Rick and Morty's, A world of power

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Journey far and wide and see the wonders of Ricks multiverse, where Rick plan is to steal it all



Rick, is seen travling by his space car far into a multiverse throughout voids and, parrel worlds, pockets of existance, micro holes, worm holes, black holes, throughout the entire scintifcal existance of this amazing universe

Until we come to a mega construction of a city, in a glass orb,

with a brownish orange sky line, with a distant orange sun in the background

Where rick parks his space car near by this wonder of a city

grabes a black duffel bag from his car

and then starts his journey

a short walk

through a desert sand storm where he makes his way to this city dome

Where he use's his portal gun and to make a portal hole on the outside walls of this glass city

And rick then Plants an extirea mechanism above the portal hole that says,

((Computer voice))
(((Planting location and intriea cloaking device)))

Then rick enters the portal hole

Just inside the walls of the dome city

Where we see Rick sneak past 2 guards that where standing at the entrance of this main gateway structure

the large orb like city

Where Rick graples hooks, his way up a building into a secret window,

where rick Enters this building window

And then rick looks down to, a lazer erey of moving light, beams

As Rick drops strait down, this vertical tunnel,

And free falls strait to the bottom of this passage way

missing all the lazers as he passes by

And stops himslef near at the bottom

with a gravity pulse stop, to stop his fall, that expels a small air ripple

Then rick Gets up and takes of, A clear plastic zipper suit off, that he dropes on the ground, that was once invisible

Then as he proforms this action, Rick walks over to this vacant open room, that seems empty

Besides a single structure piece

a storage unit mechanism in the centre of this supposedly clear room

rick stops

lights and takes a puff of a joint, and then blows a cloud of smoke to reveal more lazers,

Then rick throws a device in air that disburse's into micro hovering driods that cover all the lazer pointers, that dosent set of the volt alarm

Then Rick comes across what he has been looking for

a piece of tecnolgey that looks like, a heart stone, floating on a platform souronded by a force of a field

Rick drops to one knee and hacks this containment structual device holding the heart stone inplace

Where Rick hacks and unlocks this heart stone's containment field

Then a compter voice can be heard

((Computer voice))
The force containment field is now deactivated


Where Rick then, brings out another device from his duffel bag to transport the heart Stone

Rick steals and place's the heart stone, in this transport device

Rick picks up this device and makes his exit

Leaving the duffel bag behind

Then as rick makes his exit

and the lights diminish slowly inside this mega construction, hall

then upon ricks exit of this mega city,

the structure of this mega city's, lights beggin to fade, then turn off

Rick countuies to leave this structure taking upon his walk slowly

then As he peers behined himself for a one last look of the city

he runs at the approach of a blacking

Where once there was light is now turning into complete darkness

Where a shadow countuing on like a wave is now travling at hast moving towards rick with speed

Blacking out all and everything it touches

Where Rick countuies to run fast

as he does the hole world is being sucked into the void of darkness

In and out, every land Rick fleas from this shadow of darkness

making his original journey

Though he is Travling backwards through every void of existance until

Rick gets home, back to his garge and tries to quickly open his lair but its to late

evrything is now darkness,

Rick tries to light a match but it doesn't work and then this is what he has to say

What the, not even matches work what is this darkness shit, what the fuck


Awwww shit aahaha what the fuck,

Ahhhhhh fuck

You've got nothing on me darkness, its like being blind,
and they all learned how to get by,
its not the end of the world,

I know this my lab like the back of my hand

Shit ahhhhh what the fuck was that

Fuck you darkness, You'll see
I'll turn all the lights back on,

And then I'm even going to watch a sun set

maybe I'll see a point to it


Ahh fuck arrr what the fuck,



You piece of shit

Mother fucker

Shit, wait there its is,


Everything in ricks sight of view is back to it's original state

And the lights are Back on but now it is even brighter

but then we notice this is only situated at the Smith house

And as we look outside to the rest world, and evrything in it is still pitch black

As now we see rick close a lid to this random hatch situated in his secret lab

And we also see an empty device on the ground

the transport device

that rick was using, in the transportation of the heart stone Rick formally stole

Rick now quick on the job, grabes a giant cable with a male port head attachment

and walks out side, towards the back yard

where there is a large power plug reciver and rick plugs the head into the receiver

And now rick walks over to a switch board

Where morty decides to come outside and say

What the fuck rick, what you do,

don't tell me it wasn't you, who else would it be

Im Serious rick, this is bad, really really bad

It's ok morty, once I flick this switch the hole interire existance will have there lights back, I promise

(((Rick flicks the switch, and then a powerful serge can be heard)))


And evething works, and the universe lights turn back on,

See, works

Yeah you really had me worried there,


((((Then at power station near by)))

what was that?

wasent us


(((Whooop whoppp whoop)))

Shit the core, stabiliser is on maximum overdrive everything is sergeing

We can't contain it, where all going to

Booom boom boom
((Back at the smiths residence))

Now it is,
I own the intire worlds power supply, lituraly the power to the intire world,

making me the domant ruler of the multiverse,

Where it will forever belong to me

Now watch the majestic wonders of the world

through the peering glass of all knowlege known

And watch my world glow

((Rick hands morty an oculous device that morty now looks through to see ricks world))

(((And as morty puts these Goggle's on there is a big Smile upon his face as he is looking through this oculous device

Everything is even more majestic then before

now that rick has made the mutiverse glow,

With now extra situated light source's, comming from this multiverse

That twinkle and glow

Its like looking through, to see Google earth but just, there intire cosmos

And its all mine

((Morty is mystified))


there is exploding

and it changes the look upon his face

While all habitats like clock work blow in a erey of magnificent

like a contuied display of fireworks

This is all from rick oversergeing the intire universe's power supply

Where planet after planet, sun after sun, existance after existance, all and everything in this multiverse starts to explode

as morty watches on, he now has a sad look upon his face

Then rick notices mortys depressed look and says

(Rick) ((( in slow motion )))
,wait what's that, let me take look

((And rick grabes the oculous device off morty))

And Puts on this oculous device for a brief second

Throwing off the Goggle's
At the notice of the destruction of his world

(Rick) (((slow motion)))



(((As rick runs towards the switch board)))

Boom boom boom boom
The multiverese is still blowing up

And Morty is horrified


Rick flicks the switch

And everything turns back to the state it was in before

the darkness of night....

Rick, I think you really fucked up this time

You better be able to fix this,

I think it's time we consider looking for a new home,

maybe demtion 6450071e

Heard the sights are supose to be amazing...

((Boof, clank))

Shit awww what the fuck,


Maybe to enetre the dome city, place a device that, has 2 horizontal poles that make a vertical door way, that then say, "planting location and intirea cloaking device"















Submitted: January 09, 2022

© Copyright 2022 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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