I wrote this poem when I was just sixteen years old. It is something I've always wished to share, and now mine to interpret as a twenty-seven year old.
Please enjoy.

Good morning sweet flower…

Why are you hiding?

As nature renders you,

Sweetly singing.

You fail to realize

Something so very clear.

Within proximity, you reach out.

Savor the stars,

Breathe the air,

Sense earth’s magic

Why are you hiding?

Sweetly singing,

Lovely shining,

Shimmering hope and

 Sunshine in your world.

Why are you hiding?

When you fail to realize

What is so vividly in front of you?

Sweetly singing,

Earth’s magic,

Pleasant melodies,

Humming meekly,

Singing sweetly,


Good night sweet flower

Submitted: January 27, 2022

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