Trojan Tragedy Act I Scene II (Incomplete)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's still incomplete the English version but I am still working on finishing the Spanish version first. I have almost 60% of it complete. The only issue being of how busy I have been. Add a few symptoms of burn out and well, I try to live life a day at a time for now.
I have pages and pages of the play that I haven't typed but will begin shortly after. Thank you.


Act I Scene II

In the palace of Priam King of Troy


Priam enters the king of Troy guided by the arm of his son Hector
  Behind him  followed in line by Troilus, Alexandros,, Deifobus and Helenus, Polites and Aeneas. Commanders and generals of allied cities enter on opposite side of the stage.

Priam takes his place at head of the table; Prince Helenus removes the chair so his father can sit. All generals and princes take their places but remain standing.


Priam: Honor and glory, Zeus
King of Mount Olympus.
God’s Divine splendor.
I pray, light these young minds,
Protect earthly reason.
Patronize thine children,
Courage & might as they
Are our city walls.
Zeus, Grant them victory!

All: Great honor and glory,
O supreme Zeus ruler
Of gods & man alike!


Priam sits and grants permission for everyone to take their seats. Everyone sits down.


Priam: Pylaeus, Teutamos son.
The Pelasgian lancers
of Larisa, are they set?
They have been given the
Respite of peace, away
From  the battlefront.
The best wines and leisure
Was the reward after
The liberation of
Our sister cities
Of Sestos and Abydos.
River Selleys is now
A safe route for commerce.
Our brother Euphemos,
And his outstanding men,
The tribe of Ciconians,
Call for Troy’s succor.
Thy champions are whom I
Choose to mount defense,
In the unguarded pass
Of Zeleias valley.


 Pilaeos: Noble Priam, under
Thy tutelage & regal
Wisdom is that we have
Acquired honor, pride
& the well-deserved rest.
We have revived our souls’ flames.
As we speak Hippothous,
Readies our troops march.
If Euphemos is in need
Of support, Larisa
Will respond their call.


Priam: Pilaeos, may the gods
Bless thy posterity.


A servant enters and gives Priam a papyrus, whispers something in his ear and leaves the scene. Priam reads the parchment and with great sadness addresses the board


Priam: Gentlemen, this scroll,
Bears some severe news.
Past noon, two mighty
Armies firm, motionless
Faced each other duellum set.
Chromis and Ennomous
Two brothers, led firmly the
Mysian defense ‘gainst
Abantes of Euboea.

Their attacks broke as ocean
Waves upon the rocks bay.
Amphimachus and his
Prime Carians, men of renown.
Furthering the assault,
Bestowed renewed breath to
Their neighboring allies,
Thus advancing forth &
Wreaking enemy lines.
Withal, vain Myrmidons
Led by a demigod,
Managed to hold Carian offense
And repelled allied aid.
While in retreat, Mysians
Didst assay to hold the line
To protect Trojans escape.
In the act our champion,
Ennomous Son of Arsenious,
Has fallen in combat,
Now Chromis asks for withdrawal
From his foreign war.
He also encourages
Amfimacus & Nastes
To desist the Carian warriors.

There is a big commotion about the news, and everyone starts to argue.

Order good gentlemen,
We must hold our thoughts!
This board is accurate
For civil dialogue.

Hector: Father who killed Ennomous?

Troilus reading the parchment after receiving it from Priam.

Troilus:  The leader of Myrmidons. Peleus son, Achilles

Hector: Damn be his soul! Ponder but this;
Is there no mortal warrior
In all of Asia, able
To end his reign over
Ares fields? 
His name whispered by air
Makes soldiers and beasts flee.
The Myrmidons captain,
Commands Phobos by his cry.
Although I confronted
Him hand to hand, none has yet
Conquered each other souls.
If in thine perfection Achilles
There was weakness to harm thee-----
But from head to heel
Truly thou art as a god.



Aeneas: Your majesty, we cannot
Allow Chromis to leave.
Nine years of loyal service
And countless soldiers have
Perished relentlessly.
The Danaoí have
Pierced our territory.
Exhausted soldiers will
Surely be annihilated.
Sans Carian support the
East defense will be overrun.
The strip of steppes and natural regions.
Surely shall be swarmed by
Locrian and Cretan hunters.
Soldiers win battles, but
Resources yield supremacy.

Helenus: Pylaemenes of Enetoi
Is located East of Troy.
Ensuing safe passage of
Maeonian caravans.
Maeons is an important source
Of copper, cattle, and grain.
This route cannot be left
Vulnerable, I pray
If Danaoí discover
It, surely our supply will
Be diminished.
Father allow me under
Thine seal march and provide
Support to our allies.

Priam: Helenus, my noble sons,  
The flesh of my flesh. Blood of my blood.
Thine regal visage.
Ignite the flame of hope
In citizens, allies
And our soldiers’ hearts.
You are the blood of the great Troy.
The soul that brings life to its walls.
If one of you, my sons
In distant lands were captured.
The army morale would
Decline and divine favor,
Be revoked by Zeus justice.
The body sans spirit
Is no more than an empty shell.
If killed in battle, by the proximity.

Submitted: January 14, 2022

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.

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