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Without you

Without you it's dreadful  but we get on just fine. With our tired smiles as we pretend towards the masses that we are f... Read Chapter


Pleasure seeking till we can't anymore. we search for happiness, Roam the streets till we can't anymore. The trees we roll, t... Read Chapter


Just another normal night, Listening to Nights by  Frank Ocean. The thought of you  stays in my mind all the ti... Read Chapter


Vain...Love is wearing thin, Vain.. connection is being lost. Two tears as he looks into her eyes,  The gaze is no longe... Read Chapter

The Dark Side

Reaching for a relief again. I feel a void within my chest, within your absence is how it widens each day. I've been losi... Read Chapter

A Gloomy Life

Days spent in solitude pondering upon The streets of my mind wondering which way to go. Deep in between the Questions that lu... Read Chapter

I wanted to stay

I never wanted to leave. I stayed till it was dawn, Held on to my spot, waited and waited,  But not a single word&nb... Read Chapter

The endless void

Audible thoughts but  blurry communication, Spinning with no end, I wish it could stop, Anxiety keeps on rising, ... Read Chapter

A silent half filled cup

The silent sob in my heart gets louder at night. All the thoughts and emotions I relentlessly run from throughout my days... Read Chapter


He came home to an empty house, sat on his empty table and recalled all the full memories stored within his precious memory b... Read Chapter

A ghost human being

A ghost human being Writers : K. Chenepe (feat. Solacethepoet)   You were rare, left an imprint in my soul You broke... Read Chapter

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