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It's not often for children to miss out on their own innocent experiences. Do you know how delightful it is to dress up on Halloween, as ... Read Chapter

In The Life

After my mother's death, there was no clear indication as to who my real father was. My grandmother was the last remaining family member ... Read Chapter


"Hey, can you bring ketchup to my table 69?" James asked, shoving a large ramekin my way. James was, yet, another odd co-worker of ours t... Read Chapter

Martini Glass

Now, there is very few bars in the town we lived in. It wasn't much of a town, either, and unknown to most people in the surrounding citi... Read Chapter


"Okay so, let me get this straight.."   "Uh-huh."   "You can see the dead?"   "Uh-huh."  ... Read Chapter

Death And Truth

Certain things in life were not meant to make sense. My abilities, I had spent so much time trying to understand. I wanted a scientific r... Read Chapter

The War Begins

There's a lot that I know about Death, and more that I do not know. Death was nearly a breeze in the air, a strong wind that flew through... Read Chapter


Lucas and I spend a few hours reviewing the last events of the night. We both had made it outside, sitting on the cobble steps leading to... Read Chapter


In the years of youth, I had spent so much time fantasizing about what it would be like to have my parents. Not just mother, but I desper... Read Chapter


It took me some time to settle myself, catching my own breathe the best I could. My face burned red and I felt like my body had been on f... Read Chapter

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Damon Nomad

Well written, using all of the senses to describe the fateful beginning.

Fri, February 18th, 2022 1:25am


Interesting start! You certainly pull the reader in .

You might want to left align the text. Centering it is a bit non traditional.

Sun, March 20th, 2022 1:42pm

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