized he was in a sand cyclone.

In complete darkness while sand pounded him from every direction, he quickly disrobed and tied his tunic around his mouth and nostril slits. He crouched down on his hands and knees covering his head, he tried to make a breathable bubble protected from the sand. The cyclone was merciless as it continued to blow, sandblasting the back of Servene as he huddled and tried to protect himself. He could feel the sand piling up around him, almost burying him. He wiggled and fought to raise himself out of the sand while keeping himself covered from the storm. Eventually Servene lost consciousness, waking the next morning to dig himself out and continue his journey.

By the sixth day, Servene had eaten all his roots and had mere dribbles of water left in his canteen. His fatigue was all consuming as he willed himself to keep moving. His feet felt weighted as they sank down in the sand with each step and he struggled to pick it back up again. He eyed a patch of orange fringed cactus that he recognized from back home. While not much, he knew there was nutritional and hydrational value in the cactus and he would have to eat it to survive. He took out his knife and sliced off a piece. He carefully shaved off the needles and split it down the middle exposing the soft, moist light green center of the plant. He shuddered as he shoveled the acidic plant innards into his mouth with his knife.

Day eleven found Servene near total exhaustion. With only cactus to supply his water and food intake he had very little energy and found himself needing to take many breaks while walking. On one of these breaks, he sat with his head against his knees, when he was approached by a desert creature he had never seen before. About waist high to Servene, the creature had two claw like pinchers, a hard protective shell over its body, walked on six legs and was making its way towards him with a purpose. Servene pointed his spear at the creature as it curled its tail up over its head to reveal a giant dagger like stinger. Suddenly, the creature jabbed its tail stinger into the sand directly next to Servene, just missing him. Using all his force he stabbed forward with his long spear aimed at the creature’s would be face. The creature effortlessly snapped the spear in two with one of its pinchers and knocked Servene onto his back. Quickly Servene jabbed the dull end of his spear he still had in his hand, upward through the beast’s mouth and into its brain. Using his knife to open it up, Servene nourished himself on the guts of the creature.

On the twenty sixth day, with the energy from the desert beast long gone and having seen no cactus in days, Servene was in bad condition. Dehydrated and having had no calories in days was taking its toll as he took one arduous step at a time. Until finally he found a cactus plant. Unlike the orange fringed ones from back in the Mokry valley which were short with orange coloring, this one was tall with yellow markings and significantly more needles. Happy to have sustenance for his body, he carefully cut one of the ears off and fed himself. He soon became violently ill and began heaving on all fours on the desert floor. This is when he looked up to see himself approaching on the horizon.  

The other Servene pulled his knife out of his belt as he made his way toward the downed, sick Servene. He watched the other version of himself walk directly up and kick him in the face. He quickly rolled and sprang onto his feet and drew his knife as well. The two Servene’s, each with knife in hand, circled each other and jockeyed to be the first to strike. Vomit staining his red tunic, Servene finally lashed out sticking the other Servene directly in the stomach. The other Servene instantly vanished into thin air leaving the unwell Servene standing alone, knife in hand. He fell back to his hands and knees and began to heave into the desert sand once again. Finally, unable to battle any longer, he collapsed face down and felt himself drift away. Servene quietly made his peace with death.

Suddenly, he felt a great boost of energy and joy. He opened his eyes to find himself in a magnificent garden full of vivid green plant life. There were fruits, vegetables and flowers that he recognized and many that he didn’t. Vivid red and orange blossoms got his attention as he smelled each plant. He plucked a long piece of green fruit from a tree; one he had never seen before. He somehow instinctually knew to remove the green peeling, revealing the soft lavender fruit on the inside. It was the sweetest provision he had ever put in his mouth. He wandered to the edge of the garden where he heard the familiar sound of river water rushing. The river, wide and deep, looked very much like the Mokry had before it began to dwindle. As he looked up and down the river he saw many gardens and fields of crops, all vibrant and flourishing. Everything around him looked and felt like his home back in the Mokry valley, however he knew it was not. This was his afterlife, he thought as he looked around, and what a glorious place to spend eternity.

Water splashed Servene’s face as he snapped his eyes open and found himself back on the desert floor. He looked up at three reptilians, each with long spears and wearing tunics, a more orange and less red shade than his own. Still unsure of what was happening and with no strength to fight, Servene just laid there and looked at the men. One of them, leaning down finally spoke.

“We are the Orava. How did you get out here?”

The men brought Servene back to the Orava River Valley on the banks of the Orava River, he instantly recognized it as the place he saw in his afterlife vision. Nursing him back to health, they explained that the volta cactus, identified by its yellow markings, is poisonous and is known to cause hallucinations. The Orava sent a team to help rescue their newly found Mokry cousins from their doomed river valley. The Mokry soon fully integrated with the Orava and became a part of that river valley’s proud history.

Servene the Wanderer’s twenty-six-day trek through the unexplored wastelands, now known as the Puest Desert, is a story celebrated by Sacovians to this day. His willingness to risk his own life to save his people led him to discovering the mythical Orava River Valley and ultimately inspired the exploration that discovered the Khor and Divin River Valleys respectively. Servene the Wanderer is esteemed for uniting the planet and paving the way for the Galactic Republic of Sacovia to enter the stage of intergalactic history.

Submitted: January 09, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Clay Conner. All rights reserved.

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