The Paranormal Adventures of Christina and Art #2: BRRAAIINNSS!!

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Charlie is a simple guy with simple needs. He won't give up no matter what. Sure, he may be a little dim, but he keeps on going!!
Then, he meets Christina and Art and that's when the real trouble begins!

I woke up from my cold bed and stretched. I brushed dirt out of my hair as I dragged myself to the mirror, which was a shard of glass on the ground, and examined my bony face. My eyes were white and my blond hair needed to be washed badly. I wore a loose, scraggly dress-up shirt and ripped-up khakis. My name was Charlie.

I dug myself out of my house and began searching for some food. “Uuuuuhhh!” I moaned in hunger. The sun glowed dim in the gray sky. Red and orange leaves crunched under my shoes as I slightly felt a cool breeze on my numb skin.

I saw my first prey. She screamed as she saw me staggering in her direction. “Uhhhh!!” I moaned again as she began running.

She tripped and fell on the sidewalk, so I staggered over to her. Before she could react, I was able to pin her to the ground and bite into her stomach. I pulled her intestines out and after a few seconds, she stopped screaming. I raised a handful of her entrails so they dangled in the air; blood pouring down, and gobbled them up. Then I bashed her head open on the pavement and continued my meal by eating her brain. I didn’t care for the taste of grey matter as much. I could not taste it very well anyway, although there was a tiny hint of sweetness that I liked. I enjoyed gorging on brains. Sure, I had to kill to eat, but I didn't care. The living was overrated, anyway.

After breakfast, I felt a little more vivacious and my eyes perked up a bit. I saw something coming down the road. I belched and crossed the street, unaware of any danger.

I saw a convertible with the top up zooming towards me. SHIT! I thought but only a moan came out instead. BAM! The vehicle connected with me causing my body to fly over it and hit the concrete in its wake. I moaned again and stood up. I looked down and saw my own blood on the ground. I shrugged. At least I was already dead. And now I was going to get second breakfast. I turned around and headed to the car.

I saw a woman that looked like she was in her early twenties in the back with long, blond hair. She looked perfectly fine, with maybe a few red spots on her forehead.

“ZOMBIE!” she shrieked as I gripped the car door handle. I felt her pull on the door so I let go. I stumbled around to the other side and opened the driver’s door. And noticed a man in the driver’s seat. Either unconscious or dead, his plump, juicy head was on the steering wheel, and his eyes were closed.

I reached for his shoulder and sunk my teeth into the flesh below the base of his skull. It felt soft and warm. I grasped a chunk of the man’s short black hair, lifting up his head before bashing it into the steering wheel. I then pried my fingers into the fresh gash and tore his head open. I wolfed the brain down and chewed on the surrounding flesh.

See? To live, you must breathe. And, that requires your lungs to work. Everything breaks eventually, including your body. And, you die. It is what it is. Then, if you're lucky enough, you get to roam around, hunting for brains for all eternity.

WHAP! Something hit my head, so I looked up. “Take that!” the girl exclaimed and whacked me with a shoe. Oh, you’re next, I thought, but she gave me an uppercut. I fell back as she hopped out and started running.

I chased after her, clumsily walking quickly. “BRRRRAAAAIIIINNNNSSSS!!!” I spluttered remaining meat chunks, catching up.

“Shit!” she cursed as I almost glanced her with my bloody nails.

I’ll get you this time!

“BRRRRAAAIIINNS!” I tackled her to the ground. She hit me in the ear, and I looked into her frightened green eyes.

You’re mine, now…

“CHRISTINA!” a voice shouted, so I looked up. A man about her age dashed toward us. His jet-black hair came down to his chest. I noticed he was wearing a shirt with a flesh-eater wearing a traffic cone on his head.

“BBRRRAAIINNSS!” I groused, staring at his shirt. I thought the flesh-eater on it looked like my uncle.

“ART, HELP ME!” the girl yelled. Choosing to ignore the man, I pinned her arms down and prepared to eat her flesh.

“NO!” Art grunted, and I found myself sprawling backward. I got back up and saw him pulling the blond living one to her feet.

“Nice shirt, douche bag,” she said.

“How was I supposed to know there were zombies?” The lean man gave her a funny stare.

Zombies?! I let out an angry moan. I hated that word! It’s offensive! I wanted to tear that jerk’s arms off.

“Come on, let’s go!” the blond living girl said.

Oh, you punk; you knocked me down, I thought as they started running. Also, how dare you call me the… uhhh, S word! It’s how you spell SOMBIEZ, right?Anyway, I chased after them. “BBBRRRAAAAIIINNNSS!!!” I groaned. But the living bastards sped up. They turned the corner and I heard screaming. I followed and saw Christina and Art standing in the middle of the street, surrounded by a bunch of my friends, staggering around.

“SHIT!” Art yelled, looking around.

Perfect, the two living ones were trapped! I will soon have, uhhhh, was it third breakfast? “I ssshhhaarre bbrraaiinnss iiff yyoouu help me,” I spoke to my people.

“It talks?” Christina said, looking at Art.

“Yesss,” I replied.

“Please, let us go,” she pleaded.

I felt my stomach gurgling. “No! Eat bbrraaiinnss nnooww!”

“Bbbrraaiinnss!” Jo, my friend wailed by my side. Blood and gore streaked her body. She looked like she swam in a slaughterhouse, Her pale face was covered with blood. I caught a glimpse of what was either the remnants of a finger or a toe in her mouth. Her eyes glittered as if she’d had several good meals already today.

“But, you don’t want our brains!” Christina said. “They taste bad.”

“Whaaaaat?” I replied in confusion.

“Huh?” Art blurted out.

Christina looked at Art and whispered something. I thought I heard “stupid.”

“Yeah…trust us, our brains taste horrible!” Art added.

“Whyyy?” I asked.

“Um, because, uh?—?“ Christina started.

“Your brains have tumors and you’re dying?” Jo blurted out and swallowed whatever it was in her mouth.

“Uh, yes, sure. Our brains have tumors,” Christina confirmed.

“We won’t eeeat your bbbrraaiinns thhenn. Isss your flesh good?” I asked hopefully.

“No. Uh… we have cancer that makes our flesh taste bad,” she replied.

“Ohhhh.” I lowered my head.

“Yeah, so, we’ll just go, now,” Christina said, yanking Art’s arm and inching away from us.

“Wait!” one of us with a missing eye blurted out.

“What?” Christina asked.

“Are you really sick?” the flesh-eater asked, scratching his eye socket.

“Yes. Terribly sick!” She coughed.


“Well…bye.” She walked away with Art.

Their flesh looked so tempting regardless, so I followed them back to their old-looking yellow car.

Christina turned around. “Why are you following us?”

“Fllllessshhh,” I groaned.

“He’s onto us!” Art exclaimed.

“Huh?” I said.

Howling cries filled the air behind me. I looked back and saw one of my cousins knocking somebody in a wheelchair over. The flesh-eater then grabbed a large rock from the ground and pummeled the man’s head open.

I shrugged. “Yooouuu twoooo waaaiiit whiiile I haaave another snaaack.”

“OK, we’ll wait right here,” Christina said.

I went over to join my fellow flesh-eater and started snacking on his brain. I clutched a big glob and practically inhaled it. It felt good slipping down my throat.

Just as I was about to finish eating the brain, Jo pushed me aside and squealed, “Oh my God! That’s my best friend, Carlos!” I watched as she bent down, put the wheelchair back up, and held his head. Jo grabbed his hand and stared down at him reminiscently. “We went to the movies together and used to stop for hot fudge sundaes and play video games.” Her filthy, tangled hair fell in her face. “He was like part of my family.”

She brushed the curly blond hair back out of his eyes. She grabbed his hand and closed her eyes. For a moment, I thought she was going to cry… but instead, she bit his finger off. The flesh-eater that first attacked Carlos went for him again but Jo punched him aside and snarled, chewing the finger, blood dripping from her mouth.

Realizing I had lost my meal, I got back up and looked around.

Where’s Chistina and Art?

I noticed a different living woman running to her car. I licked my lips. She looked yummy. Not as yummy as Christina and Art looked. But, still…

Another flesh-eater with bright red curly hair saw her and we both raced over. My legs kind of buckled up as I ran. They did that sometimes. I almost fell over but quickly caught myself. I sped up. I thought I was going to get to her first, but at that moment, the competing flesh-eater ran past me and knocked her over. She let out a devastating wail and kicked him, sinking the stiletto of her shoe in between his ribs. “Bbrrraaiinnss!” he moaned as she struggled to her car.

I ran after her to the brown?—?UUUUHHHH… What kind of car was it?… Oh yeah! A SUV! But before I knew it, the vehicle’s door was thrust open and I was on the ground. “UUUUHHH!” I uttered and got back up. She slammed the door shut and I grabbed for the handle. Through the window, I could see her push down a button on the door’s armrest. I tugged on the door but could not open it. I groaned and stared in. The woman was a good balance between fat and muscle, as if she usually spent an hour or two at the gym a day and also enjoyed a fair amount of high-calorie meals. My mouth was heavily salivating thick, pungent slobber. “FFLLESSHH!” I tapped the window. She looked like she was searching for something. “FFLLEESHH!” I keened as my decayed stomach gurgled like a fish.

Just then, I had an idea. I raised my fists and walloped away at the glass, shattering the window.


“AAAHHH!” she screamed as I leaned in.

“Eeeeatt bbrraaiinns!” I grumbled as she scrambled to the other side.

Why wouldn’t the living give up and let us convert them? It would be for the best.

Suddenly, I was struck in the back of the head. I turned around as the red-haired flesh-eater tried to pull me away from the car. The bastard; didn’t he know we’re on the same team?

“LLEEAAVVE MMMEEE AALLOOOONNNE!” I moaned and punched him in his nose. He staggered back as I broke enough glass to squirm my upper torso in the car. I started crawling to the woman. She shrieked and slugged me in the chest. I tumbled back into the seat as she scampered out of the shiny vehicle and ran.

I was not going to give up. “Brraaiinnss!” I crawled out of the car, scrambled back to my feet, and chased her. I passed a different flesh-eater that was eating someone’s intestine when I heard a yowl behind me. I looked back and saw that dang flesh-eater with the red hair was catching up “Daaammmn!” I exclaimed. I continued running as fast as my wobbling legs would let me.

The woman trudged to the end of the street and turned. “Brraaiinnss!” I whined, wishing she would trip or give up. Chasing my food all the time gets tiring. I turned into a cul-de-sac. I wish Christina and Art hadn't escaped.

“Bbrraaiinnss!” the flesh-eater behind me howled too.

I mean if the living gave up, there would be no more fighting, no more wars, and everyone would have no reason to hunt. We would just come up to somebody and devour their brains. That would be nice!

My thoughts turned back to the woman as she ran into the driveway of the first house on her left and banged on the door. I continued to dash toward her. She grabbed the handle and tugged at it but it would not open. “HELP!” She pounded on it again. She rushed to the next house but it was locked too. “Damn,” She cried, frantically looking around as I got closer. She looked like a paralyzed chicken with a butcher’s knife over its throat. I felt nothing by her anguish. She was just another food product. With a frightened look on her face, she reached into her pocket and pulled a lighter out. “GET BACK!” I continued running. She flicked it but it did nothing. She flicked again. Again. It did not work. “Piece of crap.” She chucked it at my head. I moaned as I felt something rattle inside my skull.

Just then, I forgot how to move. My body was as still as a mannequin’s. I glanced down at my legs and tried moving them. Something tickled in my head. I heard a familiar noise. Was that me? It seemed like it was coming from miles away. All of the sudden, the tickling stopped and I could not feel anything all through my body, not even numbness. Where was I? Then in the next second, the tickling feeling came back and was overwhelming. I felt if it did not stop soon, I would go crazy. My head was twisting around. My eye twitched. I could vaguely feel my eyebrows going up and down as if it helped stop the tickling, but it did not.

I heard voices in my head. “KILL YOURSELF!

Then they spoke these words: “You feel the cold hand and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun. You close your eyes and hope that this is just Imagination…”

I felt like dancing for some reason.

Then, all of the sudden, I recognized the woman and I remembered what I was doing. The tickling subsided for the most part, but it still was slightly there.

I raced toward the woman.

She ran back out in the street. “Brraaiinnss!” I exclaimed as my leg seized up. I almost fell but quickly caught myself. I forced it to keep going. I hurried my stiff body to move, but for some reason, Christina and Art popped into my mind. they looked so scrumptious. even more delicious than the woman in front of me.

After I eat her brain, I am going to find Christina and Art!

“SHIT!” she screamed as I quickly ambled in front of her. Before she could react, I flung my arms forward and knocked her down. She shrieked as I prepared to bash her head on the concrete and chomp into her face.

Suddenly, I heard a moan. What now? I just wanted to eat in peace. I looked up and the other flesh-eater hurled himself at me. He tackled me down to the pavement.

I bellowed and he slapped my face with an open, flaccid hand.

“Mmmniiiinnne!” the flesh-eater groaned and smacked me across the cheek.

“OK,” I replied and stepped back, deciding it wasn’t worth fighting over.

I turned around and looked for more victims.

Man, I need to find Christina and Art.

I left the cult-d-sac and stumbled into the street as a car sped towards me. This time, although a little bit clumsily still, I dashed out of the way as it passed by. I crossed the intersection and scavenged the next street. Silence. No one was in sight. I noticed the houses had bits of fences, two-by-fours, and other pieces of wood nailed over their windows. I sighed and grumbled. I wanted more brains! I couldn’t get enough of them! Especially Christina and Art’s brains!

I entered the next street. Nothing. Still no signs of life; more houses were bordered up. A little kid’s tricycle was tipped over in someone’s lawn. Brain matter from someone else’s lunch was leaking down the driveway next to me. I went to the gray mush and scooped a handful into my mouth. Feeling somewhat rejuvenated, I turned around and continued wandering. A Stop sign was knocked down on another driveway. It was dented all over. I whined, wishing I would find more food.

I walked through four more streets, finding no more traces of nourishment. No brains on the ground nor discarded flesh.

Maybe, I should just go back to bed… I just ate but…

I saw a yellow car. It was stopped at a red light. I lumbered over to it and saw Christina and Art in the car. Joy! I found them! I felt like I just won three lotteries. I heard the engine quit and the vehicle refused to reanimate. I moaned in delight as Christina looked back, staring at me with terrified eyes.

The engine sputtered and I could see Art hastily turning the key. Christina’s face looked worried.

I rushed over to the back of the car, forced the trunk open, and hopped in. I tore the trunk lid off and threw it into the street, because it was making me angry! How dare this car have a hood! I was trying to get to my second and third meal. And this hood was in the way! I mean, come on! Wait… What was I mad about?… Oh, well!

Punching through the window, I climbed into the backseat and Christina screamed and kicked me in the head with the foot that still had a shoe. “I don’t ccaarre what disssease you have; your flllesshh looks deliciousss!” I said, licking my lips. They were tough as leather.

“OK, we will find you food if you promise not to eat us!” she exclaimed.

“Really?” I asked as I felt drool pouring out from my rough mouth.

“What?!” Art blurted out.

“Really,” she said.


“Christina! Have you lost it!?” Art exclaimed.

“No,” she replied calmly.

“But… but?—?“

“Shut up, Art,” she ordered and whispered something in his ear. Art whispered back angrily.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Fine!” Art said grumpily and he tried the ignition again. The engine started and the radio played ‘It’s Raining Sunshine.’ “Great. Now it works!” He shut the radio off and drove through the intersection.

“You know, you should get a new car… yours is more than fifty years old.”

“Shut up, Christina!” Art snapped.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“To Burger King,” Christina replied.

Art scoffed. “Seriously? We’re gonna take him to Burger King? Should we order the finger fries special? Also, I doubt a Burger King would be opened anywhere, considering there are zombies running amuck!”

“Shut up!” she exclaimed and whispered in his ear.

I heard, “plan.”

“Plan?” I said.

“Uh, it’s nothing,” she replied. “What do you want to eat?”

“Brains!” I exclaimed.

“Of course.”

“Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?” the voice on the intercom said.

“Why in God’s name are they open?” I heard Art murmured as he leaned out of the window.

“Brains!” I exclaimed, only thinking about food.a

“Art is ordering,” Christina replied and opened her window. “Come here. I wanna show you something.”

I leaned toward her and felt her hold my neck down.

“What are you doing?” I asked and felt my head going up. She was trying to cut my head off by rolling up the window!

“Die!” she exclaimed but I overpowered her and pulled my head in.

“You tricked me! I’m going to eat your brains!” I exclaimed and something hit me in the back of my head. I turned around and saw Art holding a tray.

“Here’s your lunch! Want dessert?”

“Art, what the freak? That line was lame!” Christina said.

Before Art could answer, I leapt on him. He punched me and wrapped his hands around my throat. He squeezed, but since I was already dead, I didn’t choke. I punched him and he let go.

“Brains,” I said. I pinned his arms down and lowered my head.

“Take this!” Christina exclaimed. I looked up and bit off a chunk of her cheek before she could hit me. She yelped and fell back. I chewed and swallowed.

“CHRISTINA!” Art screamed and whacked me upside my head. I fell back on the seat as Art rushed to the back. I went to the back as he was helping her blot the blood and bent over him.

“ART!” she screamed, and he turned around and gave me an uppercut. I hit the dashboard hard as they escaped. I felt my brain rattle in my head. It tickled.

All of the sudden, I was transported to an underwater garden and an octopus appeared in the shade.

“Come on!” the octopus exclaimed and grabbed Christina’s arm. He opened the door and got halfway out when I quickly grabbed his tentacle.

“No, you don’t!”” he exclaimed and kicked me with his other tentacle

“Eat brains!” I gripped him tight as I crept toward him. He kicked again and I fell back. He ran off… with Christina. I realized I was in the car and Christina and Art had escaped.

I got out and began chasing them when I saw a car veering to one side, then the other. It was heading towards me. I turned around and started running. I looked back. It stopped.

I turned back around and the door opened. Somebody stepped out.

“Jo!” I exclaimed, running over to her.

“Charlie!” she replied.

“My prey escaped. They tricked me.”

“I saw them. Let’s catch them together!”

“Wait! Carlos’s in the car.”

Jo opened the door. She reached in and helped him out.

“Hey Carlos, I’m happy that you could join us. You’re looking a bit cruddy though,” I said.

Carlos moaned. I could see a sliver of green remaining in his white eyes. They were dull and some of his brain was trickling down his left ear.

“Oh, lemme clean that off for you!” Jo exclaimed and licked the pink goo off his cheek. “That’s better, mate!”

“Let’s find you some brains!” I said although I was a little disappointed that she didn’t save me some.

So we began running. We passed a couple of corpses with flies buzzing around them. Some flesh eaters must have had a delicious lunch. LUCKY! I raced towards the leftovers to get a snack when I heard a scuffling sound and looked back. I saw Carlos crawling on the road. Jo and I ran back to help Carlos.

Suddenly, a woman ran into the street. A couple of flesh eaters were chasing her.

“Uuuuhhhh!” Carlos moaned and crawled after her, scraping his bare arms on the concrete. A trail of black blood followed him. It almost looked like tar, but not as thick. Every time a person becomes one of us, their blood temporarily turns that color. I didn’t know why. But I licked the black blood from the concrete. I just couldn’t help myself.

I ran ahead and knocked the lady down. “Carlos!” He slowly crawled over while I pulled her legs out. POP! I felt them dislocate She screamed. Now, she could not walk. I bashed her head on the pavement. Carlos moaned again as he tore into her head. He gobbled her brain down. The other flesh eaters bent down and started eating her left-over flesh. As far I could see, he just ate it whole without chewing. Carlos belched as his face suddenly looked a little more flushed out. “Now that you’ve eaten a bit, let’s find Art and Christina.”

Carlos moaned as he slowly sat up. He looked confused for a minute, staring off into space, then stood up and staggered around. He moaned and limped on with Jo and me. I heard him moan then belched again.

We turned the corner and saw Christina staggering around. She looked at us. Her face was pale and her eyes were still. Any trace of humanity had left her. She had blood all over her mouth like she already had a snack. “Bbbrrraaiinnss!” she moaned and staggered over.

“No, we’re flesh eaters too,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said, looking dazed.

“I bit into your neck.”


“I was in the car and bit into your neck when you were fighting me.”

Suddenly, I felt bad for Christina. I didn’t know why, but she looked pathetic.

“Oh, I remember you!” Christina exclaimed, then looked at Carlos. “Who are you?”



“He’s my best friend,” Jo said and bit a huge chunk of his arm off.

“I aaammm?”

“Yes, you douchebag!” Jo exclaimed as a piece of flesh ran down her mouth.


“Sorry to break up this, but where’s Art, Christina?” I asked.

“Who’s Christina?”

“You are.”

“Oh. Who is Art?”

“Your friend that escaped with you.”

“Oh, I think he went home.”

“Where does he live?”

She pointed. “Go to the end of the street and uhhhh…”

“What?” I asked. Then, I grabbed her hand.

“Oh!” she cried in surprise.

“I’m sorry you have to live this life.”

“What do you mean”

“Hunt for food all the time, have stuff thrown at you, get beat up…”


“I wish things were different and we didn't have to fight for food.”

My three friends stared at me.

“Anyway, where’s Art’s house?”

“I’ll show you,” she said.

Jo, Carlos, and I followed her.

She went to the end of the street and turned then passed another street then she turned back around.

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” I asked.



She went to the end of the street and turned back around. She mindlessly began walking back. We followed.

She turned in the same street.

“Wait. We’ve just been on this street,” I said.

“Huh? We have?”

“Yes, I remember that green car and my memory is no better than yours.”

“Oh. We’re almost to Uuuhhh… what’s his name again?.., Oh, yeah, Art!”

She kept going back and forth through the same two streets again and again and again. Carlos, Jo, and I followed her, wondering where she was going. I did enjoy the walk. I saw squirrels climbing trees. I would have eaten their brains if we weren’t looking for Art.

Suddenly, Carlos moaned and started walking towards the tree. He dazedly looked up the tree and moaned.

“What’s wrong, mate?” Jo asked.

“SQUIRREL!” he pointed.

“You want to eat it?”


“OK, let me get it for you, mate,” she said and bit his cheek. She walked to the tree and started climbing.

As we watched her climb, Carlos started chewing on my hand.

“No, Jo is getting the squirrel for you,” I said and he stopped.

About five flesh eaters up (I don’t know math), she almost reached the squirrel. The squirrel moved up the tree a little more. Jo climbed and extended her arm out. She grabbed its tail and the squirrel bit and scratched her. She let go and the squirrel scampered down the tree. Jo jumped and landed on her face. She got back up. “I didn’t get the squirrel.”

“Let’s go find Art now,” I said.

When we got to the end of the street, I saw Art’s sandal in the second driveway, so I ran ahead of Christina.

“That’s right. I told you I would find it,” she said and entered the driveway with Jo.

“Let’s go in,” I said, and we ran to the front door. “Locked!”

“Are you surrrre this is the right house?” Christina asked.

“Yes, I recognize Art’s sandal.” I pointed to it.


Suddenly, Carlos started biting the doorknob.

Why didn’t I think of that? I was so stupid!

We waited as he continued knawing at it.

“This is not working,” Jo said after ten minutes of watching him.

“Let’s go in,” I said, and we ran to the front door. “Locked!”

“Let me try asking it to open,” I said and walked to the door, “Hi, my name is Charlie. Could you please open for us?” The door did nothing. I went back to my friends. “It didn’t work.”

Christina looked at me. “You’re strong. You got out of my hold. Break the door down!” Christina exclaimed. I didn’t question how she remembered holding me down out the window when she forgot the other things.

“Carlos, get away from it, mate,” Jo said but he didn’t stop.

“We’re going to try another way.”


“I’ll get you out,” I said, grabbed his waist and tugged hard. I grunted as he didn’t budge. I thought he was going to be stuck there forever. I continued tugging. He uttered a quiet MWAH. I felt my shoulder start to dislocate. I heard a loud pop as I pulled him off. I looked and saw his teeth and gums were on the doorknob. A moan came from behind. I looked as Carlos opened his mouth, revealing a bloody mess. He looked really pathetic with no teeth, staring off into space. He moaned and swallowed the blood.

“You’re OK,” Jo said, ripped his shirt, and bit a huge chunk of his stomach. Carlos didn’t even flinch.

“I’ll break the door down,” I said and I ran into the door.

“I’ll help,” Jo said and bashed into the door. BANG! She did it again. Her arm fell off. She ran into the door again but it still wouldn’t open.

“Let’s all do it together,” Christina stated. We took several steps back when I noticed the huge low window to the side.

“Hold on. I have a better idea. Let’s charge at that window.” I pointed to it with half a finger. Another flesh-eater bit it off once. It happens.

“Alright,” Christina replied, so we ran. I closed my eyes and heard glass shattering. I felt glass digging into my skin. It did not hurt. I opened my eyes. I looked around the room. The lights were off. I started searching. I looked under the couch and behind the shelf. Christina, Jo, and Carlos looked too. Christina went to the shelf and opened the small drawer. “Nope, Art’s not in here!”

Carlos crawled under the low table, which was not very long. He looked around and tried to crawl under a couch. He started groaning.

“You got stuck, mate?” Jo grabbed his arm and pulled. SNAP! His arm came off. She threw it on the floor and pulled his other arm.

Suddenly, I saw something moving in the kitchen. I walked in and looked. I saw nothing. I walked to the oven and opened it. No luck. I was about to turn around when I saw something in the pantry. I went and looked in the pantry. I saw nothing. I looked down. Just a cat. It meowed. I turned around and walked back. I have had cat brains before. They were awful; they gave me indigestion.

Jo finished pulling Carlos out and helped him up.

“Mank mu,” he mumbled and flashed a toothless smile.

Christina whispered, “I bet he’s in his room.” She went down the hall as Jo, Carlos, and I followed.

“I see him,” Carlos murmured looking at the wall.

“That’s just a picture,” I replied.

Christina opened the door and we staggered in. I looked around and saw feet under the closet door. I walked to it and opened it…

“YIPPIE KAI YAI YAY, MOFOS!” Art shrieked and fired a shotgun at me. I staggered back as he came out of the closet.

Jo and Christina both leapt for him but he shot them both. They collapsed, and I saw a hole in each of their heads, black blood leaking out.

“I should’ve thrown you out and crushed your head the second you got in my car!” he exclaimed and pulled the trigger.

I woke up in a dark place and felt something mushy all over me. I realized immediately what it was: Dirt. I had been buried again. Darn, I hate when that happens. I felt something else on my shoulder. I turned my head and felt a face on mine.

I stretched and heard a faint noise above.

SHHK, SHHK. It was getting louder. SHHK, SHHK. I felt the thing next to me jump. SHHK, SHHK. I tried to move but couldn’t. SHHK, SHHK. I tried yelling, but dirt clogged my mouth. SHHK, SHHK. Louder and louder.

Suddenly, I felt something nip the end of my ear. I somehow managed to yelp. I waited for the noise, but it stayed silent.

A minute later, I saw light, then a face. My mouth got uncovered and I spat dirt out.

“Uuuuuuhhh!” I moaned.

“Charlie!” a familiar voice shouted, then helped me get out of the grave. My stomach rumbled.


“Here!” she said and handed me a brain, dripping with gray matter.

“Uuuhhh!” I smiled and snarfed it down. I looked at her and recognized her cloudy blue eyes.

“Have another brain.” She fed it to me. I felt better.

“Thhhaaaannnkkss, Cchrriistinnaa!”

“No prob.” She finished digging Jo out.

“Uuuhhh!” Jo exclaimed and Christina gave her two brains. “Ttthhhaaannks. I thought I wwaass going to be ssttuucckk in there foreverr!” Jo exclaimed. She brushed dirt out of her hair and spat dirt out.

“Yeah, I woke up in a casket. I almost couldn’t get out. It was locked or something,” Christina said.

“I had that happen once. I think they put a seal called a gasket on some coffins,” I replied.


“I’ll just accept the way we have to live. It may suck, but we cannot change it.”

“Yeah,” Christina replied and grabbed my four-and-a-half fingered hand.

“Wait, what happened to Carlos?” Jo asked.

“He went hunting; he’s fine. He said he escaped before Art could shoot him,” Christina replied.

“Oh,” Jo said. “I’m sure we will find him. Meanwhile, I’m hungry. I’m going to go hunting.”

“Me too! I want some brains!” I exclaimed, so we staggered off into the moonlight.

Submitted: February 01, 2022

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anand bose

Interesting story

Fri, February 11th, 2022 2:44am

Stories by Boz

A very suspenseful and entertaining story. I am not a fan of zombie stuff but this was quite good. The story dragged in some part but when the action picked up it went fast. The dialogue was good to. Good job on this one.

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 8:06pm


Thank you for reading.

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 5:05pm


This story is sort of 'A day in the life of a zombie'. The story was full of blood and gore. But that's what you get in a land of zombies. In this story, the zombies can think and talk. That was unique compared to the Hollywood movies. :D I felt like, it was a clash of civilizations i.e., humans vs zombies. The only thing that didn't fit in this story was the zombies running around after getting shot in their head. Logically, it shouldn't happen. Otherwise, the story is unique. The only thing is one must have a stomach to read it to the end. :)

Mon, July 11th, 2022 2:59am


Thank you so much for reading! Did you think it was funny? Will you continue reading this series?

Sun, July 10th, 2022 8:11pm


It was a bit funny. I'll read the series but not a fan of zombies. :)

Mon, July 11th, 2022 3:29am



Mon, July 11th, 2022 9:30am

Raven Akuma

Alright, story number two! The first one really drew me in, lol. I really like this one, it's hilarious and suspenseful! I also love how you write the gory scenes; I have a soft spot for body horror. I also have to admit, I don't think I've ever read a story told BY a zombie, so that was just a really interesting and entertaining point for me. Good story! :)

Tue, August 9th, 2022 7:11pm


Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

Fri, August 12th, 2022 7:25pm

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