Tina had lost her way. Become cynical and insular, avoiding other people at all costs. Life had carried her along on a never-ending wave of apathy and she couldn’t work out how to hold her head above the water.

Entering college had become her last, fruitless chance to make something of her life, but she doesn’t know what she wants from the institution. If she wants anything at all.

When her English tutor becomes ill, she meets Dawn, a substitute teacher and in a few, short, weeks, Dawn shows Tina something she can believe in. Something that can catch her mind, while Dawn catches her heart.

As their lives take them both in very different directions, Tina and Dawn come into contact over and over again as the years pass by. But will they ever find a time where their journeys bring them together permanently in a romance over the course of decades?

Table of Contents


1   31st. October 1988   Ba-dump.   The drumstick tapped the skin of a drum that Tina could not se... Read Chapter


2   11th. October 1988   Kyle was as good as his word, about joining Tina’s English class, and the faculty we... Read Chapter


3   31st. October 1988 - 1st. November 1988   Tina knew it was a crush. A simple crush, unlike her previous one... Read Chapter


4   15th. November 1988   Despite her disappointment, Tina tried her best to continue as though nothing had hap... Read Chapter


5   16th. December 1988   She had written and rewritten the story several times, by now, and the closing date f... Read Chapter


6   9th. June 1989   For a few weeks, upon returning to college after the New Year, Tina put her frustrations i... Read Chapter


Interlude   9th. June 1989 - At The Same Time   With his arms spread along the other seats, Kyle disappeared in... Read Chapter


7   24th. August 1985   Catherine. Tina called her ‘Catherine’. Not ‘Cath’. Not ‘Cathy’. Not ‘Cat... Read Chapter


8   19th. July 1996   It was always the same at these conventions. The Friday night, before the crowds began to... Read Chapter


9   20th. July 1996 - Morning   She didn’t have as bad a hangover as she thought she would. Sitting upright i... Read Chapter


10   20th. July 1996 - Evening   The rest of the day passed so slow. A steady stream of admirers of her work ca... Read Chapter


11   20th. July 1995 - 21st. July 1996   Slipping out from under Dawn’s hands, Tina skipped away, her hands g... Read Chapter


12   21st. July 1996 - 22nd. July 1996   Enveloped in the chaos of congratulations and well wishes, a hurricane... Read Chapter


**TW: Foul language and references to drug abuse**   13   26th. August 1994   Rushing. Rushing and... Read Chapter


14   7th. October 2005   Three men sat across from her and she felt dirty from sitting in the same restaurant. ... Read Chapter


15   7th. October 2005 - Evening   Taking the elevator down to the lobby, Tina felt a sense of Déja vu. Her mi... Read Chapter


(**TW: FOUL LANGUAGE, TALK OF SUICIDE**)   16   7th. October 2005 - Night   Once again, she felt her... Read Chapter


17   8th. October 2005   They found another hotel, a little more upmarket than the motel they had stayed at the... Read Chapter


18   9th. October 2005   Tina didn’t have to straighten the covers on the bed, but she did it anyway. In fact... Read Chapter


19   15th. March 1977   Tina sat on the chair, outside the Headmistress’ office, swinging her legs and watchi... Read Chapter


20   7th. June 2019   For ten days, in the Summer, an entire village became the centre of literature for the wh... Read Chapter


21   24th. December 2020   She was a traditionalist when it came to Christmas decorations. Where other people p... Read Chapter

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