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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its all about a young girls love for her Grandma, as people get old sometimes life becomes very sad when they are struck down with debilitating diseases which change them from a full active human being to just a shell of who they once were, I'm talking about Dementia, she was told by her Gran of such fantastic stories about her past just to believe there not true then something happens to her to make those stories become, OH so very true.

Table of Contents

Just One Big Happy Family.

Hello my name is Ellie, I am just an ordinary mother with two wonderful daughters, I am not in any way different to anyone else but my el... Read Chapter

Unhappy Times.

The next morning had arrived and breakfast was finished up and Ellie was just about to finish washing up the dishes as she shouted out to... Read Chapter

Breaking Hearts.

As they walk into the room they are looking at all of the monitors and cables, there were tubes coming from all over the place and it was... Read Chapter

What On Earth.

It had been a hard night, there was very little relaxation even though the events of the day before had taken its toll on her, as Ellie o... Read Chapter

What's happening to me

As the Doctor and the entire team looked down at what was happening in front of their very own eyes there was not a sound in the room, al... Read Chapter

Get Some Rest

It had been a strange day to say the least, all of the emotion and pain and fear had taken it’s toll on everyone, they where all preten... Read Chapter

It's August 21 My Dear.

It had been a long night, after all hospitals are not the easiest of places to feel comfortable at the best of times but at least Jade ha... Read Chapter

Some Holiday.

It was strange, Ellie couldn't believe why she wasn't more worried about her situation, it was if she just didn't believe what was happen... Read Chapter

Confusing Times.

The hours rapidly go by in the fields, the sun was just bleaching down, it’s heat was simply breathtaking, even though it was wonderful... Read Chapter

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