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Hard Battle


Mental health is health, that’s what they say-

But in the healing process we struggle every day,

We can’t be side tracked, by friends or family that

Does not understand, to be perfectly honest, my 

Mental Health doesn’t give a damn. 


That lack of empathy could surely be the death of me,

so when you’re at the darkest door, you should always

be thankful for, those people who were not there, though

it caused you such a scare, try to remember It’s not that

they don’t care, just like America,

Mental Health floats on a wing and a prayer. 


Finding the right help is truly rare, so don’t be side

tracked by anyone’s projected nightmare, concerning

yourself with only your own healthcare, because like

I said, my mental health doesn’t give a Damn,

the cupboard is bare.

Living healthy is hard, and I’m not lying,

this shit can truly be mystifying. 


One step two step, three steps- 

we go into the breach and down the rabbit's hole,

whether we come out again we can’t say,

but I can tell from experience, It takes perseverance

everyday. We all have issues and past Trauma

we work to overcome. 


So be aware, cheerful people you know on the inside

may be simply numb, fighting their trauma daily so

that they don’t succumb. Many people we know and

love may have their little Idiosyncrasies,

so listen to the immortal words of Ian Maclaren, 

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Mental health is health, that’s what they say…

Submitted: January 11, 2022

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